Friday, June 29, 2018

Four Boys Off The Mean Streets

Sulu, from the empty house, another brown tabby, is tame and I only figured that out as I put the trap he recovered in after surgery, in the back of my car to return him.

I was surprised, but then I shouldn't have been.  Those people, before they moved, had told the Bird Lady there was an unfixed brown tabby now too, who fought with other cats. I had assumed they meant Scotty, but they likely meant Sulu.  Now I wonder, if I'd given Scotty a bit of time, if he too was tame.  Everyone else there has been tame.

The Bird Lady took Sulu to her vet to be fixed, not twenty minutes after he was trapped and once there, ordered the works, flea treatment, shots, neuter.  The bill was high, kind of shocked me, but HCC, my nonprofit, paid.  The thing that bothered me most was the butcher ear tip.  I don't mind ear tips on cats, but I did mind this one.  My gawd it is bad.   I was horrified.  WTF!!!

Sulu is very thin and very beat up but a woman has offered to take him.  She'd been looking for a second inside cat and I'm all for it.  Getting anybody tame off the streets is wonderful for the cats and the community.  So he's going this morning and I'm very happy about it.  She's a good woman, the person taking him, practical and easy going.  Perfect home option.

So the expense and botched ear tip are just fine, when you think he's already in a home now.  And she doesn't care about his ear looks and in fact, says it makes him look tough and is going to make up stories to tell people on how that happened.  That is a cool woman!

 I hope it works out.  If not he will come back, but the more time after his neuter, the easier it is to place him in a shelter or rescue.  Shelters and rescues are all right now jam packed with unwanted cats and kittens.

It is a huge help also to the Bird Lady, who cares for all these lost souls, left behind by others, to get three of these boys so far, out and on a path to real homes.  McCoy is at Heartland Humane waiting for a home.  Chekov is in Keizer waiting for a home.  And now Sulu may have his home.  The Bird Lady did not let Big Mac out.  She couldn't bear to, and is working with him, trying to get him proper house cat material, so he too can find a home.  She's also working to get the orange tabby girl, picking her up, putting her down, over where she feeds her at the house where she used to live with her people.  Then she can just put her in her cage carrier and take her home and I think my Keizer friend will take her too, since she and Chekov were great buddies.  She adopts out through a couple groups she works with up north.

So good luck to Sulu, Chekov and McCoy.  Bless the Bird Lady for her kindness to these cats.  AND I"M STARTING MY BREAK!!!!

 Four boys off the streets--McCoy, Chekov, Sulu and Big Mac.  Another, Scottie, at least fixed.  Now that's a win for everyone.


  1. Thank you, the Bird Lady, and everyone else on the positive side of the equation. And have a wonderful break.

    1. I already had a bit of fun. Was along the Santiam near the park and thought, I should just go swimming, so I did. Was cold. Still fun though. I might do it again tomorrow. Life is short!

  2. Don't give up on me because I WILL send those books. The fact is that I don't get out much anymore.

    1. I won't give up. I wish I had something to send you.

  3. Have fun during your break. You'll have to post then and again to let us know what you're up to.

  4. Bless you and all who assist. And best wishes to these kitties! I'm surprised that I didn't comment already. Hmmm... Maybe it got lost in cyberspace.

    Thanks for the kind comments on my posts. As for my writing, I am not out in the middle of the night changing lives! ~hugs~ I hope you can rescue the sunflower that fell down. Meanwhile, I'm eating fried green tomatoes as I type. The crunch of cornmeal and bread crumb batter paired with the softer tart taste of a homegrown unripe tomato is out of this world. Interestingly, I loved them as a child but my recipe came from the Internet. Heh... I guess my parents weren't fond of them and my maternal grandma took her secret to the grave. ~sigh~ These are probably the closest I could come to making hers anyway, I suppose. Be well!