Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Woozy with Exhaustion

I need some sleep. Staying out all night trying to find and trap maybe one more survivor of the five kittens dumped out there plus feeding bottle babes, plus getting harrassed by phone by the Eviction Duplex people, well it's been tough on me.

One kitten went to a home today. Two more are leaving Friday. And for sure tomorrow I will return feral mom. I still do not have a barn home for the five abandoned Millersburg cats, now that the trailer they used to live in, then under, has been demolished. They were so starved this morning when I went over, just to try to trap one of the three left unfixed. It's so sad.

I helped trap four cats in a 40 cat colony in rural Linn, and they will be fixed tomorrow along with the Millersburg cat and two owned cats from Lebanon.

The bottle babes are at least getting bigger. In another week, maybe they'll start eating gruel. They are even beginning to use a litterbox.

My phone is off. I don't want more abuse from those duplex people. I want to run away, far away, run fast, with the wind blowing through me, all the way through me, cool and refreshing and clean. I want all the dirt and sorrow off me. I want to jump in some clean running river, alone, with the night and stars around me, my eternal friends.

Enlightenment. Eye Witness to Roadkill Kitten Dumping

I was pulling my trap this morning, after being up all night, checking it every two hours, and a van pulls along beside me walking along that road. He asks if he can help me. I say "yes you can". I go on to describe the kittens I saw in the middle of that road and how I'm trying to trap the only other one I've seen, besides the one now in my bathroom.

This guy saw the kittens dumped. Three weeks ago. An old beat up white van, two people inside, a man and a woman, 20's he thought, man with long hair, rough looking. Dumped out five kittens. California plates. He got the number and he called the police but apparently these folks are no longer living in California. Low lifes! He said there were three still surviving as recently as four days ago. Then it was down to the black kitten and the black and white and now he's not sure the black kitten is even alive.

He said the kittens were terrified and thinks the mother fuckers who did this should be killed. He looked like a guy who could do the job. He's a veteran, of the Marines. It is low life mud suckers who dump out five little kittens to die so slowly and horribly. he's been trying to feed them ever since, but he says they never did well and three have disappeared, dehydration, starvation, predators, he doesn't know.

Takes a real life asshole without warm blood to do such a thing.

So there may be one left, but he doesn't think the black one is still alive. He's out looking for these assholes, day in and day out, he watches for that van.

Know anyone, people reading, who had five kittens, one black, one white and black, two tabbies and I forget what he said the other one was, and they suddenly were gone? Know anybody like that? They're going to be bottom feeder types, scumsuckers, you know, those sorts of people, lacking any semblance of humanity. Maybe they have an old white van?

In another revelation of horror, I went over, killing time, to try to trap the remaining Millersburg trashed trailer cats, to find the trailer in a pile of rubble. It's been demolished. The women feeding those cats never told me. The remaining cats came running out of the rubble absolutely starved to death. The black tame male is extremely upset and worried. It shows on his face and in his behavior. I trapped one male I had not yet caught for neuter. There are also two teens, siblings of Oci, the damaged eye teen still in my bathroom, who are not yet fixed, and who need placement. I did not see the light brown tabby female I already got fixed.

So, these five cats need a place to call home too. It's just sick what goes on everyday in this county.

What, does this county put out advertisements that say: Do you let your cats breed with abandon? Do you enjoy abandoning your pets and moving frequently? Then Linn County is the place for you! You'll fit in here!

Ups and Downs in the World of Personal Servitude

The Eviction Duplex woman left me a message today. It stated, in part, that "those kittens should never have been taken from me". She is implying I stole them, I believe. In truth, she handed them over eagerly, after her mother called me and asked me to stop by and take the kittens, since they were being evicted. Whoooaaaa.

This woman is not quite normal. She said their male cat, who weighs about 16 pounds, weighs 41 pounds. She told me the neighbor who complained to her, had a 100 pound cat and that someone stole the cats kittens, so the neighbor gave the cat and some other cat to a Jefferson person. She said the theif was a little black girl, who then went door to door, selling the kittens for $5 each.

She also told me someone tried to break into their place to steal her cats kittens while they were there. I said "Did he come all the way in, wake you up?" "No," she said. She said she heard the screen door rattle a bit, then saw part of hand and yelled and whomever it was ran. I said "But then how did you know he was coming to steal the kittens?"

"Well, what else is he going to steal?" she said, incredulous I'd be so stupid as to not know.

These are stories she tells, like they're truth, but she really knows they are not true. She tells them with a straight face.

I was asked to stop by that situation in the first place by the City of Albany when they received complaints from neighbors that the people living there were collectors and that the place reeked. Well, that was right on. The place reeked, all right. Garbage, overflowing litterbox, dishes never done, that sort of bad housekeeping stuff going on--not exactly your dream tenants.

They had an eartipped male cat inside, then put him outside, and they wanted me to take him on. The story shifted like an autumn breeze. I finally did take the cat in, however, although I didn't want to. I was glad I did. Robinhood was here for a month then adopted out.

The three people living in the rental, a man and a couple, had three other adult cats, one adopted from SafeHaven, and two unfixed cats, a female and a male. The female had a litter of four kittens, one of whom died. They kept her locked in a small carrier with the kittens. Everyone was crawling in fleas. It was sad, I tell you. The carrier had no niceties to the small space, not even a soft blanket. In fact, it was lined with nothing at all.

I treated all three adult cats for fleas and worms at my own expense, got the male fixed first, then finally the female, when they called to tell me she quit nursing the kittens, then only three weeks old. They fed them something, she called it formula, but they're still way underweight for their age as a result.

The woman's mother called me a couple weeks ago. She told me they were being evicted which did not surprise me at all. She asked me to stop by, and get the kittens at least. I was not happy about this. I had too many here already.

But I stopped by. I had no extra carrier along, but they loaded the kittens up in their pet rat's cage. They said they were turning him loose outside. Poor pampered rat, probably didn't last an hour. They told me they'd been about to call me, to ask me to take the kittens and were glad I'd stopped in, to take them.

Then they called me again about a week ago. The couple found another place to live, unbelievably, and since that place doesn't allow pets, in order for them to take their two adults along, they needed papers from the vet proving they'd been fixed. They were getting some sort of doctor waiver, that claims they have to have the two cats for their mental health, one for each of them. Ain't it nice to get around all the rules?

So, again, like a good personal servant, I got the papers for them at the vets'. I had to stop by twice to find them home to get them the papers. I'm such a dedicated slave.

Now I get this message on my phone from the drama queen, that they want the kittens back, that the paperwork is done, and "those kittens never should have been taken from me." Whhoooooaaaa.

I e-mailed the city woman who originally asked me to step in, requesting advice. This is not a normal woman at all. She has had no trouble using me to the hilt, asking for this and that and everything. I know, being a career personal servant, I have no right to complain. Servants serve and ask nothing in return. I know. I know.

She also manipulates facts as a way of life. That's a nice way of calling someone a big fat liar.

They'll also be evicted if they have the kittens. Those doctor waivers are good for one animal each. That's it. And beyond the fact they turned over those kittens to me and the fact their waivers don't allow for more than one animal each, they can't take care of themselves, let alone an animal and should not have any. They're using the system and abusing me. And to do so, they've decided to lie. Because that's how this woman does things.

I've been injusticeded. That's right--"injusticeded". I meant to add the extra "ed" to that word.

I'm holding firm this time I swear. She handed them over to me, willingly and eagerly.

The kittens themselves were happy as hell to get out of that reeking flea infested rental, to be treated for worms, vaccinated and fed decent food suitable for kittens. Wouldn't you be happy about leaving that sort of life behind?

I brought them here in a cage they had for their pet rat, which they dumped out, then I returned their cage. They want to take kittens to a new rental and they don't have permission to do that.

But how to avoid the fallout from a drama queen with a penchant for dramatic lying. That's why I contacted the city, to ask for advice, since they got me into this in the first place. Some of these people out there, they don't act in ways I can reasonably figure out. I got born believing one shouldn't lie, cheat and steal. These values have not gotten me much of anywhere in this world! Hahahaha.

Except, I forgot, I'm going to Heaven. Got me a place reserved. But I'm headed way way up, beyond the human heaven, into the cat realm. I'll probably be assigned litterbox scooping there, too. That's probably why I got invited.

