Saturday, July 04, 2009

Local Paper Runs Bizarre Cat Hating Article

Click post title to go to latest stupid article from bird lovers/cat haters. Yes, coyotes kill lots of cats so the the bird lovers/cat haters say that means TNR is inhumane, creating a broad generalization from one teensy study. Advocating that cats be killed, rather than face the dangers coyotes pose, is akin to saying something stupid like "since some kids get molested, by strangers or family members, let's kill the kids because it's much more humane."

Killing healthy cats is cruel and inhumane, as the bird lovers advocate to do instead. And the article does not mention it might be terribly inhumane and cruel to kill them, because this is a study done to promote the killing of cats. They don't give a shit about cats. Coyotes kill birds too! And they kill dogs.

And the Democrat Herald faithfully prints the article, with investigating another side or questioning, like drones, and questions if Linn County should be putting money into TNR. No other side is investigated at all, just this one tiny study and we're talking TINY! Think about how many cats would be out there, in Linn County, if it weren't for practioners of TNR in Linn County.

The county put up a grant of $25,000 for cat fixing and this year $12,000. For gosh sakes, they have no shelter for cats in Linn County at all! They put almost nothing into animal control compared to every other county. This might be the only county in Oregon without a shelter or real animal control.

Population control rests upon the worn out shoulders of unpaid put down abused and screamed at volunteers. The paper is ultra conservative and they ran that article most likely in hopes the feable miserable amount of grant money given out for spay neuter, in leui of having a real shelter, might get pulled and put into something like, oh maybe, creating a mud wrestling county park. Can you tell I'm kind of fed up right now?

I am actually tired of the crap going on in this county. I am tired of a relentlessly bent to the right local paper, too. Why not support volunteers, I wonder, instead of tirelessly impeding and putting down their efforts.

It sucks to love cats and live in Linn County and be a volunteer.

Write letters to the editor of the Democrat Herald please. Ask them to actually do their jobs and investigate both sides of an issue. I don't want to be the only one responding again. I feel totally alone sometimes here, in defense of cats, and as a diehard volunteer. Please, write the letters.

This issue also begs a solution, a possibly money making solution. How to stop cats from going after birds? An implant of some sort, that would emit a frequency, when triggered by a specific muscle involved in the spring, that would alert and frighten off a bird? Or would it deliver a distracting small shock to the cat? Needs to be something simple and cheaply made and could be mandatorily imbedded at the spay of feral or owned cats. And, what about how to make cats inocuous to a coyote? Same type of high frequency emitting embed thing, or, maybe a collar or harness that shoots out pepper spray or ammonia, if grabbed?

There are solutions. They just need thought up, implemented and marketed. Damn those cat hating bird people and their desire to kill cats. They love to mask their hatred of cats by claiming how much they care, i.e. the coyote study, advocating instead to kill the cats, because they care so much. Hahahahahahaha. Some things are so funny, just makes the snarfling start.

You high tech inventive wizards out there, get to work on those solutions. Just do it.


  1. I didn't know you didn't have a shelter up there. Lane thought about closing its shelter, but somehow found--ore reallocated--the money to keep it open.

  2. They have a small shelter to hold stray dogs, is all. They don't take cats or deal with cats at all.

  3. I have had the same robins (I a sure of it) come back every summer! But my cats are INDOOR cats as all good cats should be!! Yes, I know all the arguments- but there are so many dangers out there for cats, incl orintologists who would kill cats because God help us, they might chase a bird. Well, have an outdoor place for your cats- like a fenced in, impossible to dig out of yard for one's cats (They CAN be made or even bought) - or some people walk their cats on a leash or even in a stroller (OK, I have a pink stroller for my Siamese, sue me - they love it). It also worked for my bunny when I had one. I even have a friend who has birds (not sure how many but maybe 8) and 5 cats and they all live well together. The cats have their room, the birds theirs. This has been in existence for a good six yrs at least, maybe more.

    There is no good reason to kill a cat. And people can place bells on cats but I am not sold on that solution. What of they swallow said bell for some silly reason? A microchip that IDs cats or birds to each other might work. I worry about the baby robins learning to fly but my meezers loathe the outdoors and prefer to watch from their high place near the window. That way, they get their "bird" fix but no bird gets hurt. As for the outdoor thing ,like toddlers, when my cats are outdoors, so am I. So while I feed the birds away from this area - to try to get them away from the cat enclosure - the cats can play and chase toys and eat cat grass to their heart's content.

    I know some people allow their cats to roam but that really is dangerous. Cars, bad people, bigger animals, poison, other vehicles, the list is endless and I for one want my cats to live a long life. They have a wonderful life and have heard robins sing and chirp but they really never chase them. "Meomy" would never let them. There is even a squirrel (Sammy we call him or loves nuts - the edible kind, not the ones in your newspaper) and a snake we call Snavily who rests on the front step. He is harmless and recedes into the plants when he hears the cats. He is a garden variety snake and would not hurt a soul. They have seen him and are used to him and think he is just another part of the scenery because I talk to him so he is "meomy's" friend - I actually wrote a short story to read to my patients about him. (He saves a kitten in the story - the kitten is able to climb down a tree on his back - it is nothing significant, just something to read an ill child when they need to have their mind taken off pain or some other unpleasant situation.) But all my patients know my cats, Snavily, the robins who bob on the lawn and turned up their nose at Dollar Store bird seed, lol and of course, Sammy.

    So what is the problem with these people again? (btw, if you want to write a letter and sign my name, feel free,) If they need my ph number- which you may have - , I'll send it.