Sunday, May 19, 2024

Rain and A Fire in Lebanon

 Rain is back.   At least it came back off and on today, although it wasn't supposed to.   Tomorrow is supposed to be nice, albeit quite a lot cooler than the norm for this time of year.  Then more rain, at least Wednesday and Thursday with after that, a question mark for some reason.   

I worked hard last two days, to cut down a jungle of a cat yard.  The grass had regrown, since I last cut it with the weed eater, to rainforest epic jungleland.   The cats hate me for cutting their play jungle down.   It took all day yesterday for that part.  The day before--it wsa the front I mowed to please the neighbors.

Why do I try to please the neighbors?   Especially the ones who only know me as their parking lot.   Vehicles from them all over out front Saturday into the night.  Again.  I feel like putting a sign up that says "I am not your parking lot" but they'd only laugh.  They don't care.   They do it because they can, because its legal and if my view of the outside world is their excess cars and big honking trucks, they don't care.  Nor do they care that they wake me when they start up one of those monster trucks or fancied out muffler midget cars.  They come, they go, they come back, omg, I sit inside and curse.

Anyhow, I don't really care about neighbors anymore.  I keep the lawn below ten inches, above which is illegal inside the city.  BEyond that, when I feel like it I mow it.  And I don't feel like it much.

I hate yardwork.

So today, I went over to Lebanon to a friends house, and then we cruised by the fire destroyed adult foster home.  It's only a block from her place but she didn't even wake up when it happened.  It happened middle of last night, woke some neighbors, brought a lot of first responders to the street and my friend slept through it.  I saw it all over facebook this morning and texted her, thinking maybe she was up half the night over it.  But no.  

  There was allegedly an explosion involved too.   The photos are frightening, of an inferno consuming the entire house in short order.  Everyone got out except one older man and the fire department went into a fully engulfed house to get him out, but he didn't make it.  

She was sad to hear about it and to see the total destruction.  She once had an aunt who was a resident there and said the people were good to her aunt.  

Anyhow, we drove to the park then.  The river is looking very clear and beautiful and kind of dead inside (no life).   The reservoirs have been stocked with hatchery trout but other than that, they're kind of dead inside too now.   After their draining and muddy soup that happened last fall due to the three fishing groups lawsuit.  (the fishing groups don't care about most fish, only chinook salmon and killing thousands upon thousands of other fish, and things that relied on them, didn't bother them one bit).

Anyhow, what can I say, beautiful on the outside at least.

I love the bloom of daisies each year in the park lawn.  

I rarely see another human being anymore, unless out trapping, so this morning I got up and thought, I've got to convince someone to go do something and the park feeder lady was up for it.  

After we went to the park, we stopped at Tallman Brewing.   These sorts of places are the rage in Oregon, don't know about elsewhere.  Inside area, that serves alcohol and other drinks, live music sometimes, bench tables and outside tables, surrounded by food carts.   I think they're great, friendly, good for gatherings, each person can get what they want to eat.   I had some nachos and a strawberry lemonade.   My friend had a burrito of some kind and also got some sort of dessert from an Indian food truck.  I ate one of the desserts. They came four to an order.  They were round pancake like balls in a rose scented sugar water.   It was ok, but extremely sweet.  

It was raining by then.   I picked up my car, parked in her driveway and came on home.   It's good to get out now and then, that's for sure.

Another interesting whacko story of this week was that a strange fish was found dead on an Oregon beach.  Pacific Football Fish.  A female.  The males?  They're considered parasitic, don't eat, attach to the female, get nutrients from her, but slowly dissolve away, donating a supply of sperm as they do.  They're also teensy, compared to the females.  Ok.   

Pacific football fish found story.

Speaking of males......a rescue turned this into their home page photo for now.   

We all might be just a tad sick of those who don't fix their cats and cause all the misery and suffering.


  1. Goodness! I'm glad I'm not a Pacific Football Fish. Anyway, I especially like the picture with the picnic table in the park.

    1. Yes, you can be happy that! Thanks about the park daisy lawn photo.

  2. Love that rescue groups home page. How right they are.
    The daisies are gorgeous - and I am glad you got out. Hopefully some life will return to the river.

    1. She's down in Medford, that rescue lady, endured a wildfire down there, lost cats in it, formed a rescue. She's so funny and such a good writer too.

  3. The river does look wonderful, and so full.
    I'm glad you had a nice day out.
    The final photo and words are good.

    1. Ha, I love that she made that main page photo with just the right slogan on it. Had to share it.

  4. I'm sorry about your troubles, that fire, and the lifeless waters. :( The photos are lovely and that home page photo is brilliant! Hugs, my dear.

  5. I probably would have slept through the fire in my complex if someone hadn't woken me up, so I get how your friend missed that fire a block away. Hopefully your river will bounce back with fish in a few years. Fingers crossed.

    1. I would have slept through it too.

  6. Many men do seem to, for some reason, take it personally if you suggest they neuter their cat. They don't care if a female cat is fixed but its like their own balls are being removed if their male gets fixed, despite all the dangers involved, to their cat, and stinky spray marking if not he's not fixed. Also I have to remind them "we're not fixing you" as they seem to equate their cats' balls with their own, like removing the cats, will also remove theirs. Its so bizarre. Nice you don't claim all balls as your own as some men seem to do. I admit to never having enjoyed yardwork, in all my life.


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