Saturday, January 31, 2009

People Demanding the Starving Cats Back

The people who "own" the starving cats, three of whom I took in to be spayed yesterday, are demanding them back, although not until this afternoon, because the "owner" is in Salem. For gosh sakes, treating me like a slave, and they don't even feed the cats. I asked if I returned them, are they going to start feeding them, and the woman said she was not part of this, being the daughter in law, and I would have to wait until her mother in law gets back to bring the cats back and talk to her. This was never even originally in the plan, had the cats not been starving.

So, I called a Corrections Officer, also an animal lover, and asked him what to do. He is going to call the sheriff's office, see what they recommend and come over and see the cats as a witness to their condition. I contacted SafeHaven, who said Linn County really only does neglect cases for dogs and was the dog there neglected. I said I didn't know. I just know these cats are starved. So I don't know what will happen. I will be filing a complaint of neglect. Whether Linn County does anything on it, I don't know.

They are claiming ownership so I am forced to return the cats, unless I want arrested.

UPDATE: The animal loving corrections officer himself called the sheriff's department after seeing the cats and someone he knows on patrol went out to talk to the folks. I hope they can be persuaded to take care of them, feed them at least. It's always easier that way. Just don't know. Waiting for a call from the corrections officer guy to let me know what to do next. If the deputy thinks they will go ahead and start feeding them, then we will go out with the cats and Safehaven will provide a bag of food.

Another complication arose, when I asked the friend who has decent eyes, to check the rear end of the allegedly previously neutered male kitten. I couldn't believe he would already be neutered. He looks so much like the calico, same nose color, pink in the same location, and he also looks like the big long hair black and white unfixed male, from up the road I trapped and got fixed. Sure enough, the kitten has tiny little kitten balls and in fact, is not neutered. How'd the vet miss that? I don't know. Probably rushed.

I called the clinic to tell them he isn't fixed, and they said I could bring him back Monday to have it done. But I might not have him on Monday. He may be back at the "owners" and I am done with dealing with them, whatever happens.

I also learned the woman claiming ownership is Hispanic and may have different ideas about how animals are cared for and also, although she speaks English, the neighbor said, may not fully understand the language or what is being said, about pet care. So that's an issue. But I don't speak Spanish and I don't know anyone who could go with me who does.

I'm glad the deputy went out to talk to them. It means more to people if someone in uniform says "You need to feed these cats." It just does, much more force to it, the hint of consequences if they don't do it. So I hope it works out ok. I don't like conflict, but when I see a kitten starved like that, have a vet tell you to keep the kitten at least two weeks just to feed it, and a neighbor is telling me they don't feed them, what are you going to do?

UPDATE: So the deputy is going to leave the case open, I just found out. He got a convoluted story out there, and now they claim only three of the cats are theirs and they only want three back. But they couldn't identify which three were theirs and the drunk husband offered to shoot them all. For now I have to go back with them and let them show which three are theirs and unfortunately, they get to keep them for now. They told the deputy they do just fine eating mice and being thrown scraps every now and then, which is a bunch of baloney. They also told him I didn't have permission to come take any of them to be fixed, which is a lie also, since they were the ones who called me.

I don't like going back there to that sort of people and handing them back cats, some of whom, including this poor little long hair black and white male, will never be fixed. And since the deputy won't be there, they will likely renig on promises to turn over four. It's all sick and horrible and I do hope the investigation remains open and they are forced to either care for those cats properly or relinquish them and get charged with animal neglect, which is what they very much deserve.

I am also vaccinating them, since they'll never get anything done for them again in their poor lives, if they remain there, and applying advantage and I likely will also get to take abuse from these people when I return these cats. Sometimes life can be very hard to take.

UPDATE: Well, I bit the bullet and went out there. Rode with my friend and his kids. We first returned the big black and white male who took a huge poop during the ride up, laced with all sorts of worms, all dead now, thankfully. I wormed him. He even ate the tapeworm pill mixed into wet food. He'll be feeling a whole lot better.

Then we went to the other people's place. They were having a birthday party. The parents came out first and the older woman was angry at first, but she softened. The daughter, who is the one who called, but a different one than I dealt with before, came out looking like she was going to be confrontational, but wasn't in the end. The father had a beer in his hand and would interrupt periodically to offer "I'm going to solve this problem. I'm going to shoot them all." His wife would wave him off sternly and his daughter would say "oh dad" and roll her eyes. He was drunk.

He said there were almost 20 cats on that stretch of road. I said "Well 13 of them are now fixed." But I don't think it got through. They handed over two more of the kittens, who are very sick and the orange and white was so hungry she tried to eat my thumb. Then they said they didn't want the little black and white long hair male back and my heart went "pitter patter" I was so happy. He had acted so relieved here, like he believed he had been saved. To have to take him back out there, to see if he was one they would keep, killed me. But they took back the two calicos, including the starving kitten and this was hard to see.

My only condolence in this is how much she ate in the short time she was here, and the fact I wormed her, defleaed her and vaccinated her. All these things will help her immensely. And the sheriff still has the case open.

I will take them food on Monday and hope that they will feed them. The daughter was interested in getting everybody fixed after I explained how I could do that, even if they are wild. She seemed like a person who is open to new ideas. I liked her. I know that's a weird thing to say about someone who is treating their cats so badly.

Three gone from there will only help the others, however, get more of whatever food there is. All getting fixed down the road, since there is intermingling will also help. Worming them all will help, too.

Cats Fixed Yesterday

Here's the calico teen, fixed yesterday and literally starving to death.
The young long hair black and white male, who turned out, shockingly enough, to be already neutered. I guess the daughter got him from someone giving away fixed kittens. Wasn't me.
Here's the sad adult calico, also starved, fixed yesterday.
Brown tabby tux female, fixed yesterday, who was abandoned on Scravel Hill. She showed up at someone's door starved to death and crying her heart out.
This is yet another teen, a female this time, from an Albany complex where finally a tenant has taken it upon himself to keep the cat population under control by trapping any free roamer and getting them fixed.
This is the huge black and white long hair male who has been coming into the garage of the people whose seven other cats I took in to be fixed on Wednesday. He was neutered yesterday. Another photo of him below.

The city councilman has moved on to try to persuade other private people who help cats by getting them fixed to solve the complaining man's cat issue. This councilman gave my number to a man with a cat problem in SW Albany, a very minor cat problem, after telling me the man just wanted help getting the cat fixed, when the man really wanted me to take the cat.

I was rightfully pissed when I learned I'd been deceived and told both the complainer that and the councilman, who merely moved on to other cat fixers, all private people without funding, trying to get them to take this cat. This only moves the problem and puts the expense on somebody else and shame on that councilman for trying to talk a bunch of volunteers into solving a citywide irresponsible asshole problem.

Friday, January 30, 2009


Complications arose with the fixes done today. They got done late. I was going to return all the cats tonight. Then, it turns out, the big black and white, the huge male, was not neutered after all. He's the one I trapped at the place with the seven others, one who turned out to be already fixed. Those neighbors referred another neighbor to me, with 8 unfixed cats. I went and picked up three this morning.

There were four teens with barely any body weight to them at all, and runny eyes. They swarmed me. I didn't think to leave them food, when I left with three of the cats, an adult calico, a teen calico and a black and white long hair, whom they said was a female too.

None of the cats were in good shape at all. They said there was a calico, once tame, now wild, but they rarely see her, except she saw her yesterday on her walk, almost a mile away with a tabby. Then I found out they don't feed the cats. Only table scraps and those are a rare thing.

I only found this out from the other neighbor this evening, who said he sometimes feels so sorry for the cats he takes food down to them. I asked him because the vet said the little calico teen had shrivelled organs and was nearly starved to death. He didn't think she should be returned and urged me to keep her at least for two weeks, to feed her everything she can eat.

Puts me in a dilemma. This is neglect and none of these cats should be returned. I tried to contact SafeHaven about what to do. I can't take in seven cats. There are four more there, the other three teens and a big Flamepoint who might already be neutered. The neighbor, however, is willing to take him. He knows these folks, said they're overwhelmed.

