Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Another Big Day

Yes it was another big day yesterday for local cats.  I wore myself out, in fact just got up.  Barely.  And intend to do nothing all day.

I took 11 to be fixed, and, after taking in five more sick kittens from Sweet Home, worked to bathe them and clean their ears out.   Meow Village had agreed to take them in, thank goodness.

All five, four girls and a boy, had bad colds and gunky eyes.  They were dirty and their ears were full of gunk and mites too.

All felt much better after bathes and their ears cleaned out and eye ointment.  They were eating up a storm.  But they need antibiotics.  Off they went to Meow Village.
The old woman with those kittens has a bunch more unfixed cats.  The Sweet Home lady rounding up cats brought down with them a teen female she thought was their mom, but it wasn't, just an unfixed teen girl and not lactating.

Midnight, that girl, got fixed yesterday as one of the 11 and Meow Village decided to take her too even though she wasn't the mom.

Midnight, spayed yesterday then off to Meow Village.  Out of Sweet Home!!!
Got one fixed too from a trailer park in Albany.  Guess he has like six more needing done too.

This one is Blizz, a little boy.  That's the only thing I'm going to do today, take him home.
Blizz, a white with gray boy teen, fixed yesterday, from a trailer park south of Albany.
Then there was Rio from Lebanon who was found starving under a house.  He's a sweet boy.

Then, from Sodaville, a gray tabby girl.  Sashi, I named her, but the clinic could not read my writing, so her name there went down as Sushi.  Sushi it is.

Sushi from Sodaville
The other seven were all from the over run property just outside Albany.  Three girls, all lactating, were fixed from there last week.  This week it was four boys and three more lactating girls.  Where are all the kittens?  I don't know.

Hoho, one of the three girls done yesterday

Itty Bitty, another of the girls

OC, yet another girl

The four boys now....


Baby Gray


Besides the 11 being fixed, like I said, Meow Village took the five sick kittens then also Midnight, who was thought at first to be their mom.  Lots of cats left to be fixed though in multiple places.

Today however is for sitting around blankly, sipping coffee and contemplating.


  1. I think you have earnt a break. That was a lot of cats to gather, clean up and deliver.

    1. Sure was. Sushi is still here but will go home this morning.

  2. That is a lot of cats that needed help. Thank God for people like you that help them.

  3. Bless you! And I'm not surprised you have 'one' little thing to do today. ~grin~ You are among the absolute least lazy people I have the honor to be acquainted with. (terrible grammar ~heh~) I do hope you get rested today after that whirlwind of activity.