Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Dying Catmobile

The Catmobile is dying, I fear.  Terminal maybe.

Sometimes it just won't start.   It uses over a quart of oil a month but there are no leaks.

Today I was able to drive Sunny and Buddy, of Waterloo county park, to meet up with a Brooks woman, who will drive the boys the rest of the way to their new home.

Good luck boys!   They used to be fed by a camp host at the park and were fixed years ago by another group.  But they too were left behind, when the camp host left.   They are ok now.


Mountain Shadows old kitty Joplin went to a friend of mine's place last night.   After she took me out for dinner.  I loved that and enjoyed chatting with her and the food very much.

I was worried about taking the boys so far, to just north of Salem, with my car sometimes not starting.  But it started up and I made it up there, and it started for the trip home.  But then I stopped at a store.  Feeling over confident I guess.  Then it wouldn't start.  Like forever.  I was about to give up.  I was thinking this is its final hurrah.  But it suddenly started, although it smelled really hot.   I made it home.

I'm not sure I will drive it again.  But how will I survive if I don't?  It's so far here to even a grocery store.  My knee is bad right now.  I can't carry cat food bags and litter bags home.   What am I going to do, I think to myself and the worry wears at me and I think I want to crawl into a hole and sleep so I don't have to figure this seemingly impossible problem out.   Used cars are so expensive.  Mechanics are so expensive.  How will I survive.

I'll figure out something.  I have to.  For now, I just have the three wild kittens to move out of here.  The plight of the Mountain Shadows cats will become a nightmare as I am no longer in a position to help them.


  1. It's remarkable how long you have been able to keep that car going, but there is a limit to everything. I know you can figure something out because that's who you are. A clever, smart, hard working person who won't take no for an answer. Good luck.

  2. I'm so sorry about the car. Glad you got to enjoy dinner and a brief break from that worry. Best wishes on a solution. ~hugs~ Be well and rest up.