As for the long hair little black and white, he turned out to be an already neutered male. I asked the neighbor where in the world a young male like that who is already neutered came from. He believes one of the young daughters drug him home from somewhere. But where?

I had told the people I'd be bringing the cats back about 5:00, but, the vet clinic was later than usual doing them, so they were out of it still from anesthesia and I am worn out, so I came home and called them, to say I'd not be bringing them back tonight. But the woman isn't even home, and the son says he doesn't know anything about the cats or even that some were gone getting fixed. He said he'd call his mom, that she is somewhere else, and that she'd be calling me right back. She has not called back. Maybe he could not reach her.

The neighbor says they'll likely very eagerly give some up if they can be adopted out. He says they're overwhelmed and don't have the resources to care for them. So I don't think it will be an issue. They're going to go over, either tonight or tomorrow and talk to them about it, which is nice. I won't have to then. I am not very good about knowing how to say things right.

So today, three went in from that place, two calicos and the black and white young long hair, who turned out to be already neutered. Then the big huge black and white long hair, from the first neighbors, who wasn't neutered after all. Then another female teen trapped by man at the Albany complex. And a female abandoned on Scravel Hill. Six more cats. But one was already fixed.

Know Someone With a Cat That Needs Fixed?

The Albany Neuterscooter clinics have only 15 cats registered so far, between the two clinics. How pathetic is that?

I knew it might be a problem. There is an issue in Linn County with an entitlement attitude. Plus, people have lots of heavy expensive addictions to feed, before they feed anything else, or would consider paying to get their cat or cats fixed. Primarily, I'm talking cigarettes and alcohol. But there are also a lot of bigger drug issues here, from pot, which takes a chunk of change to buy and is a commonly used drug in Linn County, to meth, which renders its users drug zombies. This isn't something new to the economic down turn. These priorities have being going on forever here.

I'm still hopeful people will sign up to get their own cats and feral cats fixed at the clinic. I'm also very skeptical it will happen. In North Bend, people of the same or even lower income levels as in Linn County, line up by the score to take advantage of such a clinic.

What is the difference, I wonder, between the two populations, which are similar in income levels and problems faced, in so many other ways. Is there more of an independent nature there, imbedded values of personal responsibility. even among the poor, that they feel they should take care of it themselves? I don't know the answer. There are lots of people who don't fix their cats down there also, of course.

All I remember is KATA telling me, that at one Sweet Home Neuterscooter clinic where over a hundred cats were fixed, only one person actually paid for their own cat to be fixed. The rest got fixed under various grants. That is so sad!

I am reluctant to go begging out of county to find sponsors for Linn County cat fixes. It's pathetic in so many ways. This is a sad county. Personal responsibility is not a common value here. You'd think it would be, given way over half the populace count themselves conservative.

I have discovered, on both sides of the political aisle, that a lot of people do about exactly the opposite of what they claim verbally to believe. It's funny. And it's a curiosity. For example, the personal responsibility value claimed by republicans is often hard to find in Republican areas. And, a lot of the loudest screechiest preachiest liberals are the most intolerant hateful and mean people you'd ever meet in your life. Curious. Interesting.

Back to the cats. I may cave and try to come up with money and spay sponsors to get these clinics filled. Or, appeal to out of county cat caretakers. Maybe I'll try both. I hate to see clinics wasted, but I also hate to watch others shell out more money and effort to make up for the slackers of this county. It's a dilemma. I hate becoming a co-dependent to lazy lifestyles by helping people remain irresponsible and lazy.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photos of Seven Cats Taken in Yesterday

Below are photos of the seven cats I took in yesterday from one rural Linn County location. The big Maine Coon turned out to already be neutered. Of the other six, two were girls and four were boys. All had tapeworm and earmite infestations. I did treat all of them for fleas, and talked to them extensively about the parasites the cats have, how they get them, and how to treat them. I hope they follow through.

Muted torti female, fixed yesterday.
Siamese mix male, fixed yesterday.
This male turned out to be already neutered. They thought he was an unfixed female, and had named him "Holly". He showed up about two months ago, along with another big male, now in a trap in my car. I bet he'll be already neutered, too.
Gray tux male, neutered yesterday.
Chocolate Point Siamese long hair male, neutered yesterday.
Buff and white male, neutered yesterday.
Blue Point Siamese female, fixed yesterday.

I heard from the man referred to me by councilman Olsen. Despite listening to my message about me not taking in cats from the public, he was not interested in getting the cat in question fixed, but rather wanted me to take the cat.

I asked him if he listened to my message on my machine and he said he had, but since Olson gave him my number, he figured he had an in, and I'd take the cat regardless of having way too many already and the message on my machine. This really pissed me off.

The cat also may be owned. He claims the cat enters his house through his cat door and he already has two cats and a dog who use that door and he wants the cat gone. I explained that there were several people in his area who feed strays, so he can not feed that stray and he or she will be fine.

But his beef is the cat using his cat door. Well duh. If you have a hole in your house to the outside, its' pretty much inviting anything that will fit through it inside. Close up the cat door, keep your own cats inside, any of these options are suitable, I told him, but not acceptable to him. For all he knows his cats are entering other people's houses and garages, too.

There was nothing I could do but tell him to try to find out if the cat is owned and if not, to try to find the cat a home himself.

He thought I should deal with it. Didn't matter that I told him over and over I'm not a shelter, that I don't get paid, etc, etc, because he wanted his needs met regardless of any hardship on others or the cat.

I hate people sometimes. I sent councilman Olson off an e-mail, letting him know I was not happy with being misled, that this man wanted a cat fixed. I'm turning my phone off for the rest of the day. I"m at my demand tolerance limit.

Views from the Santiam Rest Area of River and North Bound Bridge Water and Gravel Leak

When I was at the rest area yesterday, on the way back from taking cats to the clinic, I stopped in to leave food for the stray, if the cat is still alive. This time, I took some photos of the wet gravel and dirt pile in the middle of the underneath of the north end of the north bound bridge. I did report this leak of material and water to ODOT, but apparently it isn't important or a safety hazard. Doesn't look good to me.

Views of the river from underneath the north bound bridge.
This is the beautiful Santiam River.

This is the pile of leaking rock, gravel, dirt and water, underneath the north bound I5 bridge over the Santiam.
Makes me wonder if its safe.
One at least of the concrete slabs forming the bottom of the bridge is cracking, near the falling gravel. The falling gravel and water may be at the joint region, where the bridge meets solid ground at the north end. Not sure. I don't build bridges. Hahahaha.

Trapped the Stray in Crabtree

The folks who own the seven cats I took in yesterday, said another big black and white cat would sneak in for food and to sleep in the beds in the garage. I trapped him last night. I haven't checked yet, to see if he is already neutered, but I think he will be. They remembered a neighbor a mile away moved suddenly and that's when the two big cats showed up. The other one, the Maine Coon, was already neutered, so I bet this one is, too.

They have another neighbor who told them he has 8 unfixed cats plus some ferals. And the people in Lyons they got three of their cats from, have over 30 unfixed cats. I told the couple I didn't know if I could come up with funds to get 30 fixed, although I'd love to get them all done at the Neuterscooter. I'd have to come up quite a lot of money to do that, however.

I will begin immediately to get the neighbor's tame 8 in, then his ferals, too.

An Albany woman who used to volunteer with the FCCO left me a message this morning also, that she is seeing five new cats outside eating her fixed cats' food. She wants help getting them trapped and fixed. Lots of unfixed cats out there for sure still. I try to take it one situation at at a time.

Tomorrow, I am taking in yet another teen caught by the apartment dweller who keeps that complex's population under control effectively, with his trap. And I'll be taking in yet another tame stray who showed up on Scravel Hill, likely dumped at the cemetery.

She was desperate, the womn who found her said, for food, is unafraid of dogs, and badly wants to come into her house. She is deathly afraid of cardboard boxes, so maybe she was dumped from a car in a box. It gets old sometimes, to hear of what is going on out there. But there are kind people like this woman, willing to feed the latest stray and help her find a home, once fixed.

