Friday, August 14, 2009

Two Cats Fixed Today

This morning, the collector's neighbor e-mailed to say he'd caught a cat. I showed him how to trap and he caught one of the last three, a torti. Yes, it was one of the collectors'. There are supposedly two more, both tame, or were, one of them fixed, of the collectors cats still on the lam, but she will take both in, if caught.

So, I got the torti, and Micro, Jade's one unfixed kitten, fixed today. Sunday I will take the four collector cats to their new home. Three girls and one boy. I believe the girls are all sisters.

The new owner wants them vaccinated and I didn't get that done when they were fixed, except I paid for the torti to have a rabies shot today. So tomorrow, I'm taking them to Countryside, and will have to handle them for the vet in a net, while she vaccinates them.

The costs are adding up but the end might be in sight.

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