Tuesday, March 13, 2018

15 Cats Fixed in Two Days

 Been busy.  Spent the weekend trying to catch an unknown number of cats up on Rock Hill.

In the end, as of last night, 7 have been caught.

8 of the cats fixed were from Brownsville.  Granted they were all tame, although they live outside, so Diana picked them up easily.  Still, holding all those cats before and after surgery, 14 by then, 8 from Brownsville, and 6 from Rock Hill, isn't completely easy.

I had three of the Brownsville cats in my bathroom over night, plus six Rock Hill ferals in my garage.  That was Sunday night.

13 of the 14 cats were fixed up in Salem, while the 14th was fixed over at Heartland Humane since I had 7 reservations in Salem and Diana had six.  That created a leftover, so Heartland fixed him.

Of the 8 Brownsville cats, three were girls and five were boys.

I don't recall this Abby Tabby male's name.  But he's fixed now.

This boy is Alex, I know that.

I don't know his name either.

I know Mistachio's name because he spent the night in my bathroom. He is a sweetie.

This little guy overnighted here also and is the sweetest prettiest little guy--Emil.  His tail is only three quarters length normal.
.As for the girls, all three were pregnant and just teenagers!

Shadow, also over nighted in my bathroom, and is very sweet.

Ginger, a torbi, was also spayed.

Aurora was a little shyer, but was also spayed.
The Rock Hill six were four boys and two girls.  Both girls were pregnant too.

Mooch, an abby tabby female, was spayed yesterday.  She has had a lot of litters.
Scooby, a gray tabby girl, was fixed also.  She's just a teenager.
Twister, a gray tabby boy, was one of four boys from Rock Hill fixed yesterday.

Zippo is a young gray tabby boy, also fixed yesterday.

Big bad Tanger was a surprise catch as they don't see him too often.  At least he's fixed now.  Can you see the little kitten Tanger once was in his eyes?  I can.

And Winter, number 14 fixed yesterday, a little boy, was fixed at Heartland Humane.
Traps were left set over night, since there was at least one, maybe two more.   I got a message at 4:45 a.m. that one was in the trap.  I'd asked the colony feeders to do this.  Someone had spay neuter reservations they were not using today and if they caught one, I wanted time to go get the cat and get it to the clinic by check in time, which is 7:15 a.m.  So Taiwan, another Lynx Point, sex unknown, is up being fixed right now.  The 7th cat caught at the Rock Hill colony.  

Taiwan, up being fixed today.
Diana is recuperating the 8 from Brownsville and she'll take the boys back today.  I'll take the four Rock Hill boys back this morning and the two girls can stay here a couple more days.   As for Taiwan, he or she will soon be home too.

The 8 Brownsville cats were brought up from a farm the family lived on in southern Oregon.  They couldn't bear to leave them there.  They live outside and they care for them best they can but they could not deal with more being born. 

The Rock Hill cats are well fed but they asked if I could find them homes, which I can't.  They're all wild but they'll continue to be fed and no more will be born to add to the group.  They have it pretty darn good with fields to roam and a shop to sleep in.

Nobody wants more born though, and lots of kittens are about to be born. I'm starting a new colony immediately with a cat so pregnant she's likely given birth by now, or will within a few days.  I"m hoping to catch her so her kittens can be born inside and grow up to have indoor house cat lives.

UPDATE:  Taiwan was another boy, almost 8 lbs, vocal and a little inbred funny looking.


  1. Excellent work.
    Thank you so very much.

  2. That's some big numbers. As Elephant's Child said, "Excellent work."