Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Onslaught Over

Ha Ha.

Couldn't help that title after the post title before that.

I took five cats to be fixed in Salem yesterday.  I took Lark, the Mountain Shadows trailer park teen, who turned out to be a boy.   I took Hennessey, a little torbi girl, from the Street of Cats in Lebanon.  And I took three from the Eviction Tenants, who have to move out due to apartment complex upgrades.  The three I took are the little fuzzy funny girl--Sisken I named her.  Then two big males--Big Sam, who is orange tabby tux, and Woody, a big brown tabby boy.
Hennessey from Lebanon fixed yesterday.
Lark was neutered too, from Mountain Shadows
Sisken from Eviction Tenants

Big Sam, also from Eviction tenants, fixed yesterday.

Woody from Eviction Tenants, also fixed yesterday

After I dropped those five off I took Jade, Shadow and LG to Heartland.  Jade was to have her swollen eye removed, while Heartland had agreed to take Shadow and LG, from Mountain Shadows, to adopt out.
LG from Mountain Shadows is now up for adoption at Heartland Humane

Shadow, too, is up for adoption at Heartland.  He is also from Mountain Shadows.  Both boys are very very sweet.

Well if that wasn't a bit tiring.

So the Mountain Shadows tame boys didn't return, and neither did four of the five who were fixed in Salem, as my barn cat placement friend picked up Lark, Sisken, Big Sam and Woody at end of day at the clinic.  It was nice to see her, even if for a few moments in a parking lot.

I take what I can get.

The garage was temporarily empty.  But just before I headed to Salem to pick up the little torbi girl from Lebanon and hand over the four others to my friend, the Eviction Tenants caught another.  They called the cat "the other kitten" but this is an adult, likely a female.  They've fed her awhile and she's wild.   My friend will take her too once she's fixed, which probably won't happen now til next Monday.  She's set up in the garage and I named her Meeka.
Meeka, the last outside cat needing a new place from the Eviction Tenants.  She'll be fixed next week.  They still have two tame females who need somewhere to go.
Not bad I'd say to get one tame kitty they needed placed, out, and four wild ones, in the space of a few days.

Jade, in the end, did not get her eye removed.  I'm not sure why.  The vet there said its either infected or she has a tumor.  I kind of already knew that.  So I made an appointment with the coast clinic for her and wish I had not cancelled the appointment I had for her there today.  Now I have to wait again and I feel guilty over it.

She stayed the night there at Heartland and I'm about to go pick her up.  I couldn't get back from Salem in time to get her yesterday.

She will be very happy to be home and see her friends.

Deer sweet Jade

We've had quite a lot of fog lately, which can be beautiful as it shrouds trees and even hangs over the river.

Lots of Geese spend their winters in the valley.

Humans befoul the river with, of all things, glitter.  There was lots of it.

King of the Rock Almighty


  1. Beautiful kitties. How kind of you to help so many.

  2. Love the photos. Sigh on our destructive, thoughtless species.

    1. Yeah, the glitter is a strange sight washed up along the waters edge in lines. Someone was very thoughtless about the river and wildlife. We drink that water, too.

  3. That's a pretty fast turn around on a lot of cats. Glad the weather and your car cooperated with all of the appointments.

  4. Well done you, as always. Big Sam looks mean.

    1. He's a fighter I think. Once was tame.

  5. Poor Jade; but you have no reason to feel guilty. I like your creative names. The sight of that glitter ticks me off. What are people thinking? Well done, once again, my dear. You're amazing.

    1. No, it was just one of those things. The glitter ticks me off too. People!

  6. I don't understand why the vet didn't do SOMETHING about that eye. It sounds like he didn't think it needed removal, yet you seem to be saying that he did nothing to help it heal.

    I think about you everyday. I obviously don't visit you anywhere near that often, so I tell you this so you'll know that I feel an interest in you that might not be apparent, and that I am grateful for the work you do. I have been thinking that you know so much about cats that you could do a blog devoted to cat behavior, and make a portion of it to how people might deal with problems between themselves and their cats. I don't know how much is luck and how much is good parenting, but our four cats continue to get along very well. They're bonded in different ways and to different degrees to one another, but they're all loving to one another and to Peggy and me. I can understand why people keep bringing home cats, cats being so interesting as individuals, and then every time a new cat is added to the mix, it changes the group dynamic, and this adds to the interest cats have as individuals. Dogs are interesting too, but I suspect that I understand dogs better than I understand cats (dogs being more like humans), and this makes cats more intriguing. I heard on the radio that cats have less than dogs of a brain chemical that's related to intelligence, which means that cats are presumably less intelligent. I don't have strong feelings about this one way or the other because I don't expect my pets to do my income taxes, but I wonder if you have any thoughts about the intelligence of the one species versus the intelligence of the others.

    I heard on the news recently that glitter is a serious source of pollution because it doesn't break down. Who would have thought it.