Thursday, May 04, 2017

Short Trip to Coast with Cat

I call her Mayday--the cat I got fixed 8 years ago, whom I retrapped, because one side of her face was swollen, on May 1.

She and I headed over to the coast clinic early yesterday morning.

I left about 5:00.  I was going to leave about 5:30 but thought 5:00 a.m. would make sure I did not get so snarled in Portland traffic.

I got to the clinic just after 8:00.  Oregon was excited about possibly reaching 80 degrees yesterday.  This would mark the first 80 degree day since last October for much of the state.   Alas, the coast was shrouded in fog most of the morning.

Today we may reach 80 degrees again, with a threat of thunderstorms and tomorrow the temperatures are to plummet back to the low 60's.  With rain.   Of course.

Once at the clinic, since the emergency appointments are first come, first serve, Mayday and I waited inside the clinic for our turn.  I don't mind these waits.  It's interesting to watch the people and their pets, mostly dogs, of all shapes and sizes, parade in.  Most of the people who use that clinic are down to earth and very friendly.

We were seen about 10:00 a.m. I think. The vet took one look at her swollen cheek and promised they would work her in, even though he knew it meant putting her under and pulling teeth.   They got her done quickly however.  By 2:00 p.m., I was on my way home.   Getting back through Portland was not as easy as the drive up early.  The traffic was clogging badly already.

Mayday had 8 teeth pulled and was diagnosed with stomatitis.  The vet also biopsied her mouth tissue to be sure she doesn't have cancer.  Getting results back from the lab, will take up to two weeks.  I took the two photos below right before we left yesterday morning.  Check out that swollen left cheek (on the right when you look at her photo).

Today will probably be her hardest day, after the dental trip.  We'll see how she does.

I walked out to the south jetty beach, while there.  As I said, by the time I saw the vet, then drove out to the beach, I had only about two hours of time to kill before picking her up.  I was to pick her up at 1:30.   Not only did they work her in, but they did her first.  That cheek pain needed relief!  The pressure alone is extremely painful!

The beach had a large amount of bark mulch on it.  I don't know what happened for that to be there.

I whirled around, thinking I heard voices, but two gulls were engaged in unruly deep throated cursing at a Bald Eagle.  The Eagle was headed out to the end of the jetty, possibly to raid nests, or try his luck at fishing.  The gulls wanted him gone.

I photograph the trash at the beach, wonder where it came from, make up stories over each piece.  One of my hobbies, what can I say.

This is White Trash on the beach.  You know how I feel about lazy assholes who just MUST drive the tiny strip of sand between sea and land, instead of walking, like their vehicles are attached, like vehicles belong everywhere, and their legs are useless and everybody must love dodging cars on the sand.

I got home and I was tired.  I still am today.  But I'm glad to have just quickly gotten Mayday's problem taken care of and grateful to the clinic for doing it, on the spur of the moment.

Teen mom's trip north with her kittens is on hold for the moment.  The rescue who was taking them became inundated with feral moms with kittens from another situation.

No problemo.

Diego, (Mad Hatter's new name) is leaving tonight I think, going to a Felines First Rescue foster, up in Lebanon.  He's super wonderful, if you ask me, but you probably shouldn't because I think that about most cats.

He's scared when he eats still, darts to the dry food bowl, tentative, fertive, gulps, jumps back, startles, looking up and around.  I pet him while he eats so he's not that way.  He's that way because the people over there where he tried to get help stopped feeding him and would yell and throw things if they saw him eating the other cats' food.   So he'd have dart in and grab a mouthful and run.  

He was attacking their cats, being an unfixed boy and all.

Anyhow, I love him!  He needs a home!  He likes to be held, cuddled, just loves it like he hasn't had it in awhile.  Whomever adopts him, just know, he will be a super loyal cat out of gratitude.


  1. We really are a careless and wasteful species. When I saw the glove I thought it was giving us 'the finger'.
    Diego's eating reminds me of WhiteCat shortly after he 'officially' moved in with us, after living down the drains. He had been so hungry that he ate the newspaper that the cat's plates rested on if it had any trace of dropped food. Which made my heart hurt. When he settled down and knew that there would always be more he became a pickier eater - but always loved food.

    1. Its so sad when a cat is that hungry, or so afraid to eat. It is amazing we have survived thus far as a species. But like many species, whose populations and consumption grow by bounds, our population will also crash. Inevitable.

  2. It's a good thing I don't live closer to you or who knows how many cats we would have. That wouldn't be the best thing because I found out a few months ago that I'm allergic to them. But a loving cat in need is hard to resist.

    1. Yes they are indeed hard to resist and Diego is just fabulous!

  3. It saddens me what people do to the earth, nature, and animals. I feel hope knowing that others feel as I do, and try to right some wrongs. Thank you. ❤

    1. Me too McGuffy, feel hope when many people try to right wrongs done and make things better.

    2. I'm so glad the world has you. ~hugs~ You are my ray of sunshine.