Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blackberry and Mushroom (temp name)

Taken in my car last night, right after I trapped her.

After delivering five cats to the clinic to be fixed, I took Mushroom, the latest four week old out of the homeless camps on up to Keni's where she will be fostered with her sister, Blackberry, who is already doing fine there.


  1. Jody-isn't Blackberry beautiful!

    Well, the inevitable JUST happened to me. I know people see me feeding my colony since it is at the corner of a shopping strip and right next to a fairly well traveled road. Plus, a few people have come back and spoken to me on occasion. Tonight, as I left for my class around 5PM I looked over as usual to the spot and saw nothing different but I did see a big Corona box. But this spot is next to a dumpster and people are always using it for personal trash. I came home close to 11PM and did my round to gather the kits and let them know it was feeding time. When I got to the spot, Pepper(female), one of the originals, was perched on top of the dumpster and seemed kind of strange. I got out and started tidying up the area, tossing the old feed box and putting a fresh one out with clean water and food when I looked over at Pepper who usually will come over. I have actually petted her twice. Well, she wouldn't come over and was pacing some when I looked past her and saw two dark fuzzies. I'm soooo pissed!!! Some one has dumped two that are barely able to walk. They had been there at least 6 hours, probably terrified (could tell by their trembles) but they were not Pepper's because the timing wasn't right for their size and they didn't hiss or run or cringe when I reached out and picked them both up in one hand. I put them right on the front passenger seat and they stayed right there until I finished up. After I got them home I even went back to check for more and poor Pepper was still upset. She is such a sweetie. Now they are in the "Happy" room and have soft food and water and litter etc... The bold little boy is playing like mad and investigating and his sister with the longer fur is tentatively following him. AND now it's raining...

    Some people are &*&^&$%#$^)*^&&


  2. Pepper isn't fixed?