If this big male isn't fixed, which I'm willing to bet he is, he will be tomorrow. The cats fixed tomorrow will be rounded out by at least two from the 8 owned near the people whose seven cats just got fixed. I'll pick up females first this time of year for sure.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tiki, the torti kitten, Retests Negative for Felk

Tiki, the torti kitten, from the deceased woman's trailer, had tested positive for Feline Leukemia in the first week of December, right after I took in 12 cats, nine of them kittens, when the old woman who fed them had died.

The vet urged me to hold her two months and have her retested. Keni, Poppa's president, agreed to foster her for that time. Today, Keni called me, knowing I'd want to know. She retested Tiki today and she was negative. They let the test run an extra two minutes to be sure no dot would appear on the Felk side and none did. She was negative! I knew it! Yahoo!

Keni says she's an absolute sweetheart. She always was.

I took in seven cats from a rural Linn County location today. One of them was a big hairy Maine Coon looking sweetheart they said showed up a couple months ago, as a stray. Due to their isolated location, the cat had to have been dumped off. They thought the cat to be a female. But, when looking at the cat after arriving at the vet's office, we all agreed the cat looked like a male. I suggested, since the folks thought it to be a female, it must be an already neutered male and he was.

Of the other six, two were females and four were males. They're still here, with me, since they have no place to hold them overnight inside. I have a trap set out there tonight, because they've seen another cat in the field, that occasionally sneaks to the garage to try to eat something. They believe he also was dumped.

Councilman Olson called tonight. He had someone call him, wanting help trapping a feral cat, but I think the man wants me to actually take the cat. I told Dick he could have the man call.

I told Dick about the Neuterscooter clinics upcoming in Albany and also my fear they will not fill, due to the fact so many people in Albany will not pay a dime towards getting their own cat fixed.

I told Dick many people's attitudes these days is they don't want to sacrifice a thing. They want someone else to sacrifice but never them. He asked how many cats I took in last year and I told him close to a thousand and most of those were from Albany. I told him getting the Albany grant was very helpful and that paid for about a quarter of the cats fixed. He asked how much I spent on the cats taken in, with just getting them fixed and I said about $40,000 for the one thousand cats, which comes out to about $40 per cat.

I told him that doesn't touch the costs I swallow, in transport of cats and bait and flea and worm treatment, nor for the costs involved when I take cats in. I told him about the deceased woman's cats and how the family promised to help financially and in finding them homes but never did.

I told him about the Fischer Funeral Home fiasco, with them supposedly setting up a memorial fund and any donations received in memory of the old woman, who loved these cats, were to be sent to me, to offset my costs. But, when the family set up the memorial fund Fischer never got any contact info for me, as to where donations, if any came, would be sent. In that regard alone, the Fischer Funeral memorial fund was bogus and a scam.

I told him about how I finally called to see if any donations had come in and they said two had come in and I had to give them my address so they could send them to me. They never arrived so I called them again and this time they were rude and aggressive with me, accusing me of accusing them of stealing the donations. I had said "What else am I supposed to believe?" and finally hung up on them after their outrageous inflammatory remarks created evidence to me they were not very nice people.

I told him about how worn out I get, with so many calls from so many people who want me to help them for nothing, how hard it is for me, to stay in the black doing this, to stay emotionally sound, with so many demands on me, bearing so much abuse, seeing so much animal abuse and neglect, to have any free time and I also told him how much I miss Corvallis and dream of returning.

I told him of the $40,000 or so, I spent on cat fixes in 2008, about $27,000 of that came from Poppa Inc. funds. Another $10,000 came from the City of Albany grant and the rest was money from here and there, donations, my own money, etc. He doesn't know if the city can come up with funds again this year, but he said he would try. That would be wonderful.

Well anyhow. I do appreciate the support of the two city officials who believe I can solve any cat problem somehow, no matter how huge, on my own, which is really nice to have a couple of people believe in me like that. Those two people are councilman Olson and now Mayor of Albany Sharon Konopa. I think they think I can move mountains. I have solved some huge problems for the City of Albany, alone too, without support, and I am proud of those private accomplishments.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Finally Said No

Someone was wanting to contact me, advertising on craigslist they were looking for me. Someone gave this person my contact info. They want a certain cat trapped that they've been feeding, for a couple of years, because they're moving. At first I was going to do it. Then it turns out there are lots of other cats she's been feeding and she's not taking them. She thinks they might be owned but she doesn't know. Then it turns out there was a cat living under the house they bought and they made the old owners hire someone to "get rid of the cat" by getting it out from the under the house and sealing the vents. I asked what was going to happen to that cat and I guess it was going to get dumped on a Scio farm. They apparently didn't know if it might be owned by someone else.

This made me change my mind about offering up my time and help for free to her. I give myself away too much. Getting involved in a situation where someone is feeding cats and only taking one or two with them, when they move, that's too sad for me, and I don't get involved in that kind of thing, having a kind heart, and unable to handle taking in anymore cats.

I haven't had an adoption now in a long time again.

When I learned she has kids, I wondered why they couldn't catch that cat. I told her they could borrow a trap from SafeHaven or rent one from a feed store and do the job themselves, that I don't do these sorts of favors for people I don't even know. Not without being compensated.

I'm not the slave of the world. I need to start saying no to people who are fully capable of doing something themselves, but instead want me to do it for them for nothing. So I finally said no to this person, along with telling her where to rent a trap and how to selectively trap for one specific cat.

That's all I'm going to do. People can do a lot of things for themselves. Or they can pay me to do it. But asking a stranger to do something for them, that isn't even part of my mission, well, I need to stand up for myself. There's nobody over here helping me with my projects or with anything else in return. I need to set some limits with people around here.

That old couple, feeding neighborhood strays, all I did with them, was show them how to set and bait traps and they did the trapping and the man can barely hear or see. People might be surprised what they can accomplish themselves. They really might surprise themselves.

Adams is a Pervert

The new revelations about Portland Mayor Sam Adam's behavior makes me want to vomit. I don't like to vomit. So I'm saying to Sam Adams, "Resign. Get out."

Beau Breedlove, then 17, told the Oregonian he and Adams intended a relation from the start, but Adams said to have sex, they'd have to wait until he was 18. That did not stop Adams from kissing a 17 year old in a bathroom at City Hall. That's just so seedy. And wrong. This was a middle aged man, supposedly a leader, with better sense, and an underage kid. There must be some law that Adams could be charged with because he should be charged with something.

If he wants to play around with a kid, he should at least not be doing it in his public place of work on the clock, with taxpayers paying his wages, which they were.

He shouldn't be engaging an underage kid in a relationship anyhow. That speaks volumes about Sam Adams and his character right there. He's messed up.

Sam Adams, I hope Portland recalls you. Go get yourself a job far away from high schools. Get some counselling and meet some guys near your own age. In my eyes now, you're a perv. I can't listen to you, can't look at you, please resign.

38 Cats Taken in So Far in January to be Fixed

38 cats I've taken in so far this month to be fixed. 38 fewer cats out there breeding. This has come at a cost of $1040 to Poppa Inc. I just got a call from someone who lives near Crabtree with seven needing fixed and the man trapping at an Albany complex caught, he thinks, the female, mother of the latest three teens he's trapped and who have been fixed as a result. I hope it is the mom cat.

That's 8 more who will likely finish out the total done in January.

I have 2 more to catch at the 34th street complex and three more to catch at the 4th street colony. I have one more to catch over on 13th. And the rest area tabby on white, if the cat is still alive.

The mother of the three teens from Lebanon, fixed today, will need fixed in a few weeks. Right now, she is nursing her second litter, five kittens just ten days old. One of the three girls from her last litter was already in heat.

This mother came over pregnant with her last litter in tow, as a stray. The woman there, cares for her disabled son. Her daughter, whom I met today, lives in Halsey and said she finally began trapping all the cats in the neighborhood where she lives, owned or not, and got them fixed. She was disgusted with the behavior of her neighbors in the area who did not fix their pets and finally just took matters into her own hands.

Beyond that, I have no other cats on my list. That is, with willing owners. There's a colony on Tangent Loop and I've known about that colony forever, but despite the fact I've had to get overflow cats from that colony fixed, on the properties of upset neighbors, who have also contacted her about getting them fixed, the woman remains aloof to the problems she is causing in the area and does not return phone calls.

