Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hard to Say No

I've gotten over a dozen people contacting me interested in kittens lately. Some, however, are people who already have unfixed cats and claim they cannot afford to get their cat or cats fixed. I offer help with that. But I wonder, why would you try to get yet another cat, if you cannot afford to care for the one you already have?

I don't like saying no to people but I have to do it often with adoptions.

My car is back. Fixed. A few hundred dollars later. But I got a huge break on the whole thing because I know the tow company who also did the repairs. I know them because I've helped them with cat issues several times. They are honest decent people and wanted to give me a break for a change. YOu want the name of an honest tow company and mechanic? Highway 34 Towing. Honest as apple pie.

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