Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Oh boy

I got called by what sounds like a really nice family, interested in two cats. But, after talking to her, the other two cats she had lasted only a year with them. One disappeared and was likely killed by coyotes, they think and the other, adopted from Safehaven, was killed on the road. They lived only a year. She still defended letting them free roam, thinking inside cats live boring sedentary lives.

Not necessarily. Anyone can create a safe active outside cat yard, and they can exercise their cats and keep them in good shape. There is no need to expose them to extreme dangers and short lives.

It's like saying, my five year old loves swinging on a swing in that park down the street. I know child molestors hang out there, but I would never deny my child the freedom of going to that park alone to swing.

It's exactly the same thing.

An Albany woman called a few months ago wanting to adopt a cat. They adopt usually from SafeHaven. They lived on Seven Mile and their cats would live about a year. One cat was almost immediately hit on the road and his leg was broken. Once that healed, he was out again, hit again and this time his jaw was broken. That healed and he was out again, and this time was hit fatally. But she defended her allowing the cats to free roam. None had lived longer than a year or two.

I refused to adopt to her also because she was an idiot, who didn't care about her cats, although she would claim she loves cats.

The other concept is oft forgotten, that of affecting neighbors if you let your cat free roam. What right do you have to let your cat roam onto other people's property unless they express permission? Why do people think this is ok? This behavior by some cat owners gives cats a bad name. The consequences fall upon the cat, not the neglectful owner, which is where the consequences should squarely rest.


  1. Total insanity.... i will never understand how someone who has experienced having their cats hit by cars can't understand why they should keep them inside!!! Unbelievable.

  2. Of course it is total insanity. It's also laziness. And an apathetic attitude towards life. It's pathetic.

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