Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Goodbye Doc!

Doc, with Mops, when I trapped them.
Doc getting bath the next day, under anesthesia, at the Neuterscooter clinic.

I will miss you, Doc!

Doc was adopted by the cat lover from the South Coast. She came, interested in Sam or Matilda and instead, left with the lovable green-eyed boy from the 120 cat BS colony, whom I found, with his brother and sister, as kittens last fall. They were nearly starved to death. Henceforth, I referred to them as the Starvation Kids of Dead Car Field.

Matilda was bent out of shape because I'd had her confined to the bathroom, waiting for the adoption interest's arrival. And I'd cleaned her ears. Sam was bent out of shape solely because I had blocked the cats exit from the house into the cat yard and he wanted to play out in the cat yard.

I will miss Doc and Doc will miss Sam, but they all can't stay here forever and this was a good home opportunity for Doc. I hope it works out.

The only reason I'd gone out to the BS colony that day I found the Starvation Kids was to take out a photographer. Alley Cat Allies had contacted the Neuterscooter vet. They were hoping she'd know of a fixed eartipped cat colony in the Corvallis Albany area. They wanted ear tipped cat photos for their website.

The Neuterscooter vet told their photographer to contact me. I took him out to the BS colony because there are tons of eartipped cats out there and most are entirely tame, which means easier photo ops.

While he was shooting photos, I milled around, poking around the familiar area where I had already trapped and taken in over 100 cats to be fixed, and that is when I spotted the kittens in the field by the dead cars. I was back that night with traps. They were starved nearly to death. They went straight to the Neuterscooter clinic in Corvallis. Then they came home with me. I will miss Doc horribly. But then again, I am very happy to find a cat a home!

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