Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cat Collector Seeks Home Care Help

The woman in this story (click post title) is one very well known to KATA of Sweet HOme, who became involved when she lived in Lebanon and purportedly had dead cats confined in carriers. She then moved to a Sweet Home trailer park and they removed more cats, when asked to by a relative.

I met Charlotte just before an FCCO clinic. The trailer park manager had said there were 30 cats or so roaming the park who needed trapped and fixed. So I met a KATA volunteer over there. We couldn't really find any free roaming cats that were not fixed. I said, after hearing the former collector Charlotte, lived there, "She'll know where the cats are. I'm going to go talk to her." There had just been the first article in the paper about her needing home health care. It was a former caregiver who had called KATA before for help for the cats she had inside the trailer.

I did. But it was an experience. I tried to be nice to her and she tried to be mean to me. She wanted me to adjust where her oxygen cart was or something, then screamed at me how stupid I was, that I couldn't even do that right. She had two cats, sitting in stifling carriers, one on each side of her. She claimed she couldn't let them out of those carriers because they were not fixed. I offered to fix them, and she began a rant about me and then about veterinarians who cut them open without putting them to sleep, and in the end, I literally ran to get away from that vicious vitrolic woman.

I contacted the DH to tell them they hadn't run the full story on this woman and should contact KATA for further information, which didn't happen. I told them about the two cats she had in there, confined to carriers, too, that needed out, but without law enforcement backup, nobody could legally do it. I urged them go get a photo. They were both Siamese. Poor kitties. The reporter said then she had insisted on a phone interview.

Later this summer, KATA was again called to the park, with the manager stating they were bombing and spraying empty trailers for cockroaches, so they could rent them, and there was a mom a kittens under one of the trailers they were going to bomb and to come get them immediately or they'd tape it up and bomb it anyway. They caught one of the kittens, but then went to check their trap and found it pulled from beneath the trailer and young men taping it up to bomb for roaches. V was frantic.

I was sick and tired of emotional threats against cat rescuers, and in the first place being called to take in cats nobody cares about or notices, so I found the owner, a businessman in Albany and called him up. Boy was he nasty to me, said the roach problem was the tenants fault and I didn't say a word about these being empty trailers they were renting out that were roach infested, but he did call KATA and they got one more night and caught one more kitten but not the mom. I told him they had a hoarder in the park too and gave him her name.

It's sad she's ended up this way, but she is a hoarder, not only of cats although now she is unable really to hoard them like she did it sounds like, but of just plain garbage. Look at the photo in the article. She sits piled deep in her own trash.


  1. I should be surprised if a newspaper ran a story that would make it look like they were clueless in their previous story. Besides, human interest is all the rage.

  2. And it is human interest to see a woman sitting nearly buried in her own garbage. That is for sure, big time!