Saturday, September 05, 2009


Buddha from the Corvallis homeless camp lounges in luxery, well, comparatively speaking. He is still waiting for a home.

Sam and Mops, Doc's brother, lounge also. I haven't heard how Doc is doing and I can't bear to e-mail the woman and ask. He was doing just fine three weeks after he was adopted and I don't want to hear anymore, in case there is bad news. I just am not very capable of hearing bad news about a cat I adopted to someone. We all miss Doc very much still.
Gretal, one of the HIghway 34 kittens, now an adult. She and her brother were walking shoulder to shoulder along HIghway 34, near SafeHaven, but across the highway, during an extreme windstorm. They had apparently been dumped outside Safehaven by a woman angry Safehaven could not take them in. I spent three nights along the highway in that howling storm after those starving kittens. At one point, Hansel, Gretal's brother, lay atop her, to protect her from the freezing wind.
Feather, from the rest area. She is a huge kitty!


  1. I tell ya-COFFEE TABLE BOOK!!! You take just the BEST pics.


  2. Oh my God is little Feather getting fat??? Put that kitty on a diet hahahaha....or we'll have to rename her "deadweight"