All one would have to do, would be to contact their new landlord, so they could be told, like that would accomplish a thing, that those doctor pet waivers, are not a ticket to become a collector. They allow a person one pet and one pet only. But I'm not interested in doing this. I've already done way too much for them, as personal attendant.

I'm hoping the City woman will take care of it because I think I might quit this particular personal servant assignment. Might be time to run and run fast.

Update: I answered the phone without letting it to go to answering machine first. I was up all night and totally beat from trying to catch that roadkill kitten, without success, so have been sleeping today. It was evicition duplex woman, claiming I had no right to "take" the kittens and now she wants them back because she has the paperwork to keep them and they're medicine. I reminded her she asked me to take them, and that the paperwork was for the two adults and I know this because they wanted me to get proof they'd been fixed and I faithfully did that for them.

She starts crying and screaming at the very same time and I finally asked her not to play these games please, because I'm worn out and since I've helped them out so much, that really, it isn't right, now, to be harrassing me with lies. I told her she knows the truth. More sobs and screams. I didn't dare ask why they aren't taking the adults on the paperwork, what they did with them, because I'm kind of at my limit on how much animal neglect and abuse I can tolerate hearing about. I hung up on her. What'd they do with the adult male and the female? Because, if they're not taking them to their new place, what happened to them? I don't want to know, can't know, am just tired of all the dramatics, lies and animal neglect going on in these parts unfettered.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Violent Bottle Babes Fight over Syringe Full of KMR

One Roadkill Kitten Caught

I caught one of the roadkill kittens tonight. His sibling, a little black one, was right next to the trap. I wanted to immediately re-set another trap to catch that little black kitten, and be gone, but a cop pulled in behind me, wanted to know what I was doing, see my license, all that. He said "Are you the one that owns that company, that fixes cats?" 'Hmmmm,' I thought to myself, 'own a company', my god that sounds important.' I should have said, "That's me, sir. I am the CEO. We've been mulling over going public, selling stock, with the vacancies on Wall Street, and we may. May I give you my card in case you're looking for investment opportunities?"

I felt like saying that, like a bigwig might. I felt like plucking the straw from the holes in my T-shirt while I said it, too. The ditch I'd just been in, is full of straw, from the field being cut. The field is bare dirt now.

Just up the road, where I sat last night, are the two sawed off legs of a probably illegally killed deer, dumped along the road. The intestines were dumped there too, in a pile. Maybe someone shot it in the dirt field, gutted it right there. It's no road kill, unless someone cut up a roadkill deer, to take home. It happens these days. A roadkill deer, if fresh, should not be wasted! I met some people in Cascadia once infamous for their roadkill stew. I don't know about that, because bacteria starts growing real quick and a lot of animals carry diseases and parasites like you wouldn't believe. Could make a vegetarian out of the intelligent.

When I read about toxoplasmosis, how it is transmitted, kind of freaky. People think you only get it from cats. Well cats do carry it, but so does every other animal. Cats get the bad rap because the parasite reproduces in cats. But it's mostly transmitted by handling uncooked or undercooked meat, birds, or being around livestock or drinking unpasteurized milk. A good percentage of folks in the US already have toxoplasmosis, but it is sobering to think about all the parasites and diseases you open yourself to just by eating and handling meat products.

Anyhow, the officer was matter of fact and just the facts. I tried to joke with him, but only briefly. Never works. I showed him the kitten I'd just trapped and he didn't react so I assume he might be one of those who isn't fond of cats. But his comment about "Don't you run a company...." made me feel important, like a poorly dressed super wall street executive out on a high faluting lark.

When I got home I looked at myself in the mirror, tried to straighten out my disheveled graying hair, picked something out from between my two front teeth and gave my mirror image the best executive look I could muster.

Then I broke up laughing.

I crack myself up sometimes.

Tonight, when going back to the pull the trap at a very late 2:15 a.m., I spotted a left eartipped Neuterscooter fixed cat near a motel. I know who trapped that one. Lorraine, I'm talking about you.

I saw a Neuterscooter fixed feral dead, too, one of the Tattoo Prairie colony brown tabby males, in the middle of the road, one eye hanging out, car had hit him hard. He was fixed last March.

I also nearly ran into two big dogs, running loose in the middle of Waverly near 34th street, middle of the night. A big German Shepherd, no collar and a black dog, probably a lab but they ran off before I got a good look at the black one.

I also saw a possum in the middle of the road, eating on a roadkill raccoon.

There is a lot of night activity in the rural road areas and the ditches, field edges. I used to drive Lake Creek Road and other chugger roads south of Highway 34, between 99E and Peoria Road late at night, out of curiosity, to watch the life and death struggles. I'd see foxes catching rodents trying to scramble across the road. I watched owls swoop down in the fields after rodents and rabbits. I saw coyotes and their young out hunting. I watched a bobcat trotting along a fenceline unaware of my presence, which is highly unusual. Didn't last long. At one warehouse where I hung out nights for months at a time, catching over 200 cats, I would open doors in dark recesses of crumbling warehouse sheds and bats would fly out all around me, barely missing my face. I would stand still and close my eyes, feel the rush of their wind on the sides of my face, know they're too good with what they have to hit me.

I love the nightlife. It's exciting and wild and it's me.

I came home from checking the roadkill kitten trap and felt a sting on my back, two of them, then a welt raised. Then a sting on my leg. Then one on my butt. I ripped off my clothes but could find nothing. Might have been a spider. I threw my clothes in the wash and took a shower in case it was a tick trying to dig in somewhere.

I didn't catch the little black, as I call him or her and I pulled the trap due to the high probability of skunk catch in that area. And because I am exhausted and need to sleep. I left Little Black food and water again.

The three bottle babes are thriving. I call the little black male Sunshine, for some reason. The girl is the biggest and the most outgoing and funny of the three. They have worn me into a blubbering sleep deprived messed up hair dather.

I start a class tomorrow. Intro to Screen Writing. I wanted to take a class, but could afford only one. I couldn't find much interesting in the cheap price range, except this one seemed intriguing, not that I'm going to write a screenplay. But I might.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bottle Babed!

I am Bottle Babed! They've got me going this way and that. Worn out. But they are so darn cute!

Atom and Luke, from the Trailer Park Kitten Yard colony, plus two females from the Division street crowd, from whence came the bottle babes, are doing fine, the caretakers report, in their new barn home. They went there a bit over two weeks ago. Today, I will pick up that containment cage. It was nice to hear they're doing ok.

I had four cages out, for containment. I make them and loan them out during barn home relocations, to contain the cats in their new location for a couple of weeks, comfortably, while they get acquainted with their new situation. Some are quite roomy and fancy. Some are smaller.

Beside the one down south in a rural area, two more are with the three Marian trailer teens and two more boys from the Division street complex, at another barn location. They were contained ten days and were just released yesterday. One of the three teens got out early, the caretaker said, when he was cleaning the litterbox, but the cat stuck around and he fed him just outside the cage containing his two sisters. This probably actually helped, when he finally released the other two, because their brother had already checked everything out.

All five of those also have now been released and in a few days I will retrieve those two cages.

The fourth cage is with an older Albany couple. I trapped their four teens and mom cat for fixing way back in early August. Afterwards, they wanted to try to socialize and adopt out the four teens and so I loaned them my best cage, a fiberglass one Dr. Anderson gave me, when he retired. Someone gave it to him, but he never fixed it up for use as a boarding kennel in his office. Instead it gathered dust and rust out beside the barn. When they sold the clinic, upon his retirement, he offered it to me when they were cleaning out everything after the sale. It was in pieces and required a lot of cleaning and repair, but I fixed it up and built a stand.

I contacted the old couple three weeks ago about returning it and they said they'd like to keep it a little longer. Now, e-mails requesting its return have gone unanswered so far. There is no reason in the world for them to still have that cage two months later. They're a nice old couple and I do not in any way think they don't intend to return it.

The containment cages are extremely valuable in helping relocate barn cats, or to house sick ferals, or just to make ferals comfortable while they await barn homes. I have two of my own cats now, needing eye treatment for their chronic herpes, and I need some of those cages back to help me do this. I want the fiberglass one, because it's more comfy for my own cats and easier to use to medicate. So that is why I am trying to get that one back.

I am Bottle Babe weary. It isn't easy, to do everything I normally do plus feed bottle babes. Gets me cranky and worn out. I get worried too, when I see kittens in the road, starving, like those I saw yesterday and tried, but failed, to catch. I don't have time to be everywhere at once and do it all, save them all. Wish I had some little elf helpers.

