Saturday, August 08, 2009

Mouse and Briars, the Orange Kitten from Hoarder Central

Before the hoarder house thing, KATA forwarded me a post off craigslist. Someone had a stray show up at their house, had been feeding her, and suddenly she had showed up with an eye hanging out. I contacted her and my vet immediately removed that ruptured eye. She had mastitis and I told the family to watch for kittens. They not only watched for them but found them and are now caring for them. Bless them. Mouse, this female, went to SafeHaven Thursday, just before my car broke down.

Mouse, after surgery. She went to SafeHaven Thursday. I dropped off her and the orange tabby hoarder house kitten on my way to pick up a male from Albany and the Lynx Point female from the hoarder house who had been fixed. Right after I picked up those two cats is when my car broke down. So, I'm glad when SafeHaven said they would take in those two, I got them to SafeHaven, before my car died.

This is a young gray and white female KATA got fixed last Wednesday. I got another cat who looked just like her, probably her sister, from the hoarder house fixed on Monday.
This brown tabby male was from the hoarder house. KATA got him fixed last Wednesday.
This sweet gray tabby female was very pregnant and first trapped by the man hired by the new owner of the former hoarder house. The hoarder tried to transfer her out of a trap into something else, and got bitten, and the cat got away. I retrapped her Sunday night. The woman went by ambulance for a couple of bites and didn't look any worse for wear when I met her less than a day later. The cat, fortunately, is now in a better place and has been fixed.This is one of three females fixed last Monday from the hoarder house using Poppa funds.
This young hoarder house male was fixed Wednesday through KATA.
SafeHaven took in this orange tabby sick kitten from the hoarder house. When I arrived to trap, he was under a car in a neighbors driveway on his last little skinny legs, severely dehydrated and sick. I herded him into a trap, then pulled him out while waiting on other traps. I had no feeder syringe along, so I mixed water into wet cat food and he litterly gulped the water down loudly for quite a long period. Poor little guy. When I got home so late that night, I gave him sub cu fluids, started him on antibiotics, treated him for fleas and wormed him. Poor little guy. He is in foster through SafeHaven now.

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