Saturday, October 20, 2018

Five More Returned, One Sodaville Kitten Gets Her Chance

I returned five more of the Brownsville cats yesterday, after vaccinating them, which was not that easy with a couple of these girls, as they were not very happy about anything.

This is the pair, a mom and her daughter, Brownie and Batista, who were slap happy and would come at me.  They're home now.  The moment Brownie was out of the trap back at her home, she relaxed and her bad mood vanished.

By comparison, the three teen girls, are very very sweet.  This one above, the black tux, I called her Bonzia.

This pair is Sami and Sushi.  Very nice cats.
I'd also trapped seven kittens in Sodaville.  The property vacant and being prepared for sale.   The kittens were vanishing.  So all seven came here after I trapped them.   And the first one to tame, Tinkle, a little black tux girl, went to Heartland yesterday to get her big chance at a home.  She had a URI and needed antibiotics and Heartland can handle that.  They are full over there, but made room for her. I was very grateful.

Tinkle, now at Heartland Humane in Corvallis.

Timbers up front, a little boy, and his long hair brown tabby brother behind him.  I haven't named him yet.  Timbers plays soccer, running, while moving a toy ball back and forth between his front feet.  He's good. Timbers is the name of the Portland, Oregon soccer team.

Maui, a little torbi girl

Kona, the little torti

Biscuit, the brown tabby boy, fixed last week, and Tinkle's sister Twinkle.
In all I still have six of the Sodaville kittens and four from Brownsville to tame and find placements for and that's a big undertaking.  I hope I can do it.  I hope I can find some help doing it too.


  1. Oh, I wish you all the best help in the world. The name Timbers has a great origin story! Be well, my dear.

  2. I am pretty certain you CAN do it, (because you are a cat miracle worker) but hope you get some help with these cuties. Thank you.

    1. I hope so EC. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

  3. Timber sounds like so much fun to watch. You have a big job placing all of those cats. Good luck.