Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Creeps are Creeping

I'm getting this creepy feeling over that Lebanon situation. Why? Well, here's why.

So that man, the one who wanted the cats gone a.s.a.p., on a Saturday night, the neighbors say he's working for a house flipper, the woman who bought it on auction. Hence the need for speed in moving out those cats, who were in the way, if that is true. I suppose that's why a complete stranger had the gall to call someone he didn't even know on a Saturday night. Who in the world would think that's ok?

The neighbors said people flipping houses try to work quick to avoid any inspection or permit issues. Bet that's what is going on. I don't know much about what's going on there, really. It was so garbled all along.

Then there's the fact the person who gave him my number, whom he said was a friend, her husband is a building inspector, for one of the cities in Linn County or maybe the county, I don't know. Is that just coincidence? I know it probably is, but I start getting the creepy crawling feeling, like something's not quite on the up and up.

So now I'm getting the creepy crawlies, thinking it's all a bunch of corruption and greed. At the bottom of the feeding frenzy, the cats and the people trying to save them. It's scary stuff too. At least it is to me, to think about the behavior sparked by the smell of money. Innocent lives, those cats, are the last thing on the list of importance. Life is supposed to be important.

I know people are struggling for jobs these days. You still need to play by the rules and try to incorporate ethics if possible, I think.

I trapped two more, then took a break and went into town for a drink. There by the highway in a bush, is a cat peeking out. I said "drive on" to myself, but I drove back around, cursing all the way, called her out, a sweet young very tame super friendly tabby tux. I showed her to the restaurant workers who didn't know her and said "Take her to the humane society." I said "We don't have one in Linn County, didn't you know?" No, they didn't know. Now they do.

There were no residences anywhere near and she was right on the edge of the highway.

She's in my bathroom. KATA said they'll take her when they can find somewhere to squeeze her into foster. I had no trap or carrier. She had to ride on my lap, which she did, looking out the window, then curling up happily. I pulled back into the collector neighborhood, but they'd all gone to bed. I was going to ask somebody to hand in one of my traps while I had her scruffed, so I could put her in it. I still had three traps set at collector central.

I had to drive home with her on my lap. Then I had to drive back to get my traps. One neighbor said, the work crew is going to merely cover the urine damaged flooring and shelves, with Kilz paint, then carpet. Pity the person who buys that place. I bet one hot summer or the heat on, and "whew!", smell back.

That's if the flip thing is true, and they're not just going to rent it. I was listening to neighbors talk. The truth of that whole situation is somewhere out there, but I don't know it, because I got too many different stories.

I seriously hope with these last two they've all been caught. I doubt it, but I sure would like to be gone forever from that situation. It has changed me, I think. I just can't believe people anymore.


  1. awwww that sweet little tabby - who dumped that tame kitty anywho? i bet they wouldn't want to be dumped like that. she could have gotten killed! maybe you should call her Happy because she seems so happy now!

  2. Poor kitty - what is wrong with people (rhetorical question, sigh). I think it's fate though that she met you! Love the phrase, lol I might use that for jobs of drs who screw up with kids I sometimes see- they come to me for a 2nd opinion or because they were referred by some GP who thinks he (and it is almost always a he) knows how to treat cancer and by then, often the child needs far more treatment! Idiots! (So now I will what to all their work) - not certain I can use it in my teaching at the med school tho, lol

  3. ive seen some flip shows on a&e with armando montalongo (sp?) and he had a "cat house" and flea bombed the place with animals inside. i don't even know what happened to all the kitties. i hate these people. and his wife acts like an animal lover b/c she has a friggin pig. kharma will get them. i firmly believe's just a matter of not getting instant satisfaction which is so much better!

  4. I hope karma does take care of this because karma is sorely needed to take care of this situation. The normal suspects, cops, etc, are nowhere to be found, and it is taxing my ability to stay even slightly civil to be quite honest, the whole thing, the lack of honesty, kindness,etc. After the couple was foreclosed on and banned from the property, wouldn't someone out of decency feed the cats, left to starve? But nobody will. I finally got one neighbor to help trap because he's desperate to convince me of what a nice guy he is, but he hates cats and is still complaining about them, now about another neighbors' cats, in every e-mail. It's hard to take. I have to whore myself out basically, until the cats are safe. You would not think a person would have to do so. You would think kindness would be a normal value, What happened or was it never that way