Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Five Kittens Fixed Today

This one is a male. I took the photos after cleaning their ears, so they look like wet rats.
This is a girl kitten.
This female didn't get fixed, just under the weight required.
This one is a boy, now fixed.
As I said, I'm tying up loose ends. I picked up the four kittens the DD woman is taking care of, from that stray mom in their neighborhood. Neighbors are helping her out. Only three could be fixed, because one was four oz. under two pounds. I didn't weight them last night. Oh well. All four had ears chock full of earmite debris, so I spent an hour last night cleaning out their ears. I also had the Lacomb folks bring in the last two of all those kittens, from a torti mother they had, who had four orange kittens. They gave away two unfixed and still had these two there. I got mom fixed long ago. Their ears also were full of earmite debris so I cleaned them out.

Anyhow, now that Lacomb thing is all done. Wish that one little Lyons street kitten had been big enough to get fixed. The outfit that provides care or something to the DD woman yells at her about the kittens, she says, about getting rid of them, and already took one. She's done a good job with them, that's for sure, and her house is clean. I don't know why they yell at her about it. The neighbors are going to make sure the kittens get homes.


  1. LOL JODY-I know about cleaning their ears but I have to laugh because they all remind me of "Shithead"!


  2. They all look like Shithead looked. It's sad, because Shithead was the one kitten the homeless demanded back, and then he just disappeared off the face of the earth.

  3. thats what happens when you give a kitten a name like Shithead - they look for a better home with a better name I bet....