Thursday, June 01, 2017

Kittens are Gone

The kittens are gone and I miss them.

Nothing like stumbling funny dramatic kittens to make me bubble in laughter!  Nothing like helping out a mom, on her own too long, too.

I'm so happy right now.

I took the kittens and their mom and met their new foster mom just off the freeway near Portland.  They're in Washington state settled in now, all five of them.  I played with them on my lap as I waited for her to arrive, in a parking lot.

Little Miss Hiss captured my heart.  All of three weeks old, after I trapped her, she charged the front of the carrier she was in, hissing and stomping.  OMG!  I love her!  Brave Heart!

Goodbye grange kitties.  You touched my soul!

After they left, and after the Vancouver woman loaded me up with a bag of litter, a bag of cat food and a case of wet food, I headed for Sherwood and Odd Cat Out.  Mistachio was welcomed there.  I sat her in a carrier near her daughter, Autumn, whom I spotted under a canoe.  Autumn is looking good.  I meant to take more photos but was a bit brain dead by then and forgot.

Goodbye Mistachio!

So I'm happy today.  Sure there are tons more cats in dire need right now right here in this town and county.  But tonight I celebrate the small victories, of keeping a promise to one of the Waterloo cats, that I would not forget her out there, and pulling some dehydrated kittens out from under an isolated rural building and getting their mom, too.


  1. Your small victories are huge. And life changing.
    Thank you.

  2. Your post made me smile. Thanks for a good start to my morning.

  3. I second all these comments. Be well! I'm so glad you're enjoying this huge victory.