Friday, September 04, 2009

Good Reasons to Go Vegee

Click post title to go to reaction to a video filmed by the Humane Society of chicks being tossed into a grinder at a factory egg farm. The article further describes why hogs must be castrated and their tails cut off, to avoid a horrible urine taint to the meat caused by male hormones and to prevent, in tightly packed hog pens, hogs from chewing at each other's tails and bleeding to death. These procedures are performed without anesthesia.

There is not much humane in big meat animal raising operations. In fact, the process is inhumane start to finish, disgusting, barbaric, heathenistic and is nothing at all like the old days, when families routinely each raised a few farm animals, allowing them healthy free ranging lifestyles, before the day they were quickly humanely killed and butchered.

This process has become streamlined for profit and production. The animals are packed tightly and treated unalive, often injected with horrible things to make them grow faster or to offset their unhealthy diets of things that particular animal does not naturally eat.

Raise your own farm animals. Hunt. Or, go vegee.

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