I keep in mind the Division street cats who still need caught and into a barn home and out of there for good. Anybody got a barn home for four or five cats?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Long Night

I didn't trap the starving kittens. I suppose I fed them too much before trying to trap them. Or they're scared of traps, if someone originally trapped them then dumped them, which happens a lot in these parts.

I left food after first seeing them, and water, came back a couple hours later and left the trap two hours. No luck. Went back after 7:00, left the trap two more hours, no luck. If there were only two, the food I left originally, when I first saw them, would have been more than enough to fill up the little guys. Kind of goofed, but I wanted them to stay in the area, until I could get a trap. And didn't want them in the middle of the road eating roadkill.

I have not seen the holocaust skinny cat hunting a field to the east of the freeway for awhile. That doesn't bode well for the cat, who was not only dehydrated but starved. I began leaving food about every third day, since I have to do it in the dark. I'd still see the cat, days, in the field. No more. I worried it was a pregnant female, desperate for food before giving birth. If so, likely she died in giving birth, she was so skinny. But I went down tonight and left more food and water. I gave up trying to trap starving kittens because of skunks out everywhere. I didn't want to trap a skunk.

The kitten I took to be tested came home with a bandage around the leg where the blood was drawn. I thought nothing of it, but when I came home from trapping and went into the bathroom, where he is, his foot was swollen about six times bigger than the other foot, and red. The bandage was too tight. I struggled to get it off his leg. Finally I was able to cut it off and began massaging his little leg and foot. I hope he'll be ok. UPDATE: the kitten's foot is back to normal size this morning. He's fine. The vet said he probably got the bandage wet and that can cause it to shrink tighter. Anyhow, he's fine.

Have you noticed, all of a sudden, out of the blue, I have trouble now and then, posting photos and text with blogger. A bit of the text will fall to the side of the photo, or something, maybe even just one letter on one side or the other. Don't know why, all of a sudden.

Starving Kittens in the Road and Frustrations

I am frustrated. First off, a Lebanon woman gives out my home phone to someone wanting cats trapped. Hey lady, I am overwhelmed and you know better than to be giving out my number like candy to children.

Secondly I just spent $70 of my own money to get other people's kittens tested. You know---other people, people who don't fix their pets then want others to take all the responsibility on, including the costs, while they sit around drinking, smoking, indulging expensive habits and hobbies while not sacrificing a thing. Its called emotional blackmail, if you want the technical term. Another term: personal irresponsibility.

People latch onto a caring heart like a leech and suck it dry. Then they slug around murky filthy waters reaching out their little slimy feelers trying to locate and latch onto anything warm blooded they can find, to suck it dry too. Warm blooded hearts are scarce out there. The leeches are many.

So I dropped a trap off at the big Scravel colony. The woman wanted to talk about the debates and how she sure doesn't Obama in there. I said "Why?" She said "Because he has no experience." "No experience? You mean like McCain's experience?" I queried. I think McCain does have plenty of experience, helping the last administration mess up the country big time.

She went on to say she doesn't want to feed all these cats and sure hopes many get homes and gave me a glance. I know what that glance meant. She wants me to do more for her and find more of her cats homes. I've already gotten 16 fixed, as if that is not enough done for her and have one of her feral females here, and her four kittens. They have donated zilch. It started with one cat. Sure would have been smart of them to get her fixed, but they didn't. I told her she could run a free ad once a month in the paper and I left, with a cold feeling running down my spine, knowing these people too are using me and vacating on personal responsibility.

Doesn't surprise me at all they support McCain.

On the way home, I saw up ahead of me two maybe three kittens, skinny as a rail, in the middle of the road, trying to eat on a dead possum. Just more Linn County neglect of animals. Tells a lot about a community, how they treat animals. I stopped but they ran into the berry vines edging the road. I put some food in some holes and will try to trap them later.

But what will I do with them? I'm overwhelmed. Nobody around here donates. It sucks.

The Soft Boys and The Fuzz Four---Kittens

The Soft Boys are three long hair soft to the touch boy kittens I netted over in the Elm district colony, while the Fuzz Four are the four newborns of the feral mom I found, after trapping her. They've been here a couple weeks now and are getting big---two gray tux boys and two black tux girls.

Soft Boy Choco.
Two of the three Soft Boys--newly netted Choco and sad eyes Shiver.
Fuzz Four girl. How much trouble am I in?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Bottle Babe Photos

I have pretty much zero funds in the gift card account at the vet clinic, meaning any cat or kitten that needs anything but spay or neuter, I have to pay for out of my own very very shallow pockets.

I have kittens in my bathroom and I wanted to get one tested from each litter, so they could move to the spare bedroom if negative. But, the cost to test just one kitten is $50. FIFTY DOLLARS! I don't have that kind of money floating around. One of the bathroom kittens has diarrhea, ongoing, so I'm going to have to make my best guess as to the cause, because I just don't have any money left for vet visits. I wish I did, but I don't.

I am out of roundwormer, vaccines, flea treatment, tapewormer, it is an ongoing struggle. KMR is unbelievably expensive. Not sure why. There's not much to it. People want me to take on kittens, and I need to say no, unless they cover the costs involved.


I am very happy to have passed the cat trapping torch onto a couple of other woman of note. Namely, Larissa of West Fir, who now has her own nonprofit, Feline Assistance Network, and Tamara, formerly of Albany, now of Coos County.

I met Larissa when she answered an ad someone posted for me at the West Fir Post Office, about barn homes needed. I was trying to relocate Koos WareHouse cats. I'd trapped over 200 cats at that warehouse over the years. The farmer, always in financial doodoo, was having to sell the warehouses. So, I was trying to place more of the cats. She took five of them I think. Then she got involved, first with the FCCO, then she went way beyond that and is the night in shining armor for stray cats, ferals, kittens and the liquor store down that way. She works with Greenhill, too. Just kidding there, Larissa, about the liquor store!

I met Tamara when she lived near where I now live and had a collector living nearby. Things got dicey when the collector at first agreed to get her cats fixed then, when I showed up for the first five, nobody was home. Tamara called the police who told her if she posted trapping notices, she could legally trap any unidentified cat and get it fixed. I loaned her traps and showed her how to use them. She went even further and visited the collector and she gave permission to get any cat Tamara trapped on her porch, where she fed her cats, fixed.

Well, I would then transport them to the vet, since Tamara worked and went to school.

She called me real late one night to say she'd caught the very injured cat "China" and the injury looked so horrible, could I come look. I did and it was awful, skin ripped off half his throat. Next day I took him to the vet for Tamara. I also posted his photo on craigslist, because I needed to get donations to cover his vet care. Then the shit hit the fan.

A police woman called me, asked me all sorts of questions, about posting that on craiglist and the cat. I guess Tamara called her, wanting the collector charged. Instead, the cop believed I had stolen an owned cat, and even called the vet clinic and I believe took the collector up there to retrieve the "stolen" cat. The officer also threatened to arrest me. I had just moved to Albany and could not believe this was happening and why the police were not siding with the neglected abused cat. They also had gotten no facts before threatening me, like the fact Tamara had actually trapped the cat, like the fact Tamara had permission from the police themselves to trap, like the fact she had permission from the collector to take any cat of hers she trapped on her porch to the vet and be fixed.

This was quite devastating for me, and shocking to Tamara, that this happened. After that, I really didn't see Tamara again, until she contacted me from Coos County, where she and her husband had moved to, for his new job. She is trapping big time down there now, has taken in 130 since moving down there, to be fixed through various nonprofits in that area. So, Coos County is lucky she moved there, that's for sure and Lane County is lucky to have an action hero like Larissa.

Hats off to both of you. But I wonder if you curse me for ever talking it up in the first place. Helping cats can be a double edged sword. So do you?

Here is what I wish I could do for both: find a way to fund them, so that, at least, never would they run out of funds, to get cats fixed and gas money so they can take the cats to be fixed. See when you're always digging for money, or time, or sleep, you're not as effective as you could be. So I wish all us cat fixers, these two women included and especially, had everything always that they need, to do the thankless job they have taken on.

Everybody benefits, you see, and we're doing it for nothing.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Wonder if Anyone is Out There

I sent out my Spayaholic News edition yesterday morning, an infrequent online newsletter and got zero responses. I wonder if it even sent correctly. I've tried to get a response from anyone on that list, to see if it sent, and I haven't gotten responses even to that request.

