Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dog Days of Summer

Heat wave is coming to the valley of Oregon this coming week.

Temps will be in the upper 90's, then suddenly soar mid week to 108, the predicted Wednesday temperature, with 106 on Thursday.  But some weather apps say it may be 110.  These temps are not unheard of in the valley, but they are exceedingly rare and anything over 105 is indeed pretty much unheard of here in Oregon.  We may be headed into heat the likes of which we've not experienced here before.

I continue my knee exercises three times daily.   The easiest to remember and do is "knee marching" where, when sitting, I lift my legs up like walking but while sitting.  The exercises are to increase the strength of the muscles that support my knee.

And my knee is improving.  I think.  I still wear my two braces, both differently, but I have worked what helps most, do elevation and ice and sometimes use a cane.

I still take the strong prescribed anti inflammatories twice daily or I experience too much pain to sleep well and sleeping well helps in recovery I think.  I think those pills have been the most helpful in healing.  they allow me to sleep and also to do the exercises I found online.

Three kittens left for Animal Rescue and Care Fund on Friday. I was so grateful they could take them.  This leaves me one Circle K kitten, the boy I called Skags.  Now I call him Twinkie.  Slowly he is coming around too.

Nemo, Bridget and Taxi headed off to ARCF
Three more Mountain Shadows cats, trapped by KATA, went off to my friend who places barn cats.

I had loaned two traps to a resident over there, who hasn't trapped a cat in some time.  Takes quite a lot of prodding.   She feeds on her porch and am trying to get the cats out she feeds.  Have probably gotten over ten out that she fed, but there are more.  She finally trapped a long fixed little muted calico Friday night.  She wanted to meet to turn her over. I had to go feed in Waterloo and said I'd meet her there.

I texted her when I left, got over there, fed, and waited.  And waited.  I texted her, no response.  Called her, no response.   Finally, fed up, I call again and she answers only she hasn't even left Sweet Home.  It's damn rude to do that to someone helping her in such an extreme manner.  She finally arrives just as I decided to call it and leave.  She gets out of the car screaming that my attitude sucks.   I tell her she treats me like her personal slave, which is so true. It would have taken her five seconds to text me that she would be late.  And very little effort to actually be there on time.

  I usually clamp my mouth shut until the cats are all helped but I unleashed a tiny bit in saying that.  Then she just cut loose screaming at me.  I asked her to return my second trap.  She has not responded about that and I figure its game playing time again, like children and I hate it.  I've helped her more than anybody could imagine one person helping another, and yet she does this to me in return?  Just return my trap!

This is the same person who twice tried to get pain meds from me after my injury.  It bothered me, especially the second time when I had told her not to be asking me, that I would never do that.  I finally announced publicly on fb that I'd destroyed them, which I did.  I don't like being a target just because I've had an injury.  It's sick.

So yesterday I spent in soul searching.  Is this really worth it, to take such crap off people.   I decided to appeal to management there, that if they want the cats removed which they do, they need to lay down the law.  Its not like the new owners of the trailer park have donated one single dime to the effort.  I have asked them for a donation.   They could at least make it easier by asking residents to keep their own cats inside when I'm scheduled to trap and for residents to leave me alone.

This is the cat.

I call this one Camelia.  I trapped her over a year ago there for spay.  She was already fixed, by KATA, who did not get her ear tipped so there was no way to know.  Now she's ear tipped.
Update:  I got my trap back, but lost another day doing so and money, had to drive clear up to Sweet Home to get it.  She  refused to give it over to KATA who tried to get it.  Like a little kid having a tantrum really, and they don't care who they harm or whose time and money they waste.  

I have thought about returning this last cat she trapped.  It's the heat wave coming, and the stress a trapped feral is under without the heat on top of it.  It was really bad timing for her to trap her with the heat wave that is hitting the valley.  But I won't now, not with the angst that woman has caused me last few days.  I'll figure something out for her tonight.   I hate to bring them in the house which stresses them too, with all mine some not nice to other cats, especially if in a cage.   Anyhow....this whole thing has made me realize I might be the nutcase, taking all this flack and sadness all the time, from strangers, to help them and their cats, enduring it, swallowing it, trying to smile anyhow but it comes out in nightmares and sudden bouts of sobbing, at the smallest thing, or snapping at someone you love.


  1. I'm glad that there is some relief for your knee. If you ever get to see any professionals for it, you will have already done some of the things they would recommend--like decreasing inflammation with ice and meds, and strengthening the muscles around it. Several years ago, my husband had two bad knees that both needed surgery. They fixed one and in the meantime, he was strengthening the other before the next surgery. And the other knee has not bothered him since he started exercising for it. The damage is still there and someday it may flare up again, but for now, it's a testimonial for exercise.

    1. We all, myself included, want a quick fix. However, I am just as culpable in not realizing I needed to get with the program and strengthen my leg muscles so they would hold my knee together. Yes, testimonial for exercise.

  2. I am so sorry to read about this individual. And you are right, she does seem to be treating you like her slave.
    I hope you can get the cage back - and really like your idea of asking the owners for support. It can't hurt. If they give nothing you are no worse off.

    1. Got it back, glad to be done with that ridiculous drama.

  3. There are just some people in the world who are not very nice and feel they are owed a lot.

  4. Glad you got the trap back. But don't feel bad about not knowing to exercise your knee. That's why we consult doctors in this day and age. Be well.