Friday, August 21, 2009

Five Cats Fixed Today

I took in five cats to be fixed today. Three are from Albany. A blind man feeds a mom, abandoned by some druggee, and her two surviving kittens, at a complex. I had to take the kittens clear to Wilsonville to be fixed, one girl and one boy. The mom was pregnant again.

The other two were from a Lebanon situation being worked by KATA. That female was also pregnant.

In other news, the pellet shooting neighbors in back of me moved out a couple months ago. They have been replaced by the loudest group of screaming swearing kids you could ever dream about as neighbors, in your nightmares.

Even the young kids who can't be more than four or five, scream obscenities, tear things apart, bang on things while screaming at each other, and call each other "fuckface". I have no idea where the parents are. I've never heard them back there. But i've heard a lot. Not long after they moved in, I could not take the screaming, fighting and banging on metal objects so I yelled twice "Shut up!"

I found out another neighbor has had to yell at them also. All I know is I cannot enjoy my backyard anymore. I can't wait to get out of this town. What is wrong with people?


  1. Quick - bring back those pellet shooting neighbors..hahaha

  2. by the by, do you realize your title wed. was Five Kittens Fixed Today, and tonights its Five Cats Fixed Today? Is the mind getting sluggish on blog titles? just kidding....but may i suggest Six or Seven for the next title???