I feel like I exist in a isolated cabin out in the Arctic much of the time. I don't hear from anyone, except people wanting something done about some cats. This can be very difficult to live like this.

I wish I had friends. I wish I had family. I may as well be living on a planet alone. The human contact I would have would be about the same.

The only contacts I have are people I've never actually met, who live in the virtual world. Yes, I would like to have some flesh and blood contact. But how to find it.

Eviction Duplex Kittens. Four Cats Being Fixed Today.

Below are photos of the three eviction duplex kittens: Motly the calico; Ruffy the tough boy, and Ogee the buff and white boy. Also, up being fixed today are two Albany females, one Albany male, and the feral "I don't want to be a mom anymore" from Scravel Hill, whose four four-week old kittens are currently momless in my spare bedroom.

Ruffy, the tough guy gray and white male kitten.
Ruffy again.
Ruffy and his buff boy brother Ogee.
Motly with Ogee objecting in the background.
Motly loudly complains, with Ruffy listening from the stepladder.
Ruffy again.
Beautiful boy Ogee.
And brothers Ogee and Ruffy.

Craigslist Humor

After the last incident of the Lebanon area woman flaming me in public on craigslist, I contacted craigslist once again, and asked if there isn't anything they can do to control the rampant discussions and abuse going on, in the pet listings, for gosh sakes. Craigslist itself has been posting over and over now, to take discussions to the forums. But people are flagging craigslist's own posts for removal.

I wonder if craigslist tracks the ISP of who does that, for kicks or otherwise. I wonder if it makes them mad, or makes them chuckle or makes them shake their heads and wonder about people's sanity.

These idiots who do such things, who want to scream and holler, lie and slam people in a public place, exposing themselves and craigslist to possible liable suites, which I am considering against the Lebanon woman, are toddlers. It's funny to watch, now and then, but it's kind of pathetic, too.

Bottle Babes and Bail Outs

Feeding the latest three bottle babes while I listened to CNN panic and rampaging about the bail out going on. There are three survivors of the original four five day old newborns plucked out of shrubbage just outside a window at Salbastgeon Suites in Corvallis. The housekeepers took them into the laundry room and called me. I tried for hours to find and trap their mother, but I never even saw her. One of the four died that night. They were flea ridden, cold and dehydrated. Two boys and one girl remain. The little black one is like teensy even for a bottle babe, like a miniature bottle babe, but precocious and still alive!

Well how is everyone today?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Free Movie Tomorrow

Got three old cans of food? I do, and I hope to trade them to see a movie. I haven't been to a movie forever. Trouble is this: I want to go in Corvallis, because I'm pretty sure if I went in Albany my car would get broken into while inside the movie theater. Lots of people's cars do get trashed while seeing a movie in Albany, I got told, and I sure don't doubt it. My car's already been broken into a lot of times over here. Lots of criminal crap in this area.

The trouble with trying to go to a movie in Corvallis tomorrow is the big fat ball game going on over there. Traffic headaches and drunken fan headaches are the result. So I don't know, maybe I'll forget it and maybe next year I'll see a movie. I really don't care at all about football. I know lots of people do. And they sure disrupt the entire valley when they occur, like only the football games are important. That's a lot of arrogance floating around.

So you have to plan your lives around those games, like even forego the one movie you might get to see in a year as a result. Not much a peon can do about some things.

I had a broken filling and I had it repaired today. WAs really worn out and half sick, but I went, knowing it's an honor to actually have the ability to get it fixed. So I went and I stayed awake through the drilling although it was such a comfortable chair. There is nothing like the comfort of a dental chair. The shot numbed half my face, including one nostril, which was awkward for a couple of hours, with breathing that is. My dentist said my gums are maybe bleeding too easily. Well, maybe they are. Maybe I have leukemia. I think that can be a sign of leukemia but I'm not sure.

I've given up on the whole healthcare thing I guess. I guess that really happened when my doctor of decades quit and moved away. Took me awhile to find anybody taking medicare people. And now I see strangers if I ever go, and have to drive all the way to Corvallis to do so, if I go, so I'm not inclined to, because when I'm sick, driving clear to Corvallis, that's not something I'm able to do. I don't have anybody to drive me, if I'm sick either, so it's just the way it is, I suppose. There wasn't anybody taking medicare people in this area.

I never figured I'd even live to be 30. My life's been very tough, full of hardships and horrendous traumas. So I can't understand why I'm even still alive. Lucky, I guess.

Like the little gray and white bottle babe, who thinks I'm just something. He's still alive, which is really shocking, but I don't think his chances are much good for another night.

Feral black mom is getting spayed tomorrow. She's ditched her own kittens for the good life of staring out the window. It's pointless to lecture her. She wants to go home. I'm getting her spayed and giving her that wish come true. Her four little ones are trying to eat wet food desperately. They were little chubby fluffballs, but not anymore, since mom said "you're on your own kids. I got stuff to stare at."

I bet she'd be a drinker if a cat could be. I bet she'd hire a nanny, if she were human, and come home from a day of fun or work, to glance at the kids, kiss them gingerly and distantly, then head off to bed. Bet so. She's not into the kitten thing, the kid thing, not at all. Maybe it's because she's young and maybe it's because she's already raised two litters this summer. She won't be raising anymore. I'm doing her a favor she wants, too.

I'm happy about a break coming. I couldn't get appointments clear from tomorrow until next Wednesday. That means a break for me and I'm just very looking forward to it. Man. A break. What will I do with some spare time? Well, I still have a shitload of work around here and the bottle babes and kittens to find homes for and....and....and.....and......but at least I won't have to also cat roundup.

Tough Times Call for Tough Websurfing

Check out Comedy Central by clicking post title. Better yet, take the link to the Colbert Report at Colbert Nation!!!!!!!!

I'm sick. Have been fighting a cold and lost. Feel awful! It's called, Death by Bottle Babe.

Speaking of which, I doubt the gray and white boy will make it through the day.

To add insult to misery, feral black mom has rejected caring for her own four, who are too little yet, at three weeks of age, to eat on their own. Have you ever tried feeding seven bottle babes? Don't.

I'm so exhausted. I've had no time to get anything I need. Somehow, last night, after delivering back Smokes and Muffles, who were supposed to be picked up by their owners, then for some reason, in the day, one of them e-mailed me and said they couldn't pick them up, so I had to go pick them up, wait on them to get home, and deliver them back and I should have say "no", but I lost the hundred dollars I had stupidly put in my pocket. Probably when pulling out my keys or something. It was for groceries and cat food. UPDATE: I found my money!!! In the car!!! Relief!

It's been a horrendous week, a week of taking crap off people I'm helping, a week of exhaustion, a week of demanding whiney calls from people demanding help who will not contribute a thing to help themselves, and I've realized I am a whore, an unpaid one at that, and maybe I need to quit this, because I'm being used and run down, abused by these assholes, who believe they can get away with such behavior scott free because they're used to having people do everything for them. In the case of that Lebanon woman, by screaming "I'm disabled". And nobody helps out at all.

You look at craigslist to see the very people you've helped out, at your own expense, making fun of you and calling all rescuers crazy nutcases--it's moved to the discussion list on craigslist, the condemning and trashing of the people who help animals. Crazy, because these same people claim they love animals. Most are breeders or nutcases themselves, however, and I realize this. But it makes me wonder, why in the world am I busting my butt to help such people?

I am frustrated with too many kittens here. What would help? Somebody helping me, for a change, that's what--physically speaking--trapping, cleaning litterboxes, making adoption fliers, etc. The stupid particle board floor is impossible to mop. I can't open these damn windows because I don't have any secure screens. It's just a tough way to live and I"m tired of it. I have nothing for myself anymore. Nothing.

But, on the upside, man have I ever been taking in a lot of cats. I got to thinking about that. Sure, life's been very tough lately, but on the up side!!!!!!

My Brother Says Go Get Some Rice and Beans

My brother called today. He said "We're screwed, you know." He's usually not that paranoid. "What do you mean?" I asked. He said, "Go get yourself a couple bags of rice or beans. Life is over as we know it."

He was referring to the financial mess America is in, largely due to greed and undisciplined spending and unregulated criminal corporations.

I saw something scarey on CNBC, the other morning. I turned on the TV, in a daze because I've been getting sick, doing too much again, wore myself down. It was on CNBC and I never watch that channel. But it caught my ear.

