Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Iranian Sisters

My Iranian sisters are defying a religious zealot dicatator whose religious tryanny includes treating women like animals and worse. My Iranian sisters are in the streets, defying death, showing their hair, their faces, something a religious dictator believes makes them worthy of death. My Iranian sisters, bless you. I am with you.

I am your American sister, whose religious father could not keep his hands off of me. If I could, I would be by your sides.

Freedom cannot be contained. It is busting out of hearts, long held prisoner, in Iran.

Dictators everywhere, take note. I'm talking about you, Mr. crazy man in N. Korea. You enslave your people, keep them in poverty to serve you. How dare you.

I'm talking also about religious fanatics everywhere who seek to control women. You too are evil freedom hating dictators.

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