Friday, July 24, 2009

Goodbye Blackjack, Bootleg, Hooch and Scamp

I had two outstanding adoptors come by this evening. One extreme animal lover adopted Blackjack. The other adopted Bootleg, Hooch and Scamp. She came for two and adopted three. I think she would have taken all of them if she could have somehow justified it to herself.

That leaves me just Louie, Honey and new boy, Buddha, besides Jade's kids. Yay!

I took Buddha and the one feral kitten trapped in Scio up to be neutered today. That was it. When I arrived to pick up the one kitten, we saw some of the others in a large storage area in the barn. I couldn't help myself and tried to move into the crammed equipment to get them. What I ended up was dust, dirt and cobweb covered. I didn't even come close to those kittens. So just the one long hair little black boy, who screamed all the way up to the clinic, all the time at the clinic, the vet said, and all the way back home, after his neuter. He's going home to momma tonight. She was fixed yesterday.

I returned the three homeless camp adults and delivered two bags of food to the one woman who is most likely to feed the cats.

I also trapped the two feral kittens of a mom cat I got fixed weeks ago on Lyons. One kitten disappeared a few weeks back and is likely deceased. The two I trapped will be fixed tomorrow. I don't really want to return them, due to the hostile nature of the area. Too many houses, issued kids, tightly packed houses, and dogs, no safehaven for a couple little kittens to survive in. Two seperate neighbors have been trying to contact SafeHaven about them for help to no avail so far.

I had a message from some woman I don't know wanting me to take in her cat, stating that she is very ill and will be going into the hospital next week. I can't take an adult cat in, so I won't return the call. That's too bad for the cat and for the woman who is ill.

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