Thursday, November 09, 2006

Photo is of a tame male, abandoned at the Albany complex. I had been attempting to track down any possible owners of a black unfixed male when I ran into this male. He ran behind one of the units at the complex. I went around and knocked on the door. A man answered and said the cat is a stray and they he sometimes feeds him. I asked if I could get him neutered and he said "great". So I went ot my car to get a trap. I didn't have a carrier along. When I went to the back of the unit, where the cat had been, he was not there. A younger very big man, who apparently also lives in that unit, was out back. He wasn't nice to me. He said he hated cats and they don't feed that stray and why would they, he said. So I left without saying a word and wandered the complex, looking for the male. I found him outside another tenant's place, a tenant I'd gotten six cats fixed for so far. She feeds the strays. There was the male, looking for something to eat. I put him in the trap. He's very sweet. I'll try to find him at least a temp fosterer really quick. He's being neutered today along with five others from the complex. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

God Forsaken Albany Real Estate

I spent most of the day in that awful complex crawling with strife, druggees and suffering. It is undoubtedly a god forsaken piece of Albany real estate. The kids of druggees suffer and so do the animals. The druggees suffer, too, and, in turn, cause immense suffering to almost everything they touch. That complex is Zombieville.

There is broad daylight dealing. Of all the tenant contacts I have made there I believe only three of the tenants or tenant families I've encountered are not eyeball deep in drug use or distribution.

I have met two households of recovering addicts struggling with themselves to overcome and I salute them. It's got to be insanely hard, when surrounded by the same behavior.

I've encountered so many such complexes in helping cats. It is so sad to see the lives destroyed by drugs, the hopelessness. It is so sad to encounter the kids and the animals of addicts--innocent parties to addiction, with their lives in turmoil, cut short, abandoned, unloved, or plummeted into tunnels of darkness with no light at the end of this tunnel BECAUSE the adults have chosen to feed addictions rather than love living things--like their own children or their pets who depend upon them for food and love.

I come along and try to create some light and hope at least for the cats. But it kills me, day in, day out, often plunges me into hell, to see it all, to witness the horrors of so many lost lives, everywhere.

What has become of this world, this country? If you go out nights, in Albany, in Lebanon, that's when the zombies emerge, often in their sunglasses even after dark, because they're meth high or high on combo's of chemical concoctions of all sorts. Zombies, I call them, pouring out of all the cracks and crevices and secret hidaways of society, to scavenge for the only thing of importance to them anymore--the drug. Slaves they are. Zombies.

To those who break free, man alive, good for you.

I wish I had a magic wand. I'd use it. I wouldn't store it and try to think up three wishes. I'd use it immediately. Like a 911 call needing made NQW.

I know what my wishes are.

I would wave that wand across all the zombievilles in the land, in the world! I'd wave away the darkness behind the eyes of children everywhere. And of course I'd wave it over the animals.

Please, angels, somewhere, come, with reinforcements and light enough for us all.

List of the Cats Fixed So Far at the Albany Complex

Here is a list of the cats fixed at the sprawling Albany low income complex I've been working as a result of calling a free kitten ad and finding a tenant giving away kittens from a stray mother and desperate to find help for the cats at this complex.

Ellie--bobtail torti point Siamese tame female--fixed and now with POPPA's president up in Portland. Keni reports Ellie is "fabulous" and is always in either her lap or her husband's lap. Ellie had been abandoned at the complex and had many litters. She was tired of "littering", in fact, worn out from it. It was her kittens the tenant I initially contacted was attempting to give away in a free kitten ad. Ellie and her kittens were living under this tenant's four plex.

Napster, Google and Yahoo---the three of Ellie's kittens I trapped and fostered. All are now in homes. Google and Yahoo went to a home in WA together last weekend. The helpful tenant had already given away three of Ellie's kittens by the time I called and got involved.

Percy--abandoned gray tabby on white pregnant female. Spayed. Adopted by the helpful tenant's family.

Garfield--orange tabby adult male--abandoned by same tenants who abandoned Percy. Neutered and adopted by young couple from the coast.

Storm--medium hair black female, abandoned by same tenants who abandoned Percy and Garfield. Spayed. Here with me awaiting a home.

Malaki--short hair orange tabby on white young adult male abandoned by tenants two weeks before I got involved there. Severe earmites. Also adopted by helpful tenant after his neuter.

Reggie--helpful tenants' teenage orange tabby male. Neutered for her. She adopted him from another tenant, a druggee from across the street who has many unfixed cats I've heard.

Tommy, a.k.a. Paco, a.k.a. Monte--well known (albeit by several names) stray silver tabby big male, abandoned by tenants some time ago. Neutered, ear-tipped, returned.

Gray tabby on white female and brown tabby tux male. (I forget their names) Both these cats are owned and fixed for a tenant of the complex.

Owned Lynx Point adult male plus Owned Chocolate Point Siamese male--neutered for the tenants who owned both of these very beautiful Siamese males.

Manx muted torti feral female--fixed, ear-tipped and returned. Cared for by tenant who owns gray tabby on white female and brown tabby tux male I got fixed for her. This is one of Ellie's kittens from a previous litter.

Lynx Point Siamese feral female---fixed, ear-tipped and returned. Another of Ellie's kittens from a previous litter.

Cheddar---orange tabby tux manx male. Neutered, ear-tipped, returned. Another of Ellie's kittens from a previous litter.

Pepper--tame abandoned medium hair brown tabby tux female and mother of Tommi, the only one of her kittens not hit and killed by speeding cars on that short city dead end street. Pepper was spayed, ear-tipped and returned. She is being fed by a tenant.

A stray short hair brown tabby mother and her four adult kittens. A tenant took in this mother when she was about to have kittens and kept them all. The kittens were by this time 7 months old. They were two all blacks, a brown tabby and a gray tabby I think--three boys and a girl. All five, the mother and four adult kittens, were fixed and returned.

Callie--short hair calico owned by above tenants. Fixed and returned.

Tommi--short hair brown tabby female kitten, only survivor of Peppers' litter. Here with me awaiting a home.

Midnight--short hair black four month old male. Fixed for tenants awaiting SafeHaven certificate to help them get him fixed.

Boo--short hair two year old black male. Owned. Neutered and returned to tenant owners.

Adult black female and adult black and white medium hair male, plus the black females' five three-month-old kittens, two of whom had by then been given to other tenants. Nonetheless, they were all fixed. Four of the kittens, two males and two females, were all black. The fifth kitten was Siamese short hair and female.

Oreo--polydactyl black and white adult female. Owned. Returned.

Oreo's two male kittens, Turk and Pandora.

Whiskers---adult male Lynx Point Siamese. Owned. Returned to owner after his neuter.

Asia--short hair petite gray adult female. Spayed. Returned to owner, same owner as Whiskers. She wanted me to take Asia, said she wanted better for her than she could offer. I told her the best I could do would be to put her on my petfinder site and hope someone might show an interest and if so, I'd come get her.

Moose and Spinner--two three month old flame point Siamese male kittens from above household. Neutered. Stayed here with me after their neuters and almost immediately were adopted by a Eugene couple. Their mother is still with the tenant who owns Asia and Whiskers. She'd just had kittens again two days before I met this tenant. I'll probably be taking in those kittens, too, if they live, once they're a bit older and I'll get that female fixed also.

Two adult black and white semi-feral males. One adult semi-feral black and white female. And one adult gray tux very feral male. All strays fed by a woman, fixed, returned. She feeds one more female who didn't show up that day but will be fixed soon.


D, the tenant for whom I fixed one male and one female, who also feeds the muted torti manx, had a down town Albany living friend who fed five strays. I caught them all for her, four females and one male, and they were fixed and returned. Same woman has indoor only adult female I will get fixed soon.

Helpful tenant had two Albany friends with a total of three unfixed males. Got them all fixed.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Photo is of calico mom, scheduled for spay on Thursday, nursing the kittens, even though they are a bit old for that.  Posted by Picasa

Photo is of Sneeze, a male kitten who sure looks a whole lot like Malaki, an abandoned adult male, now neutered. Who's yo daddy Sneeze? Sneeze will be up for adoption, too. Posted by Picasa

Photo is of "Symphony", one of the three adults, although she's not quite a year old. She's never been outside and is a flamepoint Siamese with pale blue eyes and medium length fur. She will be spayed Thursday and this cat is up for adoption. She's something else, too, loving, soft and beautiful. Posted by Picasa

Photo is of Aria, one of the four kittens from the Albany complex I will be helping find homes for. She's a medium hair torti, and very cute. I hope to find a way to get her spayed immediately, since I think she'd be adopted quickly. What's not to like? She also has green eyes. Posted by Picasa

Then there's the next unit to work on, a woman with three adult females and five kittens. I will be taking the three adult females in on Thursday load, to be fixed. She wants to find two of them homes, too, but I told her all I could do would be to put them on my petfinder site as adoptable. Unfortunately, petfinder has been down for a couple of days. I can't add or remove pets to my site. Anyhow, this is Cub, one of the male kittens who will be neutered soon and needs a home. She will be keeping one of the gray and white male kittens, but the other four, three of them boys, will be up for adoption. Cub, here, is one of them. He's long hair black, white undercoat and very cute. Posted by Picasa

And the only girl of the four I took from the Albany complex. I had to net her. The woman got her inside her house all right, and closed the cat door, but then the cat went a bit nutzy. So I stepped in with my net, netted her, got her into a carrier and by now, she's snoozing under anesthesia. Posted by Picasa