Tuesday, June 23, 2009

People Suck!

I offered to get two kittens someone "wants gone" fixed off a post on craigslist and this was her response:

"I really do not care any more. They must go. If you want to take them spay them and find them homes come get them. They must be gone by noon tomorrow. I had tried to work with 4 different rescues that at first said they had room but when it came time for them to come over and get them to either spay them or take them into foster care they said they lost there foster space because someone abandoning kittens to them. I am highly allergic and only took them in because they were playing at 6 weeks old in the street. I use to live in Sacramento and had no issues with having rescues take kittens found spaying them and finding them homes but with these 2 kittens I have been pulled around too much and am done."

I retorted that the rescues around here, and there aren't four I can think of, get no donations from the locals, and most are private people who work full time and just try to make a difference on the side. I said the people of Linn County don't fix their pets then suddenly want them all gone, or want door to door pickup, yell if you don't arrive back when they think you should, demand free cat food, free vet visits, don't lift a finger, you have step over them sitting on couch smoking with beer cans everywhere to pick up their cats to take them to be fixed for free and to whine about rescues not taking their kittens is pathetic and selfish. I told her I can get them fixed and that's it.

I called KATA, and there's a whole lot more to this story. She later claimed in an e-mail that she did donate 500 lbs. of cat food, implying she had donated it locally to KATA, but of course I know KATA and she had donated nothing to them. I suggested if she ever donated again, she might donate to KATA, who told me despite having no room, they'd take these kittens in, from this demanding woman, to save their lives, from a self described rescuer who says she going to kill them tomorrow: her response below:

"After donating 500 lbs of cat food over the past 6th months I think I have donated enough for not being a cat owner. It not worth spaying them if I will have to humane have them euthanized tomorrow if they not gone today. I have advertised and tried many options to find them homes but like I said before THEY MUST GO. My ad today is there last chance. I know there are very few people doing rescue and it is kitten season but they just can not stay. It is not like I have not tried to find them homes. It not that I got a kitten and decided I do not have any time for it. These 2 were out in street and after asking every homeowner with in a 3 block area around me if they were missing a kittens or if they knew someone that was. I even tried to call my rescue friends in CA to see if they could help."

Then there's this man, I contacted, who was also offering free kittens on craigslist, who loves to have kittens and he finds them good homes. I retorted that when he lets his cats have kittens, the people who adopt them, then don't adopt the hundreds upon hundreds out there who need homes, often sealing their death sentence. I retorted they could always foster kittens for any local rescue or shelter. They're all overwhelmed.

I retorted that him adopting out unfixed kittens means those kittens may go on to be part of the massive problem, causing suffering and death everywhere. I retorted that I hope he isn't the Siamese breeder on a certain street where I've had to clean up the area repeatedly of their overflow and that the neighbor, whom the breeder claimed to another neighbor, likes the cats that come begging at his door for food, really doesn't want more and that nonprofits and myself have paid a high price to clean up after that idiots' mess and love of breeding backyard Siamese kittens. I said "if you're that person, I'll tell you. Your neighbors are fed up with your behavior."

His response to my pleas for him to be responsible and get his cat fixed below:

"Thank you for your concern, but we enjoy having kittens and we have never, ever had a problem finding them new homes. I have been re homing Siamese kittens for close to 17 years, people actually contact me to see if I have any. We interview prospective parents and often turn down people we feel cannot properly care for them. We also tell each new family that we will gladly accept the return of any kitten they find themselves unable to care for"

When he says "rehoming" he really means breeding.

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