Monday, August 07, 2017

Cats Moving But Not Much Else Is. Heat Oppressive

I got five more cats fixed today.  Although the temps are no longer in triple digits and temps near 90 now seem cool, today's humidity turned the heat and all of the outside, into a steamy sauna.

Three of the cats fixed today are a little family of Brownsville cats a friend discovered.  She helped their feeders trap them.  They grabbed  the female's kittens when young and took them inside, so they could tame.  They'll be fixed later.  One of the males had virtually no lower jaw.  The vet said it was from an old traumatic injury, like being hit by a car, but long healed and he manages fine.

This is Sable, one of the two big Brownsville males fixed today.
Tawney, the female there, whose kittens are safe inside a home

And this is Xander, whose lower jaw is virtually gone.  This photo doesn't show it well.  I'm in awe that he survived that injury of long ago, and has done well.
Big Max was fixed too.  He was likely once owned, but now is a stinky smelly angry boy, making him a bit tough to hold from Saturday until this afternoon, when he finally went home after being neutered.  He's being cared for and lives in a garage.

Albany big boy Big Max is now fixed.  And, thankfully, back home.
Also I've had Camelia here, from Mountain Shadows, awaiting a placement.  She loves other cats, but people?  Not so much.   Finally my friend who places barn cats said she had room but couldn't come down to meet me in Salem for just one cat.  This prompted some movement on my part and I returned to the Albany colony, since relatives of the caretaker had complained about the numbers there.  I caught two in the night Saturday night, one of whom had no ear tip (wasn't fixed).  Eclipse, that little black boy, was fixed today and today, he along with fellow colony member Ebony, fixed in May, and Camelia from Mountain Shadows, went off with my friend, to be placed.

Ebony, from the Albany colony, went off for barn cat placement

Eclipse, also of the Albany colony, a little male, was fixed today and went with Ebony.

Camelia of Mountain Shadows left today too and was immediately happy to meet Ebony of the Albany colony.  She's been housed in a cage inside the house, due to the heat in the garage since being brought to me by the Mountain Shadows resident who had fed her.  It's time for her to move on with her life.
The heat today has been oppressive, hot and humid, with skies clouded in wildfire smoke.  The weather pattern may change soon, to cooler weather and possible heavy rain is in the forecast, on, of all days, Monday the 21st.  Eclipse day may see downpours in Oregon.


  1. Xander really is a survivor isn't he? And now he will have a better life. Thank you.
    Now hunker down and do as little as possible.

    1. I like doing nothing, EC, had a nice long sleep last night in my place, with the working AC!!!

  2. Between the heat and the smoke, it definitely sounds like a good idea to stay inside these days. So glad you got your AC fixed as well as all of the cats.

    1. I LOVE the working AC and yes, its sure nicer inside than out, lately. Today is supposed to be hotter even and more humid and more smokey than yesterday.

  3. Wow! More lives improved to such an amazing degree, you are a wonder. How is the knee? I hope you're not in terrible pain.

    1. My knee backslide didn't pan out. Hurt for one day, now back to the much better stage it had been in for a couple weeks.