Thursday, August 13, 2009

Six Cats Fixed Yesterday, One Today

This is another of the Lebanon collector cats, a brown and white male. He's not that old, but is skinny. They've been two weeks now up there without food.
This little girl, from the collector situation, cat 42, was starving and desperate. She has been eating nonstop since I trapped her.

I took up Pippi, Bear and Lucy yesterday to be fixed. Micro had slightly watery eyes, so I held her out of the bunch. I also took up the last two collector cats, a sick starving little muted torti, who was so pathetic in her wails in side the trap, it could make a person cry. She'd been without food since the whole thing started and it had nearly killed her. I've been steaming her, with an infant vaporizer, mixing antibiotics into her food and she has literally been gulping everything.

The male from the collectors place is less forlorn but also starving. We couldn't find anyone to put out food for those cats once the owner was banned from the property and that man came in, to work on the place, so it can either be rented or flipped. Neighbors think they're flipping it, but I don't know that for sure. The heartlessness exhibited in this whole thing has been astounding, and very hard on me to witness.

The sixth cat fixed yesterday was the one I found on the highway by the business. She was pregnant. She's tame and loving and makes me upset to think people do that to animals also. If she'd survived another three weeks, trying to beg scraps off strangers, she would have given birth to her kittens in the bushes there. Yes, she would have tried to care for them. She would have tried to get help for herself and them, from strangers, and maybe somebody would have helped her, but the character of many people these days may have caused her to suffer a horrible horrible end, as she approached someone, begging in her own way, for help.

So those six were fixed yesterday and only one today. It's still the Lyons street situation, this time the mother of the five kittens I dug out from under a shed in a backyard moments after they were born. A disabled woman housed the mom and newborns. That was two months ago. Now even the kittens are of age for spay, neuter and the neighbors want them fixed before they find them homes. This is also where the mother of Calamity is cared for. I got her fixed immediately. Calamity is still here waiting for a home.

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