Wednesday, April 26, 2017

All Wet

The swamp deepens.

Every day more rain falls to add to the grays and drears and general soggy dispositions of Oregon.

For example:  In this town, we generally get about 42 inches of rain a year.  The water year begins October 1.  Since that date, we've already had 51.5 inches of rain fall.   We've got months to go, to the water year's end, and already are ten inches beyond normal.  WTF?

My brother called yesterday.  He said the sun came out briefly and he was scared. I countered I saw the sun once last week and had to shield my eyes.

Others take off, max out credit cards or sell what they have to go on sun seeking quests to far away islands.

I don't think my older friend, who grew up on the east coast, in the sun and swelter there, has gotten out of bed for weeks.  Why should she?  Why shouldn't we all just hibernate?

Give me a reason?

I asked my brother that and he began quoting Fargo lines.  He'd become bored, couldn't work due to......rain....and watched Fargo, the movie not the series, online.  He said it could be worse, we could be living in Minnesota, don't ya know.  I told him I'd almost finished a stamp design I was sure the post office would accept.

Yesterday I took off and ran over something big in my driveway.  "Ah shucks," I thought, the darn dirt bag.   Yeah I got some dirt, which isn't dirt cheap, at Walmart, to mix into a small bag of grass seed, to try to cover constant bare spots in the yard.   It's like hair plugs that never take.  Exercise in futility.  You'd think grass seed be cheap here in grass seed capital of the world--Linn County. But nooooo!   It's cheap like gold.  No wonder those seed farmers have private planes!  Every year I try to patch the bald spots.

So I got these two bags of cheap dirt and keep running over them when I back out.  This time however, after I backed out, thump, thump, hit it twice, I ran over something big two blocks and two corners down the road, with my rear tire.  "Hmmm," I thought.  "Hope that wasn't a small child."

I glanced in my rear view mirror and saw something lumpy and white in the road.   Dawned on me fast.  The dirt bag!

I debated just leaving it, but like I say, dirt's not cheap. I wasn't going to leave that like money on the road.  I did a U turn, parked and ran out and grabbed up my bag of dirt, from the pavement, clutching it to me like a baby, glancing this way and that, hoping nobody had a camera phone going.  I really don't want to be a viral video star.

I was kind of in awe.  That bag had plowed along under my car for over two blocks before cutting loose on that last corner.  Now it had just one small tear.

If that bag can skate along under a car, barely damaged, I can endure the endless rain.

Can't I?

Now I'm drawing life lessons from a bag of dirt?  This may be a symptom of Vitamin D shortage.

Or cabin fever.

I pulled out my rose colored glasses, cleaned off the wet plastic lenses and put them on.


  1. Well, that was interesting. It seems everyone has a vitamin D shortage. I don't understand. I never heard of it before, and here it is! You take care of yourself. It is interesting that a bag of dirt with all of its minerals, can be a metaphor for you taking care of yourself. Just do it. Hugs.

    1. Vitamin D is a metaphor for the sun, in our case here, where we lack the sun, as we do. I love dirt by the way.

  2. I just planted some grass seed. I don't understand why it is so expensive either. I'm thinking about taking some sod from other parts of my yard to use instead of seed.

    I don't know if I could put up with that much rain or not, but I do like your rose colored glasses. Do they help? :)

    1. I highly recommend rose colored glasses. They really do help! Yeah, the price of grass seed is unfricking believable!

  3. You do live in an a unique climate. We say in Ohio that anyone complaining about the weather should wait fifteen minutes. It will change. And it does! I dragged myself out into high degree windy (thus oddly cool) weather to mow my back lawn before tomorrow's predicted sixty degree F rains. It was exhausting, but worthwhile. Be well!

    1. Glad you got it done. Hope you don't have too big a yard.

    2. Thanks! It's a small yard front and back, with rock and retaining walls in most of the rear. Of course now I wish I had room for huge oak trees and swaths of garden beds. ~sigh~ I need to focus on the positives, like less to care for. Be well, my dear!

  4. Our average rainfall is about half yours. And we rarely reach that average.

    1. It's wet here, that's for sure, even in a normal year.