Wednesday, March 06, 2024

Slime Time

 I guess I can be called a Hermit.  Or a Winter Hermit.  Winter Hermitess?

The weather lately has certainly gotten to me.   There's little to do, since outside is yucky.

One friend called it Slime Time.  She now lives down in K Falls to be near family.

There is slime and algae growing everywhere.

General slime

Pellet fuel litter bag slime

Carrier side slime

Carrier water slime

Chair slime

Fence board slime

Fence slime

My driveway is half slime, half moss.   The yard seems to be sinking in many spots due to constant heavy rain.   

I sleep odd hours and when awake, like a  robot, do cleaning chores.  There's nothing on TV.   If I had the bucks, I'd head off somewhere warm.

I have five spay neuter spots Monday.   I could fill another forty spots but it is what it is and we have what we have.

I want to get Bob fixed Monday if I can catch him.  Stevie the fixed owned boy, has been guarding the trap I have tied open to feed in.   Stevie isn't that nice of a boy.  Gigi hates him cause he beat her up badly when she still went outside.  Someone put a flea collar on Stevie.   He's from the blue house, but the people behind me also half claim him.   

Bob came by but Stevie was here, so Bob went to the trap and sprayed it down in a useless attempt to claim it as his place to eat.

The neighbor at the end is leaving soon.   He sold the house after the family split up (divorce) and is moving to Las Vegas where he got a different job, another neighbor told me.   I don't know who bought the house this time.  It's changed hands so many times since I moved to the block.  I think its cursed.  Nobody lasts there long.

I'm dreaming of Waldo Lake lately.  But the dreams are far away--like from another life and untouchable

Food prices are still outrageous here and now gas is going up again.   Our electric utilities in Oregon think they can jack prices by two digits yearly, to enrich their shareholders and our PUC lets them.  The state is not affordable for life anymore.

I wish it wasn't so.  

My hermitess existence helps keep me afloat.   

When I got called in for jury selection the jury manager kind of made fun of the fact we'd get just $10 pay for coming in.  But I perked up when he said that.  $10 is $10!  I haven't gotten the check yet but its coming.  One problem if you're poor is you can't really have normal friends, that had good jobs and good retirements. They want to do things that cost money.   The only thing I do for enjoyment is go up to Waldo for two or three days in the summer to camp and go out on that gorgeous lake in my kayak, where they don't allow motor boats and I feel like I'm in heaven.   I hope to go again late June this year, when there still may be spots of snow at that altitude but the mosquitos will be bad.   I dealt with the mosquitos last year when I went and their presence along with snow spots, ensured a pretty much empty campground.  As for the cats and the difficulty of finding a reliable affordable petsitter,  I have a plan for that too.   And I go up to the reservoir with my kayak or raft as often as I can cause that just costs the gas to get there.   


  1. There was a story on the news the other day about a shortage of vets. The story talked about a mobile veterinary clinic for areas that didn't have the regular services of a vet. I wonder if some of the clinic issues you've been having is just due to lack of staff. Not entirely, of course, but a contributing factor.

    I hope you get warm weather soon.

    1. Me too, going nuts with this constant wet.

  2. Be careful walking where there's slime or other gross things!

  3. You certainly do have slime. Will it disappear when the weather warms up and things properly dry out?

    1. It dies off if its warm enough. Sometimes I end up scrubbing everything, with a brush on a pole, once the weather turns decent. Otherwise if I did it now, it would be useless. It just comes back the next day.

  4. That's quite the photo essay on slime. :) The constant damp and rain has to be depressing at times. Here's hoping there's some sunshine soon.

  5. I think we should skip January, February, and March. They are worthless months. But at my age, that would be losing too much time.

    1. They are indeed worthless months. Yeah I get the losing too much time. I'm old too.

  6. I wish you could move here. ~hugs~ Southwest Ohio suburbia remains pretty awesome. Best wishes and thank you for that image of kitties staring down through the window. It made me giggle.


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