Some guy was being interviewed by a panel. This guy was a big wig in one of the companies that is carrying BAD ASSETS. So one of the people on the panel, and these are all money lover types, who probably sleep curled against stacks of money, rather than flesh and blood, seemed taken aback by the person they were to interview. Sorry, I didn't catch any names.

He seemed shocked in a way. He asked him, "So you don't look upset. You almost seem happy. But why...?" Then, like it dawns on him suddenly, he went on, "You plan on making money off this bail out, don't you? You know the feds don't have any savvy and you're going to make money selling your companies bad assets to the government, aren't you?" Even these money people looked shocked. The man replied, "Smart people can use this as an opportunity to make money."

I wanted those interviewers to tackle him, take him down, hold him to the floor and start screaming at him, "You're gloating about robbing America and Americans!" Then run him out of the studio on a rail. That should have happened. I would have done that if I had been there. Wouldn't you have too? So why didn't they?

Then I see today just a piece of the testimony about passing the bail out bill. And what I see is the Fed Chairman telling some panel they can't be adding restrictions like capping CEO parachute salaries, that this bill needs passed quickly and putting on restrictions like capping CEO salaries will make the institutions holding bad assets not that willing to participate.


He went on to say further that the federal government should not buy these bad assets at a low rate, but should pay the institutes holding them far more than they are worth, because this will help more.

He had this self-conscious look on his face, when he was telling the panel this, straight faced, almost like he is pulling something over on people he considers so stupid they'll all buy it and he can't believe he's doing it, saying these ridiculous things, but he knows they'll buy it, because they're pushing this bill so fast and so hard, nobody has a chance to think, and they're saying the country will go down the tubes if they don't do this immediately like overnight.

Them saying that it must be done instantly is a red flag right there. See, when things are done instantly is usually to get something through that isn't quite right at all, to hide the wrong being done, in a rush of "it'll be your fault the country fails because this didn't get through" pressure.

When I saw that man interviewed on CNBC and combined that with the Fed Chairman pulling his little shenanigans, then I felt that a bunch of powerful people are getting together to take down our country, for profits. There is more going on than is being shown on the news and our media is grossly failing us by not getting the straight story with some deep dark digging.

See that's what lying gets us. We put up with a Lying President from the start in Bush. Now we're reaping the consequences of a lot of unfettered greed, lying and croni good ol boy capitalism. They dont' even know the rest of us exist.

Here is the saddest part of all, that I'm not hearing mentioned. We don't have the money to bail them out anyhow. We'll have to borrow it. The democrats are saying the money could be used instead to rebuild our infrastructure. WE DON"T HAVE THE MONEY, not to use on infrastructure, not to bail out the bankers and wall street. WE DON"T HAVE THE MONEY. Borrowing the money isn't the same as having the money. How many times have the feds scolded us little people about use of credit cards and buying things we don't have the money now to pay for? HOW MANY TIMES?

And then, when they do this anyway, they'll use it as an excuse to cut Social Security, saying "we don't have the money". That's what they'll do. They'll take it out on the old people and the poor people, blame the old and poor, too.

They claim there's no money for credit, for business loans, for college loans, for people to take out loans to buy cars, because the banks took on bad mortgages which were then bundled and sold and resold. Nobody's in jail for mortgage fraud and a whole lot of people should be. Instead, it will be taken out on the average person. The big rich people will be taken care of and the country is going down the tubes.

The Omish will be just fine. They pay cash. They don't buy things they can't afford, or take out loans to buy things they can't afford. The Omish, that's where it's at. They're cool.

Returning Cats

I returned the two tabby feral girls today, to the Division street colony. I don't have a barn home for them currently. The one who was pregnant was fixed early yesterday. She looked very pregnant to me, but the clinic said she was less than half term, but did have a lot of fetuses in there. She looked big by comparison to her being skinny.

No sign of the two still unfixed cats over there, the gray tabby mom of these bottle babes, and the half length tail gray. They'll need caught because I can't have more kittens born there. I've caught and taken in for fixing now 18 cats in that area, 12 of them in the last week, although four of those 12 were the bottle babes, who were not fixed, of course.

Anyhow, I've rehomed six adults and one adult died in surgery in the last ten days from there, too. That's seven less adults roaming around there. A few months ago, when Animal control trapped and took cats to Heartland, where ferals die, I picked up two from there at Heartland, who called after seeing their eartips and rehomed them. Boy I wish the folks around there in the apartments would fix their pets.

The bottle babes have been doing ok. They're very demanding. But late today, teh gray and white boy isn't looking good. His belly is quite round and maybe he just has been eating too much and hasn't pooped. I stimulate them and all of them pee well when stimulated.

But I also wonder about their worm status. I usually do not worm kittens this tiny, but they are likely over run in both round and tapeworms, unfortunately. It's risky, worming too young, because if they are really full of roundworms, who are then paralized by the wormer and must be passed out, that might not happen with a kitten whose digestive system isn't working on it's own yet. And the paralized worms can tangle and kill the little kitten. On the other hand, roundworms can kill kittens anyway, if heavily infested which likely these are. Catch 22.

But if little gray and white male, who was the most eager eater at first, isn't perked in the morning, I don't know. The little black male is half the size of the other two, doesn't even look like he belongs to the same litter. The little long hair muted torbi is now the most vibrant. Things can change in a very short time with kittens this young. For now, the three remaining are still alive. Two are thriving.

I'm trying them in with fed-up-with-kittens mom again, who eyes me and I know she's saying "No More Kittens! Spay Me and Take Me Home!" She's already had three litters this summer alone. "Done!", she says with her eyes to me. "Finito!" "Get me out of here!" She's young herself.

Doc and Buffy, two of the Starvation Kids, now teens, are also in the spare bedroom and get one-eyed colds. Mops, formerly known as "Hungry", their brother, got over his cold. I don't know what I'll do with those three. I have too many kittens here that are not quite old enough to get fixed. I meant to take the two wild boys back, get them fixed and take them back, but they weren't two pounds. Maybe I should go turn them back loose in that carport, or I'll get stuck with them.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Smokes and Muffles Now

Look at them now, Smokes and Muffles, almost five months old.Here is a photo of Smokes when he was tiny.Muffles, as a kitten.
Smokes, as a kitten.
Muffles now, in her new owner's arms.
Muffles, above.Smokes now, sleek and beautiful and now known as Earl.
Smokes with one of his new people.

Do you remember little Smokes? He was one of three black boys from Bad Black Mom--all from Shedd. I had trouble down getting all those cats fixed, even ended up puncturing my foot when I stepped on a rusty screw sticking through a board shrouded in overgrown grass and junk. I had to get a tetanus shot!

I got Bad Black Mom fixed then, when I returned her, I followed her into the berry vines to her three newborn boys. I brought them all home, along with four tabby kittens from a feral mom. Bad Black Mom, however, refused to nurse her boys and wanted to play instead. I returned her and bottle fed the boys myself. Then everybody got coccidia.

Smokes had it the worse and would walk around diarrhea dripping from his poor little raw butt. I did not think he would make it. I gave him sub cu fluids twice daily in the end, to replace fluids lost. They got bioflora to help replace healthy gut bacteria, and electrolites too, along with the standard treatment of Albon. One of Muffles sisters died as a result of coccidia.

Muffles was one of the four kittens, all girls, I found as newborns in the floorboard of a wrecked car, in lines of wrecked cars, in a wrecking yard off Highway 34. I subsequently trapped their mother, who was feral and who dutifully nursed all the kittens, including the three boys. So, in a way, Smokes and Muffles were step brother and sister.

Muffles and Smokes were adopted together, as a result of an e-mail sent out by my vet's mother. Someone who works for the same place she does, responded, a brother and sister adopted the pair. They are being fixed today. They were too little then. I ordinarily do not adopt out kittens unfixed, unless I know the people or know someone who does know them. I knew these folks were trustworthy.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Gray/White Male Bottle Babe "Pinking Up"

One of the three bottle babes left alive is pinking up, his gums that is, meaning his blood has got a bit more red cell to it, more iron. His heart doesn't have to work so hard to feed his vital organs now. He might make it. I've been giving them a bit of nutrical. Wish I had some Pet Tinic. It's full of iron. Their fleas are finally all dead. Those poor little kittens.

