Saturday, August 29, 2009

NO! Bengal Kittens Were Eartipped.

I just checked on the Bengal kittens in my bathroom and they were eartipped today. I told those ladies taking them up NO EARTIPS on them. I don't know if they told them to eartip them or the vet clinic made the mistake. Now they can't be adopted out. I cannot believe it.

Well, I guess there is not much I can do about it now. I will take them back tomorrow morning. I was going to adopt them out. I guess the accidental eartips are a sign, just to return them.


  1. My adopted rescue cat has an come they cant be adopted out with eartips? When the SPCA of maryland spays/neuters feral kittens, they eartip as a matter of course - cat rescue of maryland still manages to get the kittens adopted out.

  2. BEcause around here, all people seem to give a damn about is looks. But in reality, I can't adopt out a cat right now for the life of me, and I don't need two more. I could have gotten these adopted quickly because they're bengals, to the looks are the only thing crowd, but not bengal kittens with eartips. People adopt bengals for looks.

  3. All cats are beautiful in my book - in yours too I'm sure but I know what you are saying about some people only wanting pets that look pretty. Some people I know will only take a purebred pedigreed pets and consider the rest as no good. Sad. Since they are Bengals you could try reaching out to purebred rescue groups. One I found is:

    Eartips or nor eartips they may still be adopted out quickly because Bengals are such beautiful cats.

  4. thats a great idea meriflower - lets hope its worth pursuing...its a shame looks matter so much - but, I guess thats why our "beautiful people" constantly go under the knife - to stay "beautiful people"....I love my Rook no matter what - his eartip is, to me, his "tatoo" or "ear peircing".....I just say he's a punk cat if someone asks...