There is a colony cared for by the parents of a woman who is a neighbor to the BS colony. She has repeatedly tried to get her parents to get the cats, most sick with herpes, fixed, to no avail. I stopped by there too, and tried, but they refused and were also very rude about refusing. It drives the daughter nuts because when kitten season hits, the parents try to get her to help find the sickly kittens homes. I told her to just say no.

The caretakers of these two colonies have let the problem go on for years. The cats and the neighbors bear the pain of their behavior.

Speaking of pain, that Portland under 21 club shooter appears to have not known any of the victims. He wrote a very brief suicide note that included a will, but no explanation as to why he decided to kill people, and then himself. Apparently he was a quiet young man, and, unemployed currently, perhaps unable to pay the next month's rent. He spent his time playing violent video games, but showed no outward sign that he would commit such a horrible act in his end.

Reminds me of the Chinese guy who befriended a lonely Chinese student at Virginia Tech, whom he just beheaded in a campus cafe. He had made a claim to friends that he was so angry, at losing a lot of money in the economic crash and stock market, that he wanted to kill himself or somebody else. So he chose the weakest most vulnerable of victims, like a coward would do. He should have killed himself instead.

I think men might have a tough time seeing themselves as unsuccessful or as failures and maybe some people want to make a statement before leaving the world and are willing to settle for a negative violent legacy. I wonder, with so many job losses, if there will be a lot more violence to come here in America. In other countries, poverty leads to unrest, to religious fanatics twisting religion into a reason to kill, to violent factions fighting each other and committing atrocities on innocent victims of their rage. I wonder if America is headed down that path. I think that is why President Obama is desperate to try to find some way to lessen the economic horrors to come.

Our government, for decades, has slipped into corrupt ways of doing things. Senators and Representatives being bought out basically by lobbyists, overspending and ineptitude allowed in government agencies who barely do their assigned jobs anymore. This has been going on forever, and eating away at our nation. We like to pretend its a government problem only, but it isn't. We've lived beyond our means, on heavy debt and exhibited no discipline in our own lives. This national behavior is haunting us now, but does not have to beat us.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Big Boys--Photos of Cats Fixed Yesterday

This is the black and white male, from same colony, the 8th big male fixed from there so far. This one was fixed today. The others below, were fixed yesterday at the FCCO clinic.
There were two black males who were fixed from this colony. This one is big and fuzzy, with a half length tail, and very feral.
This long hair orange tabby tux was also very wild and scared but neutered just the same.
And of course there was "Calico John" neutered yesterday.
This is the smaller of two white males that were fixed yesterday.
The is the brown tabby male I call "The Retractor" because I thought he was neutered, but in reality, he had kind of retracted or pulled back his rather small balls and was not neutered. He also had a severe earmite infection and was treated for that, too, at the clinic.
I trapped two big white males, but this one was far bigger and more dominant than the other, who was younger. This guy was a mess, from fighting and just because a white cat living under a deck or house, gets to looking dirtier than say a black cat.
This is the big black male abandoned by neighbors when they moved out. He was fixed yesterday.This is the only girl of the 8 I took to the clinic from the cats the old couple feed. She's a torbi tux. Note her eye color. Then, can you guess which of the above males is her brother?

Today I took up four cats to be fixed. One was the black and white feral male. The other three were all teen girls. One of them was in heat already. Their mother, a stray taken in by a Lebanon family, already had five ten-day-old kittens in her latest litter. Mom will be fixed in six weeks, the five kittens, in seven weeks. The family is going to talk to the man across the street, who lives in a van outside his mother's rental, they tell me. There were cats crawling out of the woodwork at that duplex. I call such places, in a neighborhood, "The Stray Source".

Fixing 8 Dominant Males Fed by Old Couple. What it Means.

Of the Nine cats trapped by the old couple feeding Albany strays, some tame and abandoned, 8 were big dominant males. What does this mean for that area?

It actually means a great deal. It means less fighting and spray marking of course. But, they live only two blocks from where I netted that calico with the horrible tumor eating away at her head. These tumors are consistent with FIV infection. Getting 8 big males out of the fighting and spreading disease game means outside allowed cats in that area are far safer from contracting this horrible virus.

The old couple paid $100 donation to the FCCO, to help pay for the care of cats abandoned by selfish piggish other Albany residents. That's altruism.

That area is not a good one for any animal or kid. There is high tenant turnover and a lot of drug use and criminal behavior. People move and leave cats behind in high rates in that area. This couple takes care of those left behind.

One of the black males fixed yesterday used to be owned by some druggees, who moved and left him. The wife says she's sees those people in town still sometimes. They probably just got another cat who they will also leave behind. Life on the streets is better, the husband said, for that male, than it was with his "owners" who were mean to him, when high, kicked him out, and rarely remembered to even feed him. He upgraded his life when they abandoned him, the husband said stoically.

There are at least three more to catch there and two of those are males also. The neighborhood and the cats in that area, owned or not, or barely owned, will benefit from these folks behavior, who took responsibility, like Good Samaritans, for the unwanted lives others tossed like a cigarette butt on the street.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

91 Cats Fixed Today

It's a boy! This calico turned out to be a boy! The first full fledged male calico I have ever seen in my life. An oddity? Yes it was.

The clinic went off without a hitch. 91 cats were fixed! Again, the majority were from Linn County. I took 8, trapped at the Albany colony, and the couple trapped a ninth during the day today, who will be fixed tomorrow, and there are at least three more needing trapped there.

Of the 8, seven were males.

Guess who one of those big males I took in was? His coloration sparked the flash of many cameras and oooooh's and awwww's. He was a big calico. I have never seen the like!

In other news, Leah, the tech, told me an orange tabby male, under a year old, was brought in to a Portland clinic, trapped in a north Portland feral colony, with a bright green NS in his left ear. That means he was fixed at a Neuterscooter clinic. He was tame and did not belong in a feral colony, so some group present at the clinic took him in to adopt out.

How did he get into a North Portland feral colony and where did he come from, since the Neuterscooter does not hold Portland clinics and he was not originally part of this colony?

He had to have been adopted out, then abandoned. I will check my records but I can't think right off of an orange tabby kitten I've adopted out, fixed at the Neuterscooter, in the last six months. Could have been a KATA cat. They adopt out cats in the Portland area although I don't believe they adopt anymore in the Vancouver Petco. But they have gotten a lot of cats fixed at the Neuterscooter. It could have been someone who lived in an area where the Neuterscooter had a clinic, then they moved to Portland and abandoned the cat or he got lost. But I will go through records.

Anyhow, I'm dog tired and in rather severe pain from too much physical labor. This morning, I got recruited suddenly into check in. It was freezing and by the time we were done, I couldn't feel my legs.

A man who brought in cats took pity on us freezing volunteers and came back with cups of hot chocolate, bought at Dutch Brothers. Afterwards, we referred to him as Mr. Hot Chocolate. That was very thoughtful!

It was good to see all the diehards again. They all come to these clinics, the real cat people I call them. After all these years and thousands of cats, we're still at it and we're a quirky fun loving dedicated lot.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Vile Breeders

These people are terrible, puppy millers, selling to pet stores and god knows who else. Dogs living in horror. May these folks and the idiot stores who buy from them, be exposed and lose everything. Hey asshole breeders---you suck, all of you.

Click post title to go to Katu News story about the horrible conditions and massive numbers of dogs taken from a WA puppy mill. Who pays for the cost to help these poor souls? These assholes should have to. EVerything they own and everything the businesses who buy puppies from them own, should be seized to pay for their care. Asshole puppy millers and the asshole businesses and dumbshit people who buy from them.

Caught 8 So Far

One of 8 cats I've trapped at one Albany colony today, to be fixed at tomorrow's FCCO clinic.

I found a new colony in the Felony Flats district of Albany. Coincidentally, the cats I've been trapping there, for today's clinic, are the same cats Dr. Fletcher was hoping to get into this clinic. I heard from someone who is a client of his, that he had been looking for my number, to help trap some cats. I didn't know they were these cats. When I talked to the man, he had taken in a cat last week that had to be euthanized due to a severe spinal cord injury. He told Dr. Fletcher that he was feeding strays. It was then they tried to find my number, but couldn't find it listed anywhere. In the end, he was given NIck's number to call to register cats for the clinic.

