Thursday, May 11, 2017

Back to Normal? Whatever That Is. Two Kitten Families Moving on Tomorrow

The two kittens families, one in my bathroom, one in the garage, are doing well. Both are moving to Portland tomorrow.  Big city lights call!

Zena and her three, whom I dug out from under the corner of the shed, taking a toll on my body that I am feeling particularly today, are doing well.  She purrs in happiness when they nurse and when I bring her a fresh can of wet food.  She otherwise growls at me.

Zena has hair loss across the top of her back.  Could be fleas (she's been treated now with Revolution).  Could be hormones and lack of nutrition from having litter after litter.  And it could be simply scraped off, from belly crawling under the edge of that darn shed.

This video isn't good, due to lack of light in the garage and my own exhaustion levels, but I wanted some record of her short time with me.  I like her fiesty nature, mixed with purrs, when she's happy.  She has lived a hard life.

All three of her kittens are girls, two tortis and a calico.

Ruby and her three are also leaving tomorrow.  She's the black teen mom who had 2 white kittens and a black one 13 days ago.  They've been in my bathroom and no trouble whatsoever.

Be quiet around here come tomorrow afternoon.

Early this morning, I took five trailer sales place cats up to Portland, to be fixed.  Only one, the orange tux, will return.  I'll get her back tomorrow, when I meet Animal Rescue and Care Fund, with the two moms and their kittens.  The other four were picked up, after they were fixed, at the clinic, by a woman who relocates ferals to barn homes.  I got to come straight home, after leaving the clinic, instead of spending the day in a parking lot.   I came home and slept four hours, but I feel like freight train road kill and need to sleep more.

Turns out the orange tux was an already spayed female.  And the little black tux, whose kittens all were born dead, she had pyrometria.  They had no chance, but at least she does now, with that rotten uterus gone.

This is the girl whose kittens were born dead

This orange tux turned out to be an already spayed female.
I'll be back to normal here, which seems abnormal.  My cats will be so happy, but it probably won't last.

I need some down time!   I am very grateful to Animal Rescue and Care Fund and so many others, for their help with all these kitties in trouble.


  1. I am so glad that the poor young mama cat has a chance at last.
    Thank you - and rest while you can.

    1. Been taking it easy, although I did take the two moms with kittens to Animal Rescue and Care Fund this morning.

  2. Good job! I hope you are resting and recovering. Wow, is that black tux tiny. Best wishes to all!

    1. I hope she'll have a better life now, at least she won't be dying out in the grass fields of severe internal infection.

  3. I'm a fan, find your blog both honest & hopeful, difficult things to find in the TNR world. Have you ever had a cat die on you from the surgery? We took a feral female to SPCA-central CA on Monday for spay, informed at pickup that she was pregnant. Like all feral cats, she was quiet on Tuesday but failed to eat anything. By Wed, still no eating. Made an appt with our regular vet on Thursday. But she died by Thurs morning. It's breaking my heart! Could we have done something different? Have you ever had this happen? Frankly, at this point any feral we catch will go to our regular vet, at full price, no exceptions! I wonder if you have found the quality of vet care to be sub-par at some clinics. She was a young healthy cat when we trapped her.

    1. I had trouble with one low cost Oregon private clinic. After surgery, one feral female didn't come out of anesthesia. She was blind and lethargic, from an overdose of anesthesia for her weight. If they'd been honest, would have been super nice but instead the clinic made up stories, and refused any help in treating her or even suggestions as to what to do. She died four days later of heart failure, on my lap, suddenly her lungs filled with fluid. She gasped and gasped through fluid. It was absolutely horrendous. So yes, that clinic, private not nonprofit, has sub par care, and exhibited such over and over til I quit using them. They have quit a list of complaints against them, mine among them.