Saturday, February 24, 2024


 I sometimes get stressed with change.   More changes at the clinic in Salem.  This time they were changing software.  

The old online portal system worked so seamlessly.  We got the cat caretakers to sign an anesthesia form, then filled out information through the online portal on each cat and submitted the information electronically.   We could access those records anytime, forever.   

Well, now its something else, because the big shelter who took over the old shelter/clinic is ditching the portal to match the system in Salem, to their one in Portland.  Only their one in Portland seems to be not easy, and awash in paperwork.

I got five texts and five diffferent emails for the five ferals to take in Monday.   I have to sign five anesthesia releases for the five cats plus get the caregiver to sign one.  In return I get a printed record of the cats' fix that includes a tame cat recovery instruction sheet written in print so small you need a magnifying glass to read it.  At the bottom in even tinier print you can find the cats sex.   Then you get the rabies certificate.  Oh man how I'll miss the ease and good records in the portal.  I suppose becoming stressed over something I have no control over and is really not that big of a deal might be a sign I need to take a break.

Right now the state is attempting to up fees charged to rescues, groups that take in and adopt out animals of all sorts.  This is so they can inspect the rescue or shelter, and keep them in line with medical and housing humane protocol.  Or something.

I'm not one of those groups since I don't take in cats to adopt out.   But I feel for those small groups who do take up slack for a huge problem and try to help.    The fee was plenty high already, for nothing gained for Oregon people or Oregon animals in return.   You only have to know how horrible one county run shelter is in Portland, overseen by this program, to know its useless.   When they can't keep in line a big county run shelter, to treat animals right, the program needs to end.

The fee increases are spectacular, depending on intake numbers, up into the thousands of dollars quickly, for relatively small numbers.  If you knew how tremendous the overpopulation problem is in Oregon, with resulting abandonment and neglect and abuse as byproducts, you'd know there are massive numbers of cats, kittens, dogs and puppies out there dying for a rescue's help with placement.  Almost all small rescues are volunteers.   Charging volunteers seems terribly cruel.  And so backwards.  What the state needs is affordable vet care and most importantly, affordable accessible spay neuter options.

The state's job is to clear the road of obstructions to solving problems.   The states job is not to throw more big boulders onto the road to make solving problems much harder and then charge the people driving that road to clear the boulders too.

Well, there's my days' rant.

The change in the paperwork stressed me out yesterday.  The sheer volume of emails and texts involved now in getting five cats fixed does also.  That was on top of finding out I've been called in for a jury trial Monday.  This next week is my last week of jury duty.  I didn't get called in last week, but I did for Monday.  And I have five more spots at the clinic Monday.   Check in time at the clinic is 7:30 a.m.   30 minutes at least drive back to the court house from the clinic.  The court house has limited parking so sometimes you have to park and walk awhile.  Can't make it work with that timeline.  So I became stressed to the point I had to turn off my phone and TV and go to bed about 7:00 p.m.  But I got an offer from a Mill City lady to come all the way here, pick them up and take the cats to the clinic. This is above and beyond. I couldn't find anyone willing any closer.  The cats caregivers have job schedules that prevent them transporting.   I'll pay the kind lady's gas and get her a lunch card for somewhere.

I may not be chosen once I check in at the jury room.  I hope I'm not.    They usually call in two or three times the number they'll need.   But how many will show up?  It's supposed to be a duty of citizenship but a lot of people just ignore the summons.

Like my neighbor.  I was shocked when she told me yesterday she was called up for the same two weeks as me, but she just ignored the paper.  Pissed me off.

Anyhow, here are photos of the five cats fixed yesterday.  Four girls and one boy.






Two more days of nice weather, today and at least part of tomorrow!  


  1. II would have thought Oregon being a progressive state would do things rather better when it comes to supporting volunteers in any shape or form, of course including what you do. It's rather disappointing.

  2. Only my youngest brother has been called for jury duty in my family. He was looking forward to the experience. It turned out to be a very nasty child abuse case and he was not happy at all.

    1. I'd hate to be on a child abuse case. I know someone has to, but I don't want it to be me.

  3. Not at all wise to ignore the summons. Not at all.

  4. Not at all wise to ignore a jury summons--- Not at all.

  5. All of that sounds very stressful. Oregon sounds like a mess. Hopefully, things will be calmer today.

    1. I hope for calmer days. I do much better if I stay offline for the most part and off TV news.

  6. Is there a government official (representative or something) that you could make that rant to? Clearly, the people making the rules have no concept of what those rules are going to do. Good luck with your jury duty. Just be yourself, and I'm sure they'll dismiss you. (I mean that as a compliment.)


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