Sunday, September 06, 2009

Homeless Camp: The Kittens

There can be redemption. The homeless camp kittens are proof of the concept!

I took out four very friendly socialized gray and white kittens, originally, three boys and one girl. The girl, now named Clowie, got a great home with a Philomath woman, who later also took in one of two kittens living behind an Albany complex fed by a blind man. One boy, Louie, was adopted by an Albany family with Isis, a kitten abandoned on Lyons street. Hooch, a silver tabby and white male kitten, Bootleg, a black and white kitten, and Scamp, one of the gray and whites, went to a Jefferson cat lover. Fatso, a brown tabby on white male kitten, and the other gray and white boy went to a Eugene woman. Blackjack, the black tux kitten, went to a Keizer cat lover.

Ozzie, not pictured, with Clover, the damaged eye precocious calico, who is Ozzie's sister, went to PAWS in West Linn, after spending time with Poppa Inc.'s president.

Buddha and Honey are still here. Shithead, the only kitten they demanded be returned, died at the camps shortly after his return.

My job is not done. There are still two kittens out there, who could be saved, if I can only catch them in time.

I've returned 13 adults. There is, however, a black long hair female, already fixed, tame, out there, abandoned by the same folks who abandoned the brown tabby female. Some of these cats need out of there. Sure, I've taken the numbers down by half, but there are more who could get out and have a chance. There is one more big male, if still alive, not fixed, once owned there, abandoned by whomever brought him in, to catch and get fixed. Allegedly there is an orange male who roams in from a nearby street, unfixed, now and then, and a couple of black males, coming in occasionally from the same street. By and large, however, this colony is now fixed. I want those two last kittens, though.

Maggie, the last kitten I trapped, a brown tabby female, was taken in by a Wilsonville family who have named her Maggie.Rest in Peace Shithead.

Honey, still here.
Two of the gray and whites.
Fatso, now in Eugene, and two of the gray and white kittens.
One male kitten and one female.
These two boys are now both living in Eugene.
Hooch, now in Jefferson.
The gray and white female kitten in her new home, now named Clowie, photo sent by her adoptor.

Clover, one unbelievable calico kitten, takes on the boys, in play.
Clover, with that damaged eye.
Buddha, who is still here, but now spoken for.
Buddha with Honey.
Blackjack, who now lives in Keizer.
Maggie, who is now in Wilsonville.
Bootleg, now in Jefferson with Hooch and Scamp.
And Buddha again.


  1. I've been wondering - what has since happened to little Clover's eye? Did it ever heal?

  2. Clover ended up at a West Linn shelter. She will have to have her eye removed, but Keni, who fostered her for awhile, took her to a vet who said it could wait until she was a little older. She was only five weeks old.

  3. I found a kitten like clover outside and have been taken care of him both his eyes are like clovers. What causes that and can he have a good life like that

  4. I found a kitten like clover outside and have been taken care of him both his eyes are like clovers. What causes that and can he have a good life like that

  5. That can be from a number of things. The most common cause is herpes virus. The virus causes inflammation of the third eyelid and dryness of the cornea, that can result in an ulcer that then allows a secondary infection into the eyeball itself. Often these infections, of bacteria growing in a warm but contained environment, cause the eye to rupture, then it must be removed. Other viruses can also cause this, like chlamydia. But with kittens, they often tumble and wrestle together and sometimes another kitten scratches a siblings eye, which can also lead to infection.

  6. Thank you im so sad that i can only do so much for him cus hes so precious hes a wild kitty that never had human contact yet he lets me help him and i will do all i can but i cant afford a vet for him. What else do u recommend that i can do for him?

  7. I don't know what is wrong with him. But keeping that eye moist, even with petroleum jelly or plain eye drops would help. If you can get some antibiotic ointment, even better. Post on craigslist, in your area, see if someone will help, or see if there is a rescue or group that will help.