Monday, August 10, 2009

One More Barn Home

I'm not sure what's going on with placing the collector cats, most of whom are over at KATA, or were. I know they had placements for at least five of the cats. This weekend, relaxing without a car, which I enjoyed, I turned up a home for three or so more of the cats. Now it's a matter of getting them to new homes, choosing who goes with who, that sort of thing.

I think KATA volunteers, the two of them involved, were drop dead exhausted. We got one donation in all of this, of $40, from one neighbor. The neighbors did not seem to think it was their problem to solve or ever be involved in solving the cat problem created by this woman. This is a frustrating attitude, for sure but is widespread. Apathy. Complaining. Coupled with inaction.

People think these days a government agency or hazy undefinable strangers should solve their problems I think.

Well, I wonder if my car will be fixed today. I wonder if today is the day and how much it will end up costing. I got told about a woman, neighbor of someone I know, who had an 8 cylinder and a coil went out. She had to borrow money to get it fixed, because even an 8 cylinder losing one of its 8 coils wouldn't run. For some reason, I would think it would run, if it still had seven firing cylinders. It wasn't three months later, another coil went out on her truck.

So I'm thinking to myself, I wonder when the next one will fail on mine. Kind of makes me nervous. At least I only have three other coils that could fail. The benefits of a four cylinder over a six or eight. There's that!

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  1. wow one whole donation from ONE neighbor - good for that neighbor, bad for the others - how many others were there who could have also chipped in - even ten bucks each or something .....i would be sure to thank the only one who did donate and let him or her know that. no one ever wants to get involved but they want to complain to the nearest official when something interferes with their life/home/family whatever.
    hehehe - I remember when I fed three feral/strays a few years back in front of our apartment building. of course a few tenants complained about it - saying the cats were "on tops their cars" in the mornings, etc. etc. etc. well, one by one the cats left/were taken/gone...and the rats came back. for one whole year the rats were gone while i was taking care of these cats. and now they are back. and guess who is complaining about the rats now????