Friday, February 01, 2019

Post Wedding Trap Job

I didn't get the entire week off.

By Tuesday, I was way up in Lacomb, early morning, with frost everywhere, not adequately dressed for 25 degree weather.  Oh well.

I'd left a drop trap up there for the lady with the cats to feed under, to get them used to it.  She moved her car so I could angle in, and run the line I'd need to pull, to pull the stand out from under the trap, through my passenger side window.

But it was still too dark to see the drop from my car.  Cats were all over the porch.  I'd forgotten my camera.

Initially she said there were nine, but amended that to 8, saying a male had run off months ago.  By Tuesday she said there were only seven.

There was an already ear tipped Lynx Point Siamese male running around that she said showed up years ago.

This guy is already fixed.  See the ear tip?

I was tired of waiting for the light of day and set small traps and caught three.  After this they would not go for the drop trap.  Well they did, but I'd had her place the food under it and it was too close to one side and I could see two of them were eating from the plate but still half outside the drop trap.

I gave up, left two traps set, went home.

During the day, another went into a trap and she put the cat in the trap in her bathroom.

I went back up that evening.  That was right after getting a text that someone I had trapped for two years ago, was jogging along the river in Lebanon and found a starving teen, trying to eat goo from an old discarded milkshake cup.  She had scooped him up.   I told her to call Safehaven.  She said they said they had no room.  I messaged both KATA and Heartland Humane.  Both said they'd help but KATA could help sooner and she had him in her car by now, waiting at a bus stop to pick up her niece.

Kata picked up the young skinny male, now named Gil, for where he was found.

Then I went on up to Lacomb.  The three tabbies still needing caught were hungry.  She went and put food under the drop trap, and in one fell swoop, I yanked the cord, dropping the trap on the three, who had immediately run under it for food.

I ran over and covered the trap with sheets, to calm them.  Then I got three traps from my car and transferred the cats from the drop trap, using its transfer door, to the live traps, that also had back transfer doors.

I left a trap there for her in case another showed up.

None did.

Yesterday morning, early, in the fog, I set out with the seven cats for Portland and the FCCO clinic.  She'd made the appointment for them.  There was some congestion but nothing like usual and I arrived by 8:00 a.m.

I'd made no real plan for what to do all day and forgotten to bring a book.  I got cat food at Winco there, went to the grocery outlet store in King City, went to a thrift store in Tigard, a couple of them, didn't do much of anything really.  I got the cats back at 3:00 and encountered no congestion going home.  I got home just before 5:00.

We may get snow Sunday or Monday, probably not and if so, be just a dusting, the news says.

That would be fun.

Here are the cats from Lacomb fixed yesterday.  Two boys and five girls.

Black tux teen girl

Black tux teen boy

The only other male was this tabby.  He is twice the size of the others
The next four photos are all four girls and yes, they look a lot alike.  But all are fixed now.

 Anyhow, I will take them home this morning.


  1. Not surprised you didn't get a whole week off. You can't help yourself - but DO help the cats. Big time.

    1. No, you're right, I can't help myself.

  2. I agree with EC. Not surprised that you didn't get a week off. You're very dedicated.