Thursday, July 27, 2017

Just Another Busy Day

Today was just another blur and by now, just having gotten home from delivering the last cat fixed today home, I am moments from bed.

Yes, bed.  At 8:00 p.m.  Wonders never cease.

I had reservations today, already long made and the three smallest bathroom kittens are still too small to be fixed.  They have to weigh two pounds to get fixed and they don't.

I gathered up three of the remaining four kittens needing fixed on that Lebanon street I've worked on since March.   I couldn't take the fourth because she's too little still.  Damn it anyhow, I so much wanted to be done there.  Declare victory somewhere at least.

How many along that one dead end street did I help?   Well initially it was 13, returning one.  Then I went back for five kittens and their mom.  That's 19.  Then I talked the granddaughter, living in the RV in the yard, into letting me fix one of her two adult females, both with litters.  That's 20.  Then it was the other adult female I took to be fixed and the first female's two boys kittens.  23 now.   And today, it was three of the 2nd female's four kittens.   Up to 26 cats helped there.
Max, Crescent and Lil Guy, all boys, all fixed today and returned

I took the third Waterloo kitten in too.  His mom, sister and brother got fixed Tuesday.  I didn't want to take him.  He had this huge swelling on the inside of one leg.   I took him today.  His outcome was not good.  He was seriously deformed.  That was bladder, on the outside of his abdominal wall.  His intestines were messed up too.  The vet said congenital defects, and too many and too serious to repair.   He was euthanized rather than suffer longer.  Goodbye little guy.
Its horrible for me to even think about this little guy no longer among the living.  But look at that swelling inside his leg.  That's his bladder actually.  And what you can't see, inside him, was messed up too.  Poor baby.

Gandolph, a big gray tabby male, got fixed too.  I'd pursued him!!   One block to another, trying to find somewhere he could be caught and fixed.   I ran into him behind the Grocery Outlet making it with a classic torti.  I lectured him in the trap in the car about what I'd seen there, in the dark, a slight rain coming down, enough to make me peer like some stalker through spots in the windshield without water droplets.   Finally he settled on a backyard and people who fed him there and I knew them and they called me to say he was there, and get him fixed, would I, cause he sure needs it, wants to fight with anything that moves.  So he got fixed, that poor boy, ha. He's lucky.

Gandolph was fixed today
Also, a friend took in three of the bathroom kittens to foster.   So Wrangle, Sitka and Flower are gone now.  She'll find them homes too.  She's good with the wild ones.   She had a friend who wanted barn cats so she also took the two wild boys in the garage from Circle K, Eclipse and Fogs.  They're gone too now.
See ya round Wrangle
Bye Sitka, good luck.

Hey Fogs, behave yourself.

Flower and Wrangle, love you girls

Eclipse, I know you're scared but hopefully things are looking up for you and your brother Fogs
I still have four kittens in the bathroom, but I don't have seven in the bathroom at least, which is a good thing.

My brother is moving.   He'd talked about it off and on, but my other brother told me he received a short email from him stating they were moving.  So I called my older brother and finally got ahold of him.  He wasn't just thinking about it, they've sold their house and will be completely gone in a couple of weeks.   They're already moving things to their new place in Idaho.  Seriously?  If my other brother hadn't mentioned getting that email, I'd probably would not even have been told, until I tried to stop by their place in Portland to have strangers answer the door.

I may never see them again once they're gone.  It's not like they ever visited me.  I had to go to them if I wanted to see them.  I think getting to Idaho is beyond my means, way beyond.  Has made me very sad this week after I found out.   I would see them a couple times a year.  One of those times would be a few hours somewhere around Christmas.   Feels like a fog bank rolling in to think of them out of reach.


  1. This is a very mixed post. As always you have done some awesome work and achieved great things.
    I am very sorry for the little guy - but glad he had a gentle end. And even sorrier to hear that your brother is moving and hadn't bothered to let you know. Hugs.

    1. Yes, it did hurt he didn't tell me. The little guy's fate has bothered me. Doesn't help much when other rescues contact me to tell me I should have found a way to save him.

  2. Inconsiderate brother. Why would anyone move from near Portland to Idaho? Excellent cat work as usual.

    1. Not sure, since we don't really talk but his wife's parents live there is probably the main reason and the secondary one is that Portland is an extremely expensive place to live.

  3. Once again, good work. I too am sorry that your brother is moving without telling you. Family dynamics are never simple. Is there any chance he would come back a Christmas to you other brother's where you could see him?

    1. No, they are not close and my younger brother is usually with his daughter in Washington now for Christmas.

  4. Wow! I'm glad I read all the comments. How awful to be judged poorly for giving that sweet cat peace. Sometimes it's for the best and that vet seemed to have made a wise if difficult call. And sorry about your brother's move, especially without word. ~hugs~ My brother-in-law started saying we should move back to northeast Ohio for some reason. ??? This house is paid for and my elderly cats are settled, so that's not happening.

  5. thank god (or whomever) for you helping to end the little boy's suffering.
    thinking about you a lot this week and the crazy weather coming. you are a continued inspiration to me!!