Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Caught one of the little buggers!

I caught one of those little homeless camp four week olds! Yahoo, I caught one of them! Keni, Poppa's president, who still has Blackberry, the little black four week old, a sibling, is going to take this one in also to foster.

No more in the traps when I went back. I just left food, had to quit for the night. Bunch of cop cars at building next door.

Well anyhow, at least I caught one of them. She's so pathetic, severely undernourished and very dehydrated. I gave her sub cu fluids then nutrical. She wants to cling to me, up under my chin. Yet she is smart and interested in her new surroundings. Must be such a relief to her, but scary too. She's already had a first vaccination since she is so susceptible to everything at her age and condition. She's already been defleaed and dewormed and now I must go to bed. What a sweet little survivor girl I have beside my bed tonight, in a carrier, enjoying a new beginning.

I took the two big orange boys back today, but not the female. Decided to give her another day. The fourth kitten caught at the seed warehouse left today, to go to foster at the Seedman's place. His wife told me today they will also foster the two hissy spitty boy kittens, who were fixed at the Neuterscooter. They're hissy spitty because they're still slightly dehydrated after surgery, but tonight they have begun eating up a storm. By tomorrow, the hissy spittiness should dissipate.

That leaves me the teen male from that warehouse. I transferred him to a clean trap this evening, gave him more food. He had tapeworms but got treated for tape and roundworms at the NS clinic. They all got the works there. I am still holding him hoping they catch the mother cat out there. I hope they catch her tonight. He will return home tomorrow, as will the Clover Ridge female. They're still trying to catch a calico out there on Clover Ridge.

Tomorrow, I'm taking in the Lebanon teen, plus two Albany kittens a woman rescued from a trailer out off College Park Drive. And the last kitten from Lyons street, the one who was too small to be fixed last time I took her in, with three siblings, now all adopted out. That disabled woman who fostered those since the day they were born and I dug them out from under her shed is really wonderful. She is keeping the mom cat, who was a stray. I got her spayed long ago. Calamity's mom, who roams that neighborhood also, fixed of course now, is being cared for by a different neighbor. I saw her last night when I picked up the kitten. They already have a home lined up for this kitten.

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