Thursday, May 23, 2024


 I am so happy I could nab Twilight, before the 7-11 owners ran me off.   

Today he is moving on, with Silverton Cat Rescue barn cat placement team.   He was to go with a buddy, but I had no time to catch one of his buddies before I was chased off by the new owners.

He was a bit of a loner there anyhow.  He would follow the big male Seven, for some reason, when Seven was still there, before I caught him and he moved off to a barn home with two others.

Twilight was one of three cats who routinely tried to get back into the house where his former hoarder owner lived.  Tabitha and Orion are the other two.

Before I got him fixed, he was skinny as a rail.  Only here since Monday night, he's been eating nonstop in  those two days and is an easy keeper type, happy it seems, to get plenty of food and be out of the elements.

He'll get a new lease on life, with a barn home and be paired up with another cat.  He won't know the other cat, so its a bit like two strangers being thrown together as roommates, in a stressful change, but from what I observed in the times I was up there, he wants a friend to attach to, and didn't really have one there at the colony.  This is often the case with young males, if not fixed--rejection, due to their hormones and fear of the big males.  But he's been fixed now almost two months and being young, the hormones are pretty much gone by now.

The sting, embarrassment and hurt of being driven off in the manner it happened up there Monday night has lessoned and will soon vanish, I hope.  The memory of it will come back in my dreams and I have many dreams about cats in trouble, me trying to surmount obstacles to save them.   Often its floods or people with guns making it difficult.  I wonder why those two dangers are most common in my dreams.  The other dream I have in various forms involves me having some of my cats with me somewhere when a natural disaster strikes and I can't find them all.  I wake up and am relieved to realize all is well and my cats surround me.  

I've had friends lose their cats to disasters and felt their pain.  Wildfires and floods in particular.   I suppose these memories can show up in dreams.

I felt so humiliated and wrongly attacked by those 7-11 new owners, I hid out a few days. I also felt severely used.   They only took it over a few weeks ago, and because of all that work I did, there isn't a big huge cat issue there, like there had been one month prior.  And for that I get treated like human garbage.  

 I thought about never going in another 7-11 again.   But I'm not very good at grudges.  They take so much energy and bother my stupid core belief in the good of people.  I can't help that.  It's just part of me.

We're still having sketchy rainy weather.   Allegedly the weather will be better Saturday and Sunday.  Allegedly.  Hard to believe anymore.  We had those two hot nice days.  When was that?  Seems so long ago now but it wasn't that long ago.   I was trapping down at Pioneer Villa.   

My summer off isn't really a big deal since now we're getting only five spots a month at the Salem clinic.   Ha!  It's a joke anymore, the availability of affordable spay neuter in our state.

Even the small town my Sweet Home friends moved to in Michigan has a summer free feral fix program.   Oregon can be so backwards.


  1. I'm glad the effects of the verbal assault at the 7-11 have lessoned some. I know it would take me a while to recover from something like that. Twilight is a beauty, and another cat you've given a better life to.

    1. He left today. He seems really easy going, albeit wild, so I think being the way he is, he'll do just fine. Sure beats the life he had up there.

  2. I am really, really happy that you could nab Twilight too. And still fume at your rotten treatment.

    1. I try not to think about it or I get upset but happy Twilight got his new chance.

  3. I for one am happy that you don't hold grudges :-)

  4. I'm so glad you got Twilight. Sorry about the stupid 7-11 owners. Sometimes I wish stupidity was more painful.


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