Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two Kittens Fixed Today

These are the two kittens I trapped last night. I'd gotten their mom fixed awhile back. The third kitten, black and white, has disappeared. These two girls are in my bathroom. I am hoping those neighbors over there will help find them somewhere to go. I don't think they will. We got into a slight tiff last night over them. There was no food or water out. It's been scorching and they're just little kittens. I asked where the water was, and when they said none was out, I asked they put some out. They were not happy about this.

I felt like saying, "Here's a card. Put it in your pocket. When you need to, take it out and read it. What it says, is not sincere, but maybe it will make you feel better." The card would say "I apologize."

I'm tired of having people I am helping pull me aside to say I've offended them. One of these neighbors did that last night. She was hurt that I would imply they were doing something wrong.

Well, they were. Not having out food, let alone water, especially water, for these kittens they wanted help with, is horrible. Are you not supposed to be able to tell the truth anymore? "Lady, ready the card, yell at me for being insensitive if you want, then put out some water for these poor kittens and their mother."

She said the cats wouldn't go back in the area they used to occupy and where they used to feed them. That's likely where the missing kitten died or was killed. I told her that. It's likely true.

Anyhow, it's never easy. One neighbor wanted sympathy because she'd worked 11 hours. And that is a long work day. But I'd already been working 14 hours, and I wasn't being paid for all those hours. I still had to return the three feral adults to the homeless camp clear over in Corvallis, then deliver a kitten back to Scio. Still. After leaving these people long behind.

I was tired already, had lots still to do, and now I have to deal with someone offended because she detected a hint of harshness in my voice over putting out water for those kittens. Man alive I just would never do well in a customer service related position where you have to dance around what needs said.

I still trapped the two kittens with the help of some hispanics who didn't speak much English and who had no excuses. Anyhow, they're both beautiful.

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