The black male is super tiny compared to the surviving female and male. I can feel his little heart just pounding away. They all slept atop my face, when I fell asleep briefly on the couch. One of them peed all over my sleeve. They've bonded now to me and think I am mom and are not happy seperated. Little ones like this have to have a surrogate mom, not just the bottle feeds and cleaning up and a heating pad. They need touched and held and they need to sleep against warm flesh and blood to be normal and happy and content, which boosts their chances of survival and of being normal.

I'm about to get feral mom of Scravel Hill kittens fixed. She does not want to be a mom. Those four little guys of hers are chubby---look as wide as they are long. That's probably because she has been eating primarily kitten food nonstop, and is delivering them high quality abundant milk. Wish she would share it with the newborns from Division Street.

Tonight, I'm taking hers from her, except for one, the motherly female black tux three week old, whom I found sleeping next to the dead kitten from Division street this morning, paws wrapped protectively around her. She's a winner, that one.

I'll give her the Division street newborns and cage her again with them, see if she'll feed them. They need her. Her three week olds are so mature they already want to eat wet food. They're twice the size they should be. They can share their mom.

I don't have to trap tonight, which is good because I'm worn out. Bottle babes will do that to you. Joy and Earl, a.k.a. Smokes and Muffles, will be taken up to be fixed tomorrow by their owners, a delightful brother and sister from Corvallis.

One Newborn Dies, Others To Follow

They're too anemic, from being alive in fleas. One of the girls died in the night, the three hours I got to sleep that is. None of them are going to make it.

The shitty thing also is that Little Orphan Annie broke in a cold overnight and likely cannot be fixed today. It is very hard for me to find ways to get kittens fixed and I have to go clear to Portland to get it done. But I can't adopt out the kittens until they are fixed. I wish I could find someone locally who would do it, but not for hundreds of dollars, for gosh sakes.

Having to go clear to Portland sucks to get kittens done. Then giving away rescued fixed kittens virtually free, because the supply around these parts, where almost nobody fixes their pets, is flooded with free kittens--that's just crazy. People around here get free kittens, then later on, after they've bred a few dozen litters, want someone like me to get them all fixed finally, and also for free. There's no winning this.


I tried to find and trap the mother of these four newborns tonight. They're not doing so well, especially one little girl. They all have severe flea anemia. They were crawling in fleas and these are just ten day old kittens. I never saw the mother tonight, but I did trap the eartipped brown tabby female, who was fixed 2 1/2 years ago, at a Salem FCCO clinic, in April.

I saw the very pregnant brown tabby again, too, and drop trapped her. I also ran a lot of interference. I found an older man who has fed the cats for a long time. He's defensive of them. He meant to get reservations at the last FCCO clinic, he said, and get them all done. He didn't. He has a favorite tame one, probably a dump off, who he says he'll get fixed. He never mentioned the orange long hair he feeds either, but I saw him feeding him. I think he's trying to pull the wool over my eyes.

The ones I know still needing fixed there are only two--the mother of these kittens, supposedly a gray tabby, and a sleek young kitty with a half length tail who is all gray. He says he'll get the little tabby he likes who is tame fixed and find her a home. I don't know who that orange one is, but I'll ask him about him, because that would be three I would need to get fixed if he isn't.

But I'm cutting it down, that's for sure. I think I'll return both these girls. One is fixed already and has lived there all her life and the other is very very pregnant and may have kittens in the night, for all I know. The black kitten over there, the tiny one, has disappeared. They said he was tame. I tried to net him last week, but in the darkness and his blackness I lost sight of him.

So I'm trying to get the Scravel Hill mom to take on the four newbies from Division street, but she's not taking to the idea. One little girl is in very poor shape and may not make it. Those fleas have sucked the life out of these poor tiny kittens.

I visited Smokes and Muffles, now named Earl and Joy. Unbelievable what beautiful cats they have grown into. They're four pounds now, so they're not going tomorrow. They'll get fixed at Countryside Tuesday and they will take them up. Smokes was one of three bottle babes I found deep in a berry patch down outside Shedd, after following their just spayed mother into the brush to find them. I brought her back with the three boys, expecting she would nurse them. She wouldn't. So, I ended up returning her and bottle feeding the boys.

They all got coccidia. I did not expect little Smokes to live. He didn't grow right as a result of none of his food actually getting into his system. It went straight through him. But he did live and was adopted and you should see him now!

So instead of 8 kittens, I'm taking five to the kitten fixing clinic and this pregnant female feral.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

More Kittens in Corvallis

The black tux female Scravel hill kitten, one of them, that is.
Feral Scravel Hill mom with one of her boys.
Salbastgeon newborns.
Hiss and Spit, wild boys from the Elm street colony.
Salbastgeon Inn girl kitten.
Scravel Hill black tux girl kitten.

I've been searching for enough kittens to fill the quota I made reservations for tomorrow, at the kitten fixing clinic. I made reservations for 8. I was sure the three wild kittens from the Elm street colony would make the grade. They are, after all, over 8 weeks. I netted two of them. Sadly, neither are even close.

I figured at least the two boys I took in, of the three kittens from the Eviction Duplex on Waverly, would make the grade. They are nine weeks old. Sadly, neither did.

I thought all four of the kittens from two separate moms who were fixed Friday would be weight grade. Sadly, only one of them is, although all are about 8 weeks of age. I hope my cheap postal scale is working right!

Little Orphan Annie will make the grade and then some. Muffles and Smokes, adopted out unfixed, will be going. One male kitten from the two litters of moms fixed Friday will go and so will a female kitten from an apartment complex. I got everybody else fixed at the complex but she was way too little. Now, she's three pounds at least.

So despite a good hearted try, I came up so far with only five kittens to fill the 8 reservations.

But I added to my bathroom kitten collection by six kittens. I have the two wild boys I netted in the Elm district colony. Plus I now have four newborns, crawling in fleas born beside Salbastgeon Suites in Corvallis. I was called by housekeeping. They had, unfortunately, brought them inside, instead of leaving them. I might have been able to catch the mother had they left them. I tried anyhow after feeding the little ones with KMR, plopping them on a warming Frisbee in a carrier and putting the carrier behind a set trap. But housekeeping said mom is young, skinny and never came back. They said she's a light gray tabby. That would be one I've not seen over there.

These four are far skinnier than those of the feral mom in my spare bedroom, but I would say they are slightly older. They are crawling around, whereas the bedroom kittens have barely started to crawl. I will say they are two weeks of age. The bedroom kittens are quite pudgy, too, perhaps because mom is eating very well. The four newcomer bottle babes cannot join them in the bedroom until their active flea population dies off, which it is in the process of doing right now.

I think young black mom in my bedroom would throw a hissy fit if I asked her to feed four more. She'd go on strike I bet. She doesn't want to deal with her own four. I guess they represent her third litter of the year. She's aching to be spayed and done with the whole kitten production line thing females are forced to endure. To ask her to take on four more? Will she? Or will she say 'to hell with all 8?' I'm taking bets! I'm saying she'll be mad but do it anyway.

Someone used to feed the strays over near the Division street complex, where they originated. I saw the dishes. The dishes are gone. The cats around there are no longer being fed at all, by anyone, apparently. How horrible for them.


I mentioned that last Wednesday, when in Corvallis, I meant to go for a walk on Bald Hill, but instead I diverted into the Farmer's Market, held at the Fairgrounds on Wednesday. I could not resist the fresh produce. I bought a melon. I bought some blueberries and some blackberries and some grapes.

I stopped in at a booth showing off different things to make with vegetables. They were giving away small sections of sandwiches made of strips of fried bell pepper and onions. They were delicious. I brought the idea home and have been making pepper and onion sandwiches. One big bell pepper will make three or even four sandwiches, which makes these extremely economical lunches. I toast the bread I use. I got a loaf of sourdough, on sale because the market was about to close and have been using this. They toasted the bread they used on the grill beside the peppers. These sandwiches are delicious.

If you want a crunchy sandwich, you don't have to saute or grill the peppers. Add tomato's, some Parmesan or other cheese, kale, anything. They are healthy and extremely tasty. I like adding some sliced olives.

I like buying from those small local farmers. They are very proud of their produce and will answer any questions. Several farmers were selling honey, which was very expensive, but if I had the money, I would have bought some.

There is one farmer I like very much. She is always so cheerful, adds an extra handful like of blueberries, a very generous kind cheerful soul. She is my favorite to buy from I'd have to say.

