Saturday, February 09, 2019

No Snow and Goodbye Maple

The maple is slowly coming down today. 

I went out early, just after light, to take down cat yard wire.  I got drenched, as it began to snow big wet flakes about then, but that didn't last, and mostly it was rain.  I got wet fast and only took down some of the cat wire, unsure if the tree cutters were coming.

He came at 9:00 a.m.  Yup, just one guy.  Said his workers never showed.  Three hours into it, another guy showed up to help.

He said its hard to find reliable workers around here.   But promised to get it done nonetheless and he has been doing it, working hard, said not to bother taking down more cat yard wire, that he'd throw the wood over outside the fence and he's been doing that.   The other guy is chipping the brush.  The neighbor wants some of the cut up bigger stuff.  They go camping a lot in the summer and want firewood.

So we have no snow.   Nothing.  Nada.  Big huge disappointment.  I love snow.


  1. Sad that the tree had to go, but as you said, it was a very inappropriate planting.

    1. Yes for a maple to be planted, two of them actually, within feet of the house, that's nuts. They grow fast with huge spindly branches that are known for breaking off in wind.

  2. How nice that he showed up despite the miserable weather. And that they don't want you to take any more of the cat yard down.