Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sad Day

All three kittens the black tux from the trailer place had, over an entire 24 hours, with kittens sticking half out, for hours, died, as might be expected in labor that rough.  They were not ready to come out.   Likely stress played a role in premature birth.

The kitten I trapped in the night there also died.  She was severely dehydrated, barely three pounds, had diarrhea and had just had kittens.  She had milk bags.   No kitten that young and that tiny should go through that.  It proved fatal to her.
This kitten, trapped middle of the night last night, died today.  

The other five cats I trapped there will be fixed tomorrow.  Four of the five will not return, but rather go elsewhere, to a barn home.  They want the orange one back, as he's been around there for years.

In some better news, the other black tux mom, with missing hair from nutritional and hormonal issues, after having way too many litters of kittens in her life, is doing well and taking care of her three, who are all still among the living, with some outside intervention (antibiotics).  Those are the kittens I dug out from under a shed.  In fact, she lays around with dreamy eyes and purrs her head off.  I have a feeling she may be a once owned kitty.

If she turns out to be completely wild, however, she won't go back to where was living once her kittens wean.  She'll be spayed and go on to a barn home also.

I was going to trap the three Siamese that same woman feeds, but she didn't answer her door today.  They could have also gone to a barn home.

Ruby, the teen mom, from the Albany colony, and her three kittens, in my bathroom, kittens now almost two weeks old, are leaving Friday, off to a Portland rescue.

I'll have just the Black tux mom and her three, until I can find placement for them.


  1. I am so very sorry.
    And thank you (as always) for all that you do.

  2. So sad, but good news that you are finding placements for the others.

  3. I'm so sorry for these losses. ~hugs~ You have done and continue to do so much good. Thank you.

  4. I am so sorry, J. You did more than the average person. I know that does not help in the grande scheme of things, but you showed compassion. Bless you for that. Thank you. HUGS.