Monday, October 15, 2018

The Orangies are Gone. Seven More Cats Fixed

This afternoon, when I went to retrieve the cats I took up this morning to be fixed, my friend who places barn cats met me at the clinic.  She was there to pick up the two Sodaville adults spayed today, but she also picked up my beloved fivesome of orange kittens.  Oh how I will miss them.  She delivered them to ARCF (Animal Rescue and Care Fund).

 I had been eyeing my own cats.  If I choose five of them, I reasoned, and, um, euthanize them, or adopt them out, I could keep all five of the Oranges.   I looked at my cats again, sized them up, recalled their faults and bad habits and ages.....bwah ha ha.  Just kidding.

So long kids.  You are so much fun!!!

Here they are greeting the Sodaville kittens.  All seven of them are still in the bathroom.

I got involved in finishing that situation up in Sodaville because the kittens were vanishing one by one.   Likely predators.  A cougar was seen a few dozen feet from where they lived around a porch of a house that's now empty.  That was about a month ago, maybe two weeks, I don't know.  But when I heard about these kittens I just went and caught them.  Plus two more adults, both girls.

The girls, Tawny and Soda, after being fixed today, went to my friend who places barn cats, like I said.  But I think the kittens can all be tamed.

Soda, spayed today, a girl

Tawny, a torti, spayed today too
People would like to think its a big mystery where these two girls and the third, Sushi, who I will catch again later (fixed last week and returned), came from.  But its no mystery.  Last February I trapped a muted torti there, and she was lactating.  The three girls are her surviving kittens and now they've had kittens.

Since I had an extra spot, I took along Bisquit, one of the boy kittens, to be neutered.

He might look big in that trap but that's a tiny kitten trap.  So there.
I took a second cat from a trailer park south of Albany too.  This time they caught the mom, of the teens.   Mama Gray.

Mama Gray is the second cat fixed from there.
The other three came from the over run property just out of town.  Two boys, both white, and an orange girl.  All three are going to a new home tomorrow, along with three others fixed a week ago, from same place.  The woman who had them all (up to 12 fixed there now and five kittens removed) has been evicted and I don't know where she's going.  She has pigs and turkeys and horses and dogs too,  no money and no drivers license.  Doesn't sound good, does it?  The little orangie kittens came from this same place.

WC, a boy, fixed today.

Half Tail, who had a terrible wound on one foot.  The vet clinic fixed him all up though.  He gets to go to a new home where he'll be fed and cared for.   The woman who knows this person who has to leave that property says she doesn't feed any of the animals except for bread and the chickens and pigs, and everything swarm her when she dumps out the free bread she gets somewhere.   Its someone who should not own animals.  If you can't feed them, oh my it sounds so bad out there.

Ronnie, orange tabby girl, spayed today
I also went down to Brownsville after dropping the seven cats off and trapped 11 at a farm house.   I had left the drop trap out there a few days ago.   At that time, her husband had just received a pacemaker.  By Friday he was in the hospital with pneumonia and by today, they got a call, asking if they wanted him on life support.  It was so sad, I could not imagine what she was going through.  So I worked as fast as I possibly could to trap as many as I could, to get them out of there and done.  They will return, but they will return fixed.  Left some traps set that later on caught two more, so up to 13 caught there now.

So long my wonderful little orange kitten blessings!   We had fun, didn't we?   Yes we did.


  1. You did, as always, really good things. I am so glad that you had some fun as well.

    1. They made me constantly laugh! Guess they are already entertaining their new ARCF foster mom.