The colony caretaker never called.

Instead, I had happened onto the colony another way. I'd been talking to a woman two houses down. Last summer, I got a feral torti fixed for her who had four or five tiny kittens. I had urged her to tame them, but she never did. Over time, she told me two days ago, when I again contacted her about getting them fixed, they had disappeared. She thought a man down the street might be feeding them. She went and talked to him, and the man and his wife called to say they were feeding ten or so area strays and did need help getting them fixed.

That's how I happened to be trapping the same cats for tomorrow's clinic that Dr. Fletcher was trying to get trapped to be fixed for the clinic. Small world!

So far, the couple has trapped 8, mostly males, with three or four more still needing trapped. I have two white males. I have one torti and one torbi. I have two black long hairs, one a male. I have a big brown tabby short hair male. And I have an orange tabby long hair male. I also checked the sex on a manx tabby tux they feed and he is already fixed. He's currently in their shop.

Who's left? At least two of the kittens, now young adults, one an orange tabby, the other a torti, and a long hair brown tabby male, and maybe one more torti.

Shelter Manager Rant, on Craigslist, About Euthanasia and Her Job

Tragic Rant on Craigslist, from a Shelter Manager/Euthanasia Tech

I am reposting this at the suggestion of Whitesocks. It does need to be kept out there:

The reality of "euthanasia" or "putting down healthy dogs, puppies, kittens and cats" isn't pleasant. The fact the public uses shelters as killing grounds, by dumping off their excess and unwanted cats and dogs, like its nothing, is disgusting enough.

But do you ever consider what it does to people who work in shelters and have to kill all these pets? It destroys many of them. It would destroy most normal people, particularly anyone who loves animals. It is not pretty, it is not easy on the animals or people involved.

It is horrible and often cats sit in carriers in the "euth room" and watch their brothers and sisters killed as they wait their turn to die. Do you think this is in any way humane? What it is, is convenience for humans who behave irresponsibly. The cost, financial and emotional, is born by those who must deal with the aftermath of human irresponsibility, and, by the horror and suffering of the animals.

Breeders out there, you suck! So do irresponsible pet owners who do not fix their pets.

Here's the craigslist post. It originally appeared in rants and raves, but somebody just posted it to the pet list. It will be flagged, by the irresponsible crappers who breed and can't stand to hear the truth:

A Letter from a Shelter Manager

I think our society needs a huge "Wake-up" call. As a shelter manager, I am going to share a little insight with you all...a view from the inside if you will.

First off, all of you breeders/sellers should be made to work in the "back" of an animal shelter for just one day. Maybe if you saw the life drain from a few sad, lost, confused eyes, you would change your mind about breeding and selling to people you don't even know.

That puppy you just sold will most likely end up in my shelter when it's not a cute little puppy anymore. So how would you feel if you knew that there's about a 90% chance that dog will never walk out of the shelter it is going to be dumped at? Purebred or not! About 50% of all of the dogs that are "owner surrenders" or "strays", that come into my shelter are purebred dogs.

The most common excuses I hear are; "We are moving and we can't take our dog (or cat)." Really? Where are you moving too that doesn't allow pets? Or they say "The dog got bigger than we thought it would". How big did you think a German Shepherd would get? "We don't have time for her". Really? I work a 10-12 hour day and still have time for my 6 dogs! "She's tearing up our yard". How about making her a part of your family? They always tell me "We just don't want to have to stress about finding a place for her we know she'll get adopted, she's a good dog".

Odds are your pet won't get adopted & how stressful do you think being in a shelter is? Well, let me tell you, your pet has 72 hours to find a new family from the moment you drop it off. Sometimes a little longer if the shelter isn't full and your dog manages to stay completely healthy. If it sniffles, it dies. Your pet will be confined to a small run/kennel in a room with about 25 other barking or crying animals. It will have to relieve itself where it eats and sleeps. It will be depressed and it will cry constantly for the family that abandoned it. If your pet is lucky, I will have enough volunteers in that day to take him/her for a walk. If I don't, your pet won't get any attention besides having a bowl of food slid under the kennel door and the waste sprayed out of its pen with a high-powered hose. If your dog is big, black or any of the "Bully" breeds (pit bull, rottie, mastiff, etc) it was pretty much dead when you walked it through the front door.

Those dogs just don't get adopted. It doesn't matter how 'sweet' or 'well behaved' they are.

If your dog doesn't get adopted within its 72 hours and the shelter is full, it will be destroyed. If the shelter isn't full and your dog is good enough, and of a desirable enough breed it may get a stay of execution, but not for long . Most dogs get very kennel protective after about a week and are destroyed for showing aggression. Even the sweetest dogs will turn in this environment. If your pet makes it over all of those hurdles chances are it will get kennel cough or an upper respiratory infection and will be destroyed because shelters just don't have the funds to pay for even a $100 treatment.

Here's a little euthanasia 101 for those of you that have never witnessed a perfectly healthy, scared animal being "put-down".

First, your pet will be taken from its kennel on a leash. They always look like they think they are going for a walk happy, wagging their tails. Until they get to "The Room", every one of them freaks out and puts on the brakes when we get to the door. It must smell like death or they can feel the sad souls that are left in there, it's strange, but it happens with every one of them. Your dog or cat will be restrained, held down by 1 or 2 vet techs depending on the size and how freaked out they are. Then a euthanasia tech or a vet will start the process. They will find a vein in the front leg and inject a lethal dose of the "pink stuff". Hopefully your pet doesn't panic from being restrained and jerk. I've seen the needles tear out of a leg and been covered with the resulting blood and been deafened by the yelps and screams. They all don't just "go to sleep", sometimes they spasm for a while, gasp for air and defecate on themselves.

When it all ends, your pets corpse will be stacked like firewood in a large freezer in the back with all of the other animals that were killed waiting to be picked up like garbage. What happens next? Cremated? Taken to the dump? Rendered into pet food? You'll never know and it probably won't even cross your mind. It was just an animal and you can always buy another one, right?

I hope that those of you that have read this are bawling your eyes out and can't get the pictures out of your head I deal with everyday on the way home from work.

I hate my job, I hate that it exists & I hate that it will always be there unless you people make some changes and realize that the lives you are affecting go much farther than the pets you dump at a shelter.

Between 9 and 11 MILLION animals die every year in shelters and only you can stop it. I do my best to save every life I can but rescues are always full, and there are more animals coming in everyday than there are homes.


Hate me if you want to. The truth hurts and reality is what it is. I just hope I maybe changed one persons mind about breeding their dog, taking their loving pet to a shelter, or buying a dog. I hope that someone will walk into my shelter and say "I saw this and it made me want to adopt". THAT WOULD MAKE IT WORTH IT

Friday, January 23, 2009

Caught that Torti!

I sat downtown in my car forever, with the drop trap set, waiting for that torti to show. Then finally, I ambled over and peeked through the window of the garage. There she was, curled up in a pile of old thin clear plastic on an old couch.

I thought "I'm not sitting in this car anymore, when I can net her."

I discovered only one outside hole in the perimeter of the garage. I got the son, who takes care of his disabled dad during the day, and he blocked the main entrance the cats enter and exit from. We blocked the perimeter hole, too. Then we went in. There was lots of stuff inside. I finally located the torti hiding behind a bunch of stuff but she ran just then, into more junk. The son tied the door securely shut so he could help, by moving things.

She got behind the couch behind a ladder and a board and then she made a run for it, through boxes of junk. I dove with the net, missed twice, caught her in mid air on the third attempt as she leaped over more boxes. I was leaning over junk hanging onto other junk as I netted her, pulled her up, turned the open hoop flat against the side of an old frig and twisted the netting between the hoop and her, so she couldn't escape.

I had the son move the trap to a relatively open place and there, transferred her into the trap. We gave each other spontaneous high fives and we were "woohooing" in the garage. He said "I want to shake your hand seeing that." So we shook hands.

So she's caught. She's being picked up by the person taking her to the clinic this evening. I was glad to have caught her. She's the last unfixed cat there.

