Sunday, June 11, 2017

More Mountain Shadows. More Street of Drugs

No sooner did I get the six Mountain Shadows cats trapped last weekend into various places, than the resident up there brought three more she had trapped.

One of these three is a very elderly black tux, cloudy eyes, thin, but from age.   Maybe Lucy's sister, or brother.  I haven't even checked yet.  She's in the bathroom.  She was in the bathroom with the orange tux boy she trapped, thinking it was Fiji.  It wasn't the massive Fiji, but rather a teen boy who looks just like him whom I got fixed in March for another trailer.   So he's going back today.

Joplin, the old tux, can't see well, and would jump into the towel cupboard, to sleep, but the little boy was already there.  This would startle Joplin and she'd start screaming.  For peace last night, I transferred the little teen boy to a garage cage.
Elderly Joplin, still full of vinegar

The resident also brought me another brown tabby wild boy, who is likely Bobs brother.   Bobs was fixed and my friend in Portland already found him a home.   Chester is a very stinky male but getting fixed today at the FCCO.

I ran both Chester and a black tux from the street of drugs up to Portland to the FCCO this morning.  My friend who places barn cats met me there and we transferred Louise and Chester to her traps.   They will go home with her.


Louise had five kittens over at the street of drugs.  I didn't catch her first time around there because she has this perfect right ear tip and I was sure she must be fixed.  Not so.   And she has the kittens to prove it.  I hand grabbed three of the little rascals, all close to 8 weeks, and fully capable of eating on their own.  The other two, however, dove down into the junkpile they have lived in.  The pile is helter skelter old boxes full of junk and cat poop and pee, packed mostly tight into old urine and feces soaked clothing.  Yikes.
Louise.  Doesn't that look like an ear tip to you?  Would you think she was already fixed?

Her kittens are older.  Five of them.  But I only got three.

I hope to get the other two soon.

Last night after checking kitten traps there again I went on up to the county park where my friend had planted herself and set a couple of traps for the remaining park cats.   I knew Buddy was there somewhere, along with Boots, Cumi and Paws.  Plus an unknown unfixed male who has come in since.   I didn't know Sunny was still alive.

 In my mind, I'd created a scenario, you see.  The scenario was perfectly pleasant, easy on the soul and in it, Ron, who had adopted Sunny and Buddy, but then left them behind, along with Bootsy and Paws, when he and his wife were moved, as camp hosts, to a different park, actually came back for them.  There was a big reunion and off they went with him.

Reality is never quite so happy.  I joined my friend and we joked around endlessly.   I was worn out and asked her to read to me, anything, off facebook, that was funny.  Finally we were giving up and collecting the traps, still joking, and I was about to pick up one trap when I actually noticed it was closed.  "Oh," I said, "wow."

It was Sunny.  I hadn't seen him since before they were left.  We'd seen Buddy earlier, sitting in the bushes plain as day and I hadn't seen him in awhile either.    So we caught Buddy's best friend, Sunny.   And still there are four left to find and catch there:  Buddy, Bootsy, Cumi and Paws.  And of course the new arrival unfixed male.

Sunny is here now, in the garage, waiting for the cage to clear, with the little owned orange tabby tux in it, and that will be his waiting arena, til we get Buddy, so they can go together.

Louise is gone but her three kittens are here.  And Joplin is here, the old fart, in my bathroom.  She or he has a place to go also, as do the kittens, but there's been another complication.  My car.  What else is new.

Now if I turn the engine off it may not start again.  Something about the transmission  Probably the neutral start switch, I'm told.   Blessed be Youtube.

To be safe, I just drive where I can leave it running.

A woman began to complain to me about some stresses in her life.  I waited patiently through it.   All the time I'm thinking, "Lady, do you want to know stress?"

Actually I'm not worried much.   All I want to do is sleep anyhow, and catch those last two kittens.  I cancelled the trapping I was to do this afternoon.   Sorry I don't want stuck dead in my car out beyond Lebanon.  Oops I meant stuck in a dead car.

I'm going to try to spray the outside of the neutral start switch with WD40, see if that helps.  Doesn't it help everything?  Maybe its just gunked up.


  1. Good luck on the car front.
    And I suspect that you know stress a great deal more intimately than many who complain. And I wish you didn't.

  2. I hope your transmission fix is as easy as your shifting fix.

  3. I agree with EC. Best wishes! And thank you for your valuable labors.