Tuesday, September 22, 2009

8 Cats Fixed Today

I took in 8 cats. Three came from the seed warehouse and all three were males; two small kittens and one six month old black and white. Just after I left, the seedman called to say they caught a third small kitten and saw the mother cat. I thought he was going to bring the third kitten over to the clinic, but they decided to take it home. They are still trying to trap mom.

Then there were the three adults from the Clover Ridge Rd. situation. Two huge orange toms and a white with orange short hair female, who was early stage pregnant.

The 7th and 8th cats were Honey, from the Corvallis homeless camp, whom I also had tested (negative) and a little torti caught over on 19th.

Three girls and five boys. I also had a dental check up and I have to go back tomorrow, to have a broken out filling repaired. I love my dentist and her staff. They're just so wonderful and that dental chair is SOOOO comfortable I suggested to them they rent them out at night, for naps. I'd pay a price to sleep in that chair all night. I love it!

Shaulin, Tara and Summer are now all spoken for. Hurrah!


  1. they have homes! how totally wonderful...they are such sweet sweet kittens.
    Okay, no more taffy for you...

  2. ACtually I just said no to the Shaulin adoption. Two young women, sound very nice, but their other cat free roams and they have a pitbull. Sounds like a nice pitbull but I think Shaulin would be horribly lonely, so I said no. It was also a long distance adoption, so that makes it far harder to figure out if the home is ok or if Shaulin is a fit. But, she is so bonded with other cats, I just think she would be terribly unhappy in a home mostly alone.