Thursday, July 02, 2009

Torti Kitten in Dire Straits

The little torti has been struggling since her spay. I thought it was her heart, but, then I discovered hard feces all along her intestinal path and enlarged kidneys. She is impacted with stool!

She was eating like there was no tomorrow after coming here. Now she's so backed up that likely the hard stool is compressing her uretor between her kidneys and the hard stool, which can kill cats and kittens and does kill cats and kittens.

I've been trying to milk the hard stool out with some success and she's going to the vet at four. She's needs an enema and perhaps her kidneys drained or she will not live. I have been giving her warmed catlax, and tiny lubrications rectally, and that is how I milked out two large compacted hard stools.

I couldn't figure out why she'd seem fine, then be down, but I've seen this before, in backed up adult cats. It's ugly and painful and I hope she pulls through.

My Matilda adoptor called, apologetic. Her holiday guests arrived a day early unexpectedly, and so she couldn't make the drive up. She will be here Monday.


  1. I am in constant awe of how much you know. Probably as much as a vet-but not with the bucks! The video of Jade was so funny-poor thing. The look on her face says to me "what did I do to deserve this?"

    Take care,

  2. that poor little torti - at least Farrah is faring well!!!!please update on little torti....these teensy weensy kittens go through sooo much just to stay alive - thats why i get so pissed off at folks who don't care about killing them...that would make a neat little book - writing about the little kittens who struggled to survive and made it; also, the handicapped adult cats.