The Crucifixion of Sam Adams

May as well hire the carpenter to start building the cross on which Sam Adams' crucifixion will be made complete. Which Portland high spot shall we use to set up that cross? Shall we flog him on the way up? A stormy day would add dramatics to the Crucifixion for youtube videos.

You may as well make two crosses, one for the young man, too. You just may as well.

Who volunteers to pound in the nails? Who will break his legs?

Sam Adams is no Neil Goldshmidt. Goldschmidt used his power and age differential to molest a child and destroy her life. I'd volunteer for driving the nails through Goldshmidts' hands. I surely would. Being abused as a child can make one fantasize such acts.

My reality, however, is I've already long forgiven Goldschmidt his crimes and moved on. Sure I rant about it now and then, usually when I'm having upsets over my own past and want vengeance somewhere and blood from someone.

This destroyed young life's on your shoulders, Portland. Did you happen to notice that young man's life you're rolling over in your glowing red eyed fervor?

I moved on from the Sam Adams scandal within hours. I can't relate enough to find a reason to hate him.

Sam Adams had sex with a consenting adult. Unless someone proves conclusively otherwise, Portland should move on. All I see on the news now are clowns. All I see are hoodlums screeching for blood because they're bored drama kings and queens. Or have agendas beyond Sam Adams. And bigger than Sam Adams, too.

Oh, you say, he lied about it. Of course he did. He wanted to get elected and he knew the reaction people would have, if he said he, a man of 44, had sex with a kid of 18. It is disgusting. But it's not illegal. If you want to fry his soul for that, then make it illegal first.

And lying. What a crime. And you don't lie? Of course you do. Everybody does.

I heard some protester saying "Now, I can never trust him. I want him to resign, to be gone, because we don't need corruption in City Hall." Lying over sex isn't corruption, ok mister. It has no bearing on how he might run your lovely city. Corruption is taking bribes, doing favors for lobbyists, profiteering off war, trying to sell a Senate seat, skimming money off the books, that kind of thing. Corruption isn't lying over whether one slept with someone or not. Sorry. It's just lying, and everybody lies.

Tell me about the last time you lied and why you did it. Sure Sam Adams lies were sincere and interlaced and twisted up and extensive. Sick stuff. But I bet he's learned a lesson. He seems sincerely horrified. I can't even stand to watch the news, because its so damn petty, and I think of the mistakes I've made, that are not big but horribly embarrassing and how would I like laid bare before a million or more people naked to the soul, apologizing on my bloody knees but it's not enough.

Portlanders want his blood. I bet there's at least 1000 of them up there in their garages crafting crosses right now. Maybe a competition will arise or a lottery, to see whose cross will be the one used to crucify Sam Adams on a stormy Portland hilltop.

I won't even watch it. It's turned off for me now. I'd like to sneak into those garages and cut up those crosses to use to heat the homes of some poor seniors. A far better use for good wood.

Shut up, Portland, while you still can. You don't know it, but you're looking and sounding like a bunch of howling goons.

Who will be good enough for you. A saint maybe? I've never in my life met a saint.

Here's a suggestion for you, Portland. Go get yourself a blow up life size doll at the porn shop. Look for one with a flat smile and a lifeless stare. Dress it up any way you want and elect it your mayor. No messy flesh and blood. I think it's your perfect solution.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

FCCO Clinic Sunday; Neuterscooter Clinics Upcoming

I got lots of exciting clinics coming up. I have four reservations for the FCCO clinic and now am after a torti5, the last unfixed cat in a downtown Albany colony I helped with last summer. Someone else got many of them fixed. Then they asked me to help and I got all I thought were not fixed in, with the help of the Adams Family, as I call them, a somewhat different couple, living in a creaky ill maintained old historic house. They are the source of this colony because they had cats they never got fixed.

So, the same person who asked me to help last summer, asked me to help catch that one remaining old torti, before she spits out another litter. So I hope to catch her for the clinic.

Then, there's a colony farther north. I got a female fixed for a couple last fall. She was living in their spare bedroom, which was at least chest high in junk, old clothes and trash. So, there was no hope of netting the four wild kittens in that room. But, now they are teens and the woman says they and the mom all disappeared two weeks ago. She then went to a neighbor's place, who feeds strays, to see if they had showed up there. Then she had the neighbor call me. They feed 8 or more cats, most not fixed, including the now fixed mom and the four late teenagers of the neighbor.

So, I'll catch as many there as I can Saturday, too.

I have five reservations for the Corvallis Feb 8 Neuterscooter. Feather will be fixed on one of those reservations and I hope to use the other four to get ferals fixed, maybe some that didn't get into the FCCO clinic. I hope to coordinate with Nick on that, and get any cats that caretakers failed to catch, caught and fixed at the Neuterscooter, along with any who Nick could not take because the clinic is full.

See I like seeing the Neuterscooter family although it usually ends up badly. It sometimes ends up badly, with us parting ways mad, because they're intense and usually I'm totally wasted in exhaustion by the time they even get here. But, they're my kind of people. We always apologize in the end, have some fun, share some laughs or some hard work, and I just never can wait until they get back here. They're doers, you see. They don't sit around complaining that nobody is doing anything about feline overpopulation. They figured out a plan and implemented. Sure, sometimes there's yelling, when everyone is exhausted, but you know exactly where you stand and they get things done and they are nice to me and respect me. My kind of people. Love them.

So they've scheduled two Albany clinics and one Corvallis clinic and I just want to find a way to fill those clinics. I'm putting up fliers and I hope they fill.

The tanking economy is scary. Seems almost like a long line of dominos are falling over one by one. OHSU is laying off 500 to 1000 jobs in Portland. That news came on the heals of Intels' news, that they plan to lay off 1000 high wage jobs in Hillsboro.

Boy, I just don't know where people will be able to find work. When their unemployment runs out, what do they do then? There just aren't jobs out there that pay enough for people to pay their bills. Most of those jobs came with health insurance that ends with the job, too, which means thousands more Oregonians have no health insurance. Our unemployment rates are almost double digit. Those rates only count those collecting unemployment, not those whose benefits have run out.

What is happening to these folks after they lose their job? I know of people who have moved out of state, after work in other states, or hoping to find work in other states, but they realize it's a gamble, to take off without a job secured elsewhere. I think they don't think things will get better here, while they might elsewhere, so although it's a gamble, it's less risk than staying put here.

I saw a comedy economist talk about the economy. He compared our economy to a hamster running in a wheel who is tired out. He compared stimulus packages, like the money poked into the banking and auto industries, to giving that hamster an injection of meth, so despite being worn out, he can run even faster in that wheel.

Problem is, he's going to collapse eventually, and sooner if injected with meth. Maybe the hamster needs to slow down permanently and even take a rest.

My brother echoed these sentiments. He thinks our economy needs to reflect reality and so we need to go through this hard time, to re=adjust it to reality. He thinks we need to start behaving responsibly with money, by not spending beyond our means and by living with less. This includes breeding fewer kids, because there are not enough jobs and goods and services to support so many people. If we buy only what we can afford, then many businesses will fail because we don't need most of the stuff out there that is for sale. That means there will be fewer jobs to go around, too. We need to behave like there will be fewer jobs and lower wages for the jobs left and re-evaluate our priorities and behavior.

He thinks we need to leave the economy alone, even though the times will be extremely difficult for years as a result. He believes billions stuffed artificially into the economy are just like injecting meth into that tired out hamster running the wheel, to make him run faster, only he will collapse and die much sooner.

We talked about Obama and his plans for the country. We both think mandatory national service, whether in the military or an America Corps, for two years, would be very good for our nation and the young people, teaching them discipline and service. This is badly needed in our very obese inactive nation and would give young people a chance to learn what they may not be learning from their parents--discipline, self-control and service to others and our country.

The Project

Brown tabby teen, still don't know its sex, fixed today, from Waverly Waifs colony.

Below are photos of the Privacy Room Project:

I listed some projects awhile back that I felt would increase livability here, for me, living with all these cats.

One of them, was to cover the particle board floor with vinyl squares. Diane of Corvallis got me started on this by donating a whole bunch of boxes she had left over. That did a lot of the floor.

Over weeks, I bought more, when I found that exact pattern on sale. The floor is now totally covered in vinyl squares. No more paint on the mop after cleaning the floor. I had painted over the particle board with floor and deck paint, but it never really sealed and the floor in many spots was turning to sawdust. The paint would come off on the mop when I mopped too, and had been impossible to keep clean.

Now cleaning is a breeze. The downside, the only one, has been ---it's slippery and I have to keep that in mind!

Another project I wanted to accomplish was to somehow create a tiny space away from the cats for the computer. They've destroyed this computer, using it to sleep on, jump onto, and play with. They knocked over the PC speakers, eventually destroying them completely, chewed up cables. It's been tough!

I began accumulating the boards I thought I'd need. Some of these came by disassembling other shelves I'd made and even a very large home made cat tree. I painted all of the boards with leftover paint, but how to make the little privacy room. Then my nephew visited. He told me to frame it. Him being an accomplished carpenter because he grew up with my brother, a contractor, as his father, he quickly sketched a plan. I expanded on that and discovered how much easier things are to make if you plan them out first.

I built the frame in the garage. I had no room to do it in the bedroom. This created hardship on my bad neck, shoulder, back, knee, when trying to get the frames inside today, but I hope to recover quickly. It is almost complete. I need to find some wood for the top and build a door. Tis a beautiful thing and most of the wood is recycled from other projects.

Today, I had reservations for four cats and had four cats lined up. One is a feral teen from the Albany complex, trapped by the man intent on keeping the population under control there. Then I had three cats from Lebanon lined up. But the vet's office called me late yesterday to ask that I only bring in the feral because they had some last minute emergencies book for today.

So I cancelled the three Lebanon cats and took up only the feral this a.m. to be fixed. Thankfully, the man who trapped that teen will pick the cat up this evening.

I also took up six cats needing updated on rabies vaccines. I took up Comet, Cattyhop, Poppy, Kimo, Button and Buffy. I couldn't find Tweetie in the dash to get them contained. I had also wanted to take Spirit and Stinod, but got going on trying to get them all into carriers, too late. I settled for the six.

After I got back home with the six, I updated all of them on whatever else they needed, from distemper vaccines, to worming. I have to keep up or I get way too far behind. I like doing no more than six or 8 twice a month.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Check out This Bizarre Craigslist Post

This was posted on Corvallis/Albany Craigslist Pets:

Wednesday Pet Share (Corvallis)
Date: 2009-01-21, 8:55AM PST

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that my cat Zues is super awesome, sweet, and nifty. He gathers all the other cats in the neighborhood and teaches them the ways of Christ. Yes that's right I do believe my cat is the reincarnate of Jesus. Perhaps he's just the reincarnate of of Jesus Christ's cat. I'm pretty sure he must have had one to remain that calm. Here is a picture just so you all can see how reminiscent of Jesus Christ he really is, in this specific picture he is teaching the dog the path to peace and tranquility that comes with acceptance of Jesus into your life.

Tough Old Gal's Hood

I returned the male this morning, to Tough Old Gal's driveway. She wasn't home. I stopped by another trailer where Nick had left a trap for the Second Stray Feeder to feed inside, until the day before the clinic. The trap was closed, cage cover pulled into it, paper lining trap shredded. What does this mean? There was a cat in there.

Why? She wasn't supposed to be setting it until Saturday night. And, she is the person who trapped kittens before and had them killed. I left Nick a message about this, and said the trap needs retrieved. I'll go get it myself, if he gives the word. I don't want to step on toes, but if she is trapping cats in an FCCO trap and having them destroyed, that is a violation, of FCCO policy and of Nick's trust. I don't know that she is doing that. She wasn't home, so I couldn't ask her why she set that trap.

I finally called the office of the nonprofit who owns that place. The nonprofit was actually set up by the current mayor of Albany, to increase affordable decent low income housing in Albany. I know the secretary there also, since a cat showed up there, young and pregnant, abandoned by tenants next to the office. I got her fixed and later SafeHaven took her in to adopt out. Then, the secretary was also having trouble with three big males at her place, abandoned by tenants at a crap house complex near where she lives. I trapped all three and got them fixed.

It is tiring to responsible people all over town, to have so many Albany residents treat animals so badly.

She is going to call the manager of the place and enlist the help of tenants to list all cats they see or feed in the complex, and also to let them know if any they know of are already fixed. Their pet policy is that tenants can only have a pet with a doctor's prescription stating the pet is needed for the tenants mental or physical well being. All pets must be kept inside and fixed.

She says there has been a cat problem there forever, mainly caused by the complex next door, where tenants often abandon pets when they move. She said any unidentified free roaming cat on their property is fair game to be trapped and fixed. I had wanted clarification. Now I have it.

UpDATE: It was actually Tough Old Gal who set Second Stray Feeder's trap. When she called back, returning my message, it took a long time to get this information out of her. First she wanted to tell me how outraged she was that the trap at Second Stray Feeder's place had caught Boots, the already fixed female and she'd been in there awhile.

When I found out it was actually Tough Old Gal who set the trap at Second Stray Feeder's in the first place, I told her, "Then it was your responsibility to watch the trap."

I told her the trap at Second Stray Feeders' was supposed to be tied open and the strays fed in it, then set on Saturday. So Tough Old Gal goes on and on about how she caught the gray one and she never would have caught the gray one if she'd done it that way, by tying it open first and that was a stupid way to do things.

There is no way to communicate with this head strong know-it-all. I could have told her, "Hey, the gray cat was caught because I set that trap and set it right." But I didn't. She said she questioned Second Stray Feeder about "What are you going to do with a cat if you catch it," and she didn't know, gloated Tough Old Gal.

I said, "The clinic is not until Sunday. Why then did you set the trap? Are you going to hold any cat caught until the clinic?"

"Why no, duh!", Tough Old Gal was again treating me like a retard. "I'm going to call Nick and have him come get the cat."

I finally could not take it anymore. It's like swimming in mud to talk to her. Nothing you say registers in her brain. I gave up. I salute Nick. He's tried for over a year to deal with this situation until its driven him nearly nuts.

In such situations, my usual course of action, is to take away all traps from such folks, and tell them I'm having an operation (to give them about the only explanation they might accept for not immediately serving their needs). I then sneak back in the night and take care of trapping all the cats myself. I love dealing with only the cats in the night, under the stars or in a storm, doesn't matter. It's so much easier.

Neuterscooter to Hold Clinics in Corvallis/Albany

The Neuterscooter will hold clinics February 8 in Corvallis, and February 10 and 11 in Albany. I hope the clinics will fill. If you are an Oregon reader, please help, by publicizing these clinics, make fliers, send out e-mails, sponsor a neighbor cat spay!

The Neuterscooter makes appointments online, at their website. Click post title to go to their website. Cost for fixing a house cat is $40, including free shots, if prepaid online and $50 if paid day of clinic. The Neuterscooter will do feral cats too, for $20, but, to stop people from taking advantage of them, by calling a tame cat a feral, the NS staff decides if the cat is really feral or not.

So, get out the word, sponsor a cat, let's round em up!

Four Cats Fixed Today

Three girls and one male were fixed today. Three of the four came from the Tough Old Gal's location, strays she feeds. The other one fixed---the starving calico from Calico Triangles.

I already returned to Tough Old Gal, the female kitten and Squeeky, the adult female she fed. She didn't want to hold the male overnight too, said she could only handle looking after two inside her place overnight. She chose the two girls.

In the morning, she's going back at it, she says, trying to trap the remaining males. I guess one of the males coming around, now has a blown up abscessed cheek from fighting and needs medical attention.

I picked up my containment cages at the barn home Suzy and Hulks went to. Their new caretaker said she sees Suzy now, and that she doesn't run from her. Suzy came from the rest area. I trapped her around Christmas when trying to find Sophie, the lost Siamese. She hasn't seen Hulks yet, after releasing them from the containment cages, but this is not unusual.

Today, in my mail, I found two pieces addressed to someone else on the street. This happens frequently. I don't know why. I delivered the wrongly delivered mail to the address to which they were actually addressed.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama Sworn In While I Feed the Rest Area Stray

I meant to get in gear sooner this morning. I've been worn out and fighting off a cold. I've taken to sleeping through my alarm, too, with ease, and it's loud!

This morning, I'd just awakened, when I heard the rumble of the garbage truck. I panicked. I forgot it was garbage morning! I grabbed for a coat to wrap around my misfitting pajamas. No time to search for shoes.

I raced out barefoot and in pajamas, onto the frozen pavement, waving at the garbage man and pushing the cart at a run down the street after him. I sure hope nobody was out that early with a video cam.

The garbage truck turned out to be a glass recyling pickup truck. I felt like an idiot and retreated quickly back inside, to warm my frozen feet.

However, I left the garbage can at the curb for pickup. Moments later, the garbage truck came by. I put out the Recycling Cart as I pulled the empty garbage can back to the garage. I didn't look around, to see if any neighbors had witnessed my frantic pajama clad barefoot footrace after the glass recycler.

It would have been funny to see somebody else do it.

I finally got going and got the four cats in traps into my car and headed to the vet to be fixed. I knew I wouldn't make it back in time to watch Obama sworn into office on TV. I had the radio on and listened to the proceedings.

I stopped back at the rest area, on the way back, to feed the tabby on white. I hadn't been to the rest area since last week, since I really only drive when I am transporting cats. The food dishes, in various places, were empty.

I listened to Rick Warren's prayer in the car and Aretha Franklin sing, sitting in my car in the rest area parking lot, before getting out to fill the dish with cat food for the stray, under the shed.

I was stopped under the I5 bridges climbing up the big rocks to leave food along the trail the cat has used, beneath the north and south bound I5 brides, when the new composition, created just for this event, was playing in my car, with the windows wide open, so I could hear, even up under the bridge.

I was cruising back from the north bound side of the rest area, under the overpass bridges again, with the river in front of me, still brown from running wild over its banks a couple weeks ago and searching with my eyes and binoculars, the flood devastated mud caked brush and tree area, for the stray there, when Barack Obama became the President of the United States.

When he said the last words in the oath of office, I grabbed my homemade cat catching net and shook it overhead and yelled "Yahoooooooo!"

Obama and Social Security

There have been letters showing up in editorial columns about Obama and fears that he will drastically alter or cut Social Security. There was one in today's Gazette Times that was interesting to read. Obama has been making hints lately, rather loudly, about changing "entitlements". When somebody wants to eliminate or decimate something, one of the first steps is to give it a derogatory association. The term "Entitlements" will do the trick when referring to Social Security and medicare. People in this country hate that word.

Social Security money collected out of paychecks was supposedly to go into the infamous "lock box", untouched except for use by Social Security and Medicare. That is hardly what has gone on. The feds steal that protected money every year to use elsewhere. This why Social Security is in deep shit.

Already many existing on Social Security live on the brink of desperation. Obama's suggestions about "entitlements" like they are evil, has a lot of poor old people very nervous. Would he yank the rug from under the feet of the poorest oldest and sickest Americans?

Many people, my extremely conservative brother included, believe the only reason extreme recessions have not ended up in a major depression is because of Social Security, Medicare, HUD and unemployment. Even my ultra conservative brother thinks these are great programs without which our country would slip into third world status.

Our government does need to tighten its belt and use money only on programs that work. It needs to weed out waste and stop corruption. I remember the millions lost in government department personal credit cards. The public became aware of this type of government waste when a news story came out on personal uses of Pentagon credit cards for employee use. Charges to the cards, and to taxpayers included trips to Vegas, laptops bought for personal use, massages, etc. When the extreme corruption was exposed, the whistle blower was fired, the thieves promoted and the credit limit on the cards increased.

It will be interesting to see what changes Obama wants in Social Security. He's taken the first step, by constant referral to Social Security as "entitlement".

Monday, January 19, 2009

Can't Powerful Dems in Oregon Keep Their Pants Zipped?

There's the infamous Neil Goldschmidt, who molested a child, while he was mayor of Portland. Many powerful Democrats helped cover up his actions and even joked about ruining a young life.

Now, Portland's new mayor, Sam Adams, openly gay, admits to sexual relations with a young man he was mentoring in 2007. At least he wasn't underage. Adams lied about the sex he had with the young man and told the kid to lie about it. Now that's just plain wrong all around.

It wasn't illegal, because the kid was 18, but for gosh sakes, the age difference and the fact Adams was supposedly there to mentor the kid, not screw him, that's just sicko. Well, I guess from the news Adams was running around with the kid before he turned 18, at age 17 when Adams was what, forty something? That's really sick. I wonder what will come of this.

If they didn't have sex until the kid was 18, then he didn't do anything illegal, but the sleaze factor in that image, of a middle aged man hanging with a 17 year old for sex, hard to purge from my vomitometer.

What have I always called men, including my own father, who go after young girls, half or even a third their age---pervs! Or, Dirty Old Men. I prefer the former term, it's livlier and a better fitting description.

I'm sure he'll talk his way out of lying about it. I mean, if I did something like that, I'd be lying up a storm. That's an embarrassing tale of one's private life character and choices.

People like Adams, and Clinton, too, used the powerful differential, to which most young people, especially those with low self-esteem, can't so no to.

When Goldschmidt admitted to the Oregonian that he had molested his babysitter and the Oregonian ran as Headline "Goldschmidt Admits Affair with Babysitter" or something like that, I lost all respect for the Oregonian.

It was rumored also that at one high endr power Halloween party, a pair of rich ass powerful Portland attorneys came to the party dressed as "Neil and the Babysitter". That was long before his crimes became public.

Sleezies is what I call all of them. Sleeezy sleazeballs!

So....What is up with Democrats in this state and the inability of powerful Democrats to keep their pants zipped and their thingys' out of kids and what is up with the spineless asses who don't have the balls to turn them in?

What in the world is up with that?

Here's another thought I've pondered of late. It's not really related, but for some reason, Sam Adams exploits bring it up for me. So, if you're being strip searched, like before you get put in jail, if you're a woman, they usually get a woman jailor or cop to do the dirty deed. But probably a lot of those women cops and jailors are lesbians. I've heard that anyway. Haven't you seen a movie, that includes a big bulky middle aged woman lesbian prison guard, wanting to strip search women prisoners? I saw one, years ago.

Maybe that's just movie stuff.

So I would probably, in that position, request a gay male cop strip search me. Or, a hetereo sexual female cop. Be the same thing pretty much.

What about you hetero guys out there? You probably wouldn't want strip searched by a hetero female or a homo male, right? Or would it matter?

I guess it really wouldn't matter at all to me. A strip search is a strip search. You know?

I Caught the Starving Calico!!!! Woohooo!

(This isn't her. Bet you'd thought I was pulling your leg. Her photo is the last photo) Beat up gray male, who is not fixed, but looks like he has a right eartip because his right ear is partially bitten or torn off. It sure looked like an eartip, but I took him out and "felt" him up and he is well-endowed. He's really a mess, too, with several bite wounds, possible fever from absesses, fleas, earmites. He's tame, but if someone owned this cat, they should be arrested for neglect, that's for sure. The two feeders in the trailer park say he's a stray and there's no reason not to believe that, given his deplorable condition.
And this is the female, Squeeky, whom Tough Old Gal has been after for a year to get fixed.
This is one of Squeeky's kitten, from her last ever litter!
This is the last calico I caught there, in Calico Triangles, as I call them and that was about a year ago. That first one, I got fixed, and relocated her to a barn home.
This is the Starving Calico I trapped this morning. She's very pretty.

I caught her. I knew she was using the culverts as a super highway and had been putting food in one way back in the field. Last night, I set a trap near the culvert's entrance. Nothing over night, even though I checked several times in the frozen night. Bait even froze.

This morning, I refreshed the bait, and just now, checked the trap again, and woohoo, I had her.

Long very painful walk carrying her in that trap, across a field, across 99E and up to the store, which was the closest place to park. Like I have said before, trapping there is not easy on old joints and bones, due to the rather dangerous location. Nonetheless, she's caught and now I can rest easy, catch up on sleep, and rest my joints and torn muscles.

Despite my aching joints and muscles, I am doing the Woohoo Caught the Calico dance. For sure!