Because it was hot and so I had to get the vegetables and fruit I'd bought home and out of the hot car, I could not dally and take a walk at Bald Hill, which made me slightly irritated with myself. I don't get to Corvallis very often anymore. But I got some great produce and some ideas for preparing them that have been very helpful.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I never left the house today. Been lonely, sad. It's hard to take crap all the time, and also to have no one to even talk to. Very hard. It's the way things are for me, however. I e-mailed both my brothers but I haven't heard from them in ages. I didn't expect to get a reply and I didn't. Oh well.

I slept almost all day on my couch. Didn't mean to, just kept falling asleep. I suppose it is my body's way of dealing with stress.

That Lebanon woman is frighteningly psychotic. Nothing that occurred yesterday, with her not picking up her own cats, then the lies and threats that ensued, was normal behavior.

Last night, I startled awake at any sound, believing she is crazy enough to ram her car into my house. She even called the vet clinic this morning, trying to start something with them, with accusations, left the poor receptionist shaking. She claimed one of the cats still wasn't awake. They told her to go ahead and bring the cat in then or to her own vet and have her vet call them about it. Of course she wouldn't, because all the cats were actually awake at the clinic yesterday evening, when I picked them up.

It sets a person back though to experience something like this. You begin to wonder about the people you're helping out, if they're really dangerously crazy. Makes it hard.

Boy, Could I Use a Vacation

I sure could use a vacation--getting away for a few days would be sublime. Unfortunately, I can't do that. I don't have anyone to watch my cats and no money. I'm concerned about a clicking sound on the left front of the car. I thought it must be a nail or rock in the tire, hoped at least. I've removed several pieces of gravel stuck in the tire, but it hasn't removed the sound. Today, I'll take the hubcap off to make sure there is nothing inside that. But clicking, especially when turning, that can be the sound of an axle that's going dry.

When my car was checked out recently, the mechanic said the boots were fine, appeared to have no holes, so I am hoping the axle still has plenty of grease and has not gone dry. The sound only began after it went to the mechanic, which makes me suspect more that gravel is in the hubcap. Could be a caliper pin, sticking out slightly? The brakes on the front were replaced. Anyhow, I need to get on that, make sure it isn't a caliper pin or bad axle. Axle's that are going dry start making this clicking noise, usually heard more on turns. On my old corolla, one axle went dry and made clicking noises on turns mainly. Long long ago, I had a Vega and the caliper pin would not hold (stripped on the caliper) and when it started easing out, I'd hear the clicking begin and have to take off the hubcap and pound it back in, until I got the caliper replaced. But that's not going to happen on a newer car. That Vega was ancient.

My father would not let me buy that Vega until he checked it out. It was the first car I ever bought and he fancied himself a mechanic. It cost me $400, everything I had saved up. But he also took the word of any man, too, and would not question a man's word and it was a man selling it, who told him everything was fine. This was unfortunate for me. The Vega was a complete mess and burned a quart of oil every 70 miles. Almost everything was wrong with it. It didn't last long at all. I had to carry at least one case of oil with me and on longer trips, two or three cases. Before that, my grandmother gave me her impala, which made one of my brothers angry. But they'd had good summer pay jobs and I'd had to work for years, for my father summers, without pay. I only got paid when I worked during the school year at high school or college.

The impala was huge and a gas guzzler and hard to afford, due to its' poor gas mileage. It didn't last long either, because it's head gasket failed and I had no money to get it fixed. It needed a lot of other work also.

I've owned only a handful of vehicles in my life. The list: 250 Suzuki X-6 motorcycle, which I rode several years in my late teens. I needed to get around and could not afford a car. The bike was very used to begin with, didn't take much gas and insurance was also extremely affordable. Then I had my grandmother's Impala for a very brief time before it needed repairs I couldn't afford. Then the bad bad Vega. Then I had a used mini pickup, a Luv, for a decade at least. Then I went for a decade or more without a car. Then I got that very old falling apart Ford Fairmont, in the late 1990's for $200 and was thrilled to have a car and some freedom to leave Corvallis and do things, but it broke down on a weekly basis and I sold it finally and got an equally dysfunctional Corolla, whose transmission was failing when I got it. It lasted only two years before the transmission failed and so did the valves. That's when I got the Scion. I've had it five years now.

Well anyhow, I hope it's not an axle causing that noise.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Lebanon Woman Won't Get Her Cats

I was tentative about taking in four cats from a rural Lebanon woman due to her reputation as a game player, liar and manipulator. But, I suckered and took up four of her cats to be fixed. I called her before leaving for the clinic to pick up all the cats, yesterday afternoon, and told her I'd call from the clinic, and she could meet me at Cottonwood to pick them up. She had already agree to this last night, when she dropped them.

But when I called her from the clinic, to meet me, she did not answer the phone. I left her a message, crossed my fingers, that she wasn't doing her favorite thing---messing people up for sport, and headed for the prearranged meeting place.

I sat in the parking lot at Cottonwood half an hour waiting for her to show up, repeatedly calling her from the payphone, that cost me 50 cents each call. Finally, finally, she answered. She claimed she fell asleep, in the time between me calling from here, before leaving for the clinic, and when I called from the clinic. She claimed I never called.

She claimed this was not her fault that she fell asleep and didn't meet me like she said, because she is disabled. I was not happy, because I sensed immediately she was into her game playing stuff full force and I would be her victim. Sure enough. I told her to come get them at my place then and hung up. I had two other cats to deliver.

But over an hour and a half later, she had not shown up here, to get her cats. I called someone else who was once associated with her, and disassociated due to similar problems with her and asked what I should do. She said, "Well, your first problem is ever offering to help her. But now that you have, just keep calling her."

So I called her again and she began screaming at me immediately, that she is disabled this, disabled that, that I'm abusing a disabled person, because she fell asleep and that wasn't her fault. I told her to knock it off, that whining makes her sound like a spoiled child and why isn't she here, to pick up her cats, like she said she would be.

Her lying nature kicked in. She said she told me to call her when I got home, then she'd come. Of course she had not said that. She threw another tantrum when I called her on this. I told her to come get her cats. She said her son would come get them. I repeated over and over "When" because she wouldn't answer that. He has not come.

Well, she just called me up again screaming at me, threatening my life. I finally asked her "So you're threatening my life?" She said "You messed with the wrong person."

"Messed with you?" I said.

I said "Look. In good faith I took four cats up to be fixed for you. In good faith, I believed you when you said you would meet me at Cottonwood and pick them up. Instead, I sat in a parking lot. In good faith, I then believed you when you said you'd come get them here. You haven't. And by the way, you're making claims that you couldn't come get them because you're disabled, and that I'm abusing a disabled person by expecting you to follow through on your word, keep your promise, not lie.. And now you're threatening my life, telling me I'm done with, ruined because I've messed with the wrong disabled person. I AM DISABLED TOO! AND you are abusing me!"

Some disabled people give the disabled a bad name. They use it as a crutch to justify anything. It's pathetic.

I finally called the Albany police to ask what to do. They said to take the cats out there tomorrow, if her son didn't come get them, leave them by her fence, and call her from town, safely away. I told the officer she threatened to do me in and I have no idea why.

But anyhow, just now, her son came and picked them up. Thankfully. I want nothing to do with that woman. Boy, scarey stuff.

She's flaming me all over craiglist tonight, telling lies, even accusing the vet clinic of animal abuse. Nuts man! It's hard to believe people will behave in this manner. But this person is known for such behavior. It was a big risk to help her.

I met her a few years ago when she took in some ferals. She released them from containment the same night, while still under anesthesia, and gloated about it, then gloated later that she never saw them again and thinks the coyotes got them, to hurt me I think. I was horrified, which she liked.

I never knew if those cats lived or died, because she'd say one thing at one time and another thing, another time. I cut off contact then. But she had all these cats again, needing fixed, and seemed to be hurting for money, so I offered. Stupid. She has way too many animals.

Dear Fed,

Dear Fed,

I respectfully ask for a bail out. I'm in deep doodoo. In over my head.

I don't need $60,000,000,000. Well, I suppose I could put that much to good use if I had it. I could build tremendous schools with a lot less than that, here in Oregon, and equip them with all the latest lab equipment and pay the greatest teachers in the world to teach our Oregon kids. I could repair all our roads and bridges, too and make sure there was stable funding for law enforcement forever!

I'd love to send a couple of friends in Vegas $300,000 if you decided to grant my bail out request and sent me lots of money, to pay off their mortgage, which has only grown. See, they lost their jobs, almost simultaneously. They had a shady mortgage. They don't know much about the real estate thing. Before you tell me no, on that, that it's their fault, think twice, because those financial folks you bailed out, with taxpayer money, are supposed to know their business inside and out, and look at them!

I'm saying they need help, and if you bail me out with big money, I will certainly help them. I send them twenties when I can so they can at least eat, but that doesn't touch the largeness of their dilemma. See, they're good people, nothing fancy, not big spenders, both with severe health issues, and they're in deep trouble. I bet they're in deeper trouble than any of those big fancy people you helped, Mr. Fed.

I'm in trouble because I help stray cats. I bet none of you know anything about stray cats. I bet you might be horrified at the sight. They're there, I'll tell you. Suffering. So I help them, no matter what the consequence to my budget, which is $640 a month American. You can see why I might need bailed out, now and then. I help hundreds of cats each month. I have no idea how that happens when I have so little money to begin with. I must be frugal. I must run a tight ship!

But I am really really short on flea and earmite treatment currently and so I am requesting a parasite treatment bail out. My electric bill is also skyrocketing due to rising rates. Can you send somebody to adjust the meter down?

I'm ok on food, for myself, because I planted a zucchini seed which grew and for one week, one big zucchini, I let go, forgot to harvest, grew into a monster. When I finally saw that sucker, I smiled big. 'Dinner for a week,' I thought. I was wrong. That big squash gave me lunch AND dinner for a week.

In closing, Mr. Fed, I need bailed out. Please send me several dozen boxes of Revolution a.s.a.p. And some tapewormer pills too. If you threw in some high quality catnip, I sure would not complain.

Thank you, Mr. Fed. I figure since you have billions of dollars laying around, I bet you also have some extra Revolution and Tapeworm pills and all sorts of things at your disposal that might keep me in the black. I do a pretty good job of surviving, a lot better job of it than those big money handling people. Hahaha. I mean it is funny, you must admit. Well maybe not to you. Sorry. Just trying to lighten things up.

Thank you for considering my request. I understand you primarily bail out billionaires. I'm hoping you'll also bail out a cat trapper. Thank you.

Jody from Oregon

Seven Cats Being Fixed Today

Seven Cats are up being fixed today--3 males and four females. Two males and two females hail from a home outside of Lebanon, while two other females come from two seperate Albany homes, both showed up as strays, and both have kittens, two each. The seventh cat being fixed today is another male trapped by the college.

I guess they have a lot of cats roaming there and are determined to get them all caught and fixed. They also caught the feral kittens of one mother and are socializing them for adoption. I love it when businesses, home owners, landlords take control of the situation themselves, by trapping the cats and getting them fixed and even socializing any kittens, getting them fixed and adopted out. Folks like that make a difference and doing it themselves sure helps out the overwhelmed individuals and groups trying to do the same.

So anyhow, I spent a couple hours across the freeway trying to trap those loner cats, hunting the fields, looking like holocaust survivors. I also have been leaving them food and water. Through binoculars the other day, I saw one of the very skinny cats, panting, due to the heat and lack of any water nearby. That's when I began leaving the cat water, too. I hope to trap that cat, get it fixed and relocate it, but for now, since I'm worn out again and banged up, I'll just feed it.

I'm cutting down on my cats needing fixed list. Have three kittens left to catch at the Scravel Hill colony. They want to wait til the weekend to try for them. The woman works extremely long hours, into the night, but only feeds the cats in the morning. She's too tired out early when she feeds them to try to trap any, and goes right back to bed after feeding them. Her husband is disabled due to a severe back injury incurred in an accident years ago. The woman has become his caregiver and the breadwinner and must take care of the property also. She is not young and it's hard on her.

I'll probably have to intercede on the Mt. Hopeless colony, to help her trap the last four or five there, since the cats are very trap shy now. The added problem she has in trapping the last cats is that none of the cats are going back there, since she is moving. She is relocating them to the property they are moving to. So the cats left are very worried and suspicious, since they're friends and family members, once trapped, have not returned.

Except for one feral male, and one tiny kitten, the Canal district yard cats are now all fixed. Except for the three wild kittens, all the Elm district cats are now fixed. I have four teens to trap downtown. The husband yells in the background, when I talked to his wife about them recently "We don't want them back." I told his wife "I don't have anywhere for them."

They could have gotten that mother fixed a long time ago. She was one of the kittens born to their own unfixed house cats, who are now fixed. They gave her as a kitten to a neighbor, who never got her fixed, then moved and abandoned her. She snuck back to their house for food, and turned partially feral.

She had four kittens in a back junk filled bedroom of theirs. I trapped her and got her fixed. The kittens then were about seven weeks of age. I urged them to socialize them so they could be adopted out, but they didn't. Now they don't want them, at least the husband doesn't. I told them I could get the four teens fixed, but I couldn't take them in. The wife agreed to this, understands, the husband doesn't seem to. This is a mess of their own making. The wife acknowledges this. The husband doesn't.

I have two more to catch at the Millersburg junker trailer. Addiction issues halted their hold on responsible behavior towards anything, including their own kids, and of course, their pets. Then criminal behavior, too. So, their house cats bred, then were abandoned when the trailer people were jailed. They abandoned the trailer also.

Well anyhow. I'm taking a nap.

Let's Cut Medicare and Bail out the Rich Guys!

God damn those old and disabled people for wanting medical care. They could have saved enough to take care of themselves, you know. Damn those irresponsible middle classers, who just don't save enough. Gosh they're irresponsible and deserve what they get. The veterans too. We are, after all, a nation that expects independence of our citizens, aren't we? God damn hungry Americans also, bleeding us dry wanting food stamps.

But if you're rich, contact your government. We'll bail you out of anything. It's not your fault.

Is your big fat ass company in fat ass trouble, because maybe you just weren't good at what you do? Hey, it's not your fault. I bet we could trace the blame somehow, or divert the blame to the old people in nursing homes and medicare. Or the veterans. Or the food stampees.

Next time you hear some hate monger right winger claim we have to cut medicare or this or that, you start laughing your head off. Laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh. Then call the mother fucker up and say "Hey, you!" And tell them what you think.

Better yet, time to start marching in the streets. Our government is a corrupt mess and they don't know the little people are even out there.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Six Cats Being Fixed Today, and, Samantha Gets Her Home

I took in six cats to be fixed this morning. Three are known females. I believe the other three are males. I already have five cats lined up for tomorrow. I took Samantha to her home also, after which I had my teeth checked then headed up to the college to take a look around for that mom cat. I did see her, a torti, near Kelly Engineering and tried to catch her.

But, I had to park a million miles away, in a one hour meter spot, and haul that heavy trap too far. By the time I got back, she had disappeared. I waited awhile, tried to get grounds people to watch the trap, but they were not interested, even just as private people during their breaks. I called them "Lazy ass public employees" under my breath. I mean for gosh sakes, it takes nothing to peek at a trap then make a call. They laughed at me for even trying to get them to. Oh well. They're young people. Do the least you can do seems to be a common mentality.

So I had to grab the trap and leave, or I would have had a big fat parking ticket. Then I remembered that Nick, the local FCCO coordintor, actually works on campus. I left a message for the student to contact him, since he works nearby, has tons of traps, and knows all about trapping and could check the trap during his normal workday with little effort. The cat was still searching for her stolen kittens and it would have been so easy to catch her, using her kittens as bait. Darn it all. Anyhow, I turned that one over to Nick. He doesn't respond to me. I left him a message and hopefully he will at least respond to a student request for help. It costs me close to $5 just to drive over and back to Corvallis once. I can't afford to be going back and forth.

There is absolutely no reason in the world that Nick can't take care of this and I'm sure he will. At least I hope so.

Elm district DLH brown tabby tux female, mother of three young kittens, slight white mustached, spayed today.This is likely the last unfixed male at the Elm street district colony. I believe all adults now are fixed, with the exception of one black long hair, who has disappeared. There are three kittens who need fixed, however. They are about seven weeks old and feral.

This cat was caught by staff at the college, a female, they already caught her kittens and have been socializing them for adoption. Now mom, an abbytabby tux manx, is fixed too.
More from the ongoing Vine street district situation. Today's haul---three teens, two boys and a girl. This one's a boy.
This gray tabby on white is also a boy.
And this muted torti on white teen, is of course a girl.