Monday, September 28, 2009

Four More Kittens

I got home tonight, after a very long day, and the woman who lives at the end of my street came into my yard with her kids holding kittens. The kids found them in the bushes by a fence. They'd crawled through, or been brought through by their mom, from an apartment complex behind the fence. The kids were ecstatic of course, delighted they'd found them, since it was starting to rain, eager to keep them and name them. But mom said NO. She wanted to know if I could find a place to take them.

I called KATA but they are full to the gills. Then I came home and called SafeHaven and they said they'd take them if I rushed them out, since it was late. They had no fleas and were fat. I thought they were likely kittens associated with two mom cats being fed in the complex as strays, slated for trapping tomorrow, but their state of tameness and the fact they have no fleas, made me and SafeHaven believe they were born inside to someone with a cat at that complex who decided they didn't want them and kicked them out.

At least they're safe now! They were shaking from the cold. Two black tux kittens, one a boy and one a girl, and two fuzzy brown tabby tuxes, one